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Uses of Vaseline Cover

“Old is Gold”, they say. Well, I cannot help but believe, for the wonders every old and bygone thing does, to this date. In case you noticed, I already have listed benefits or uses of mustard oil, one of the countless, under-appreciated, goods from past. Consider petroleum jelly (Or Vaseline, as we know it) another such good!

Yeah, the same white-blue jar, you might already have seen placed inside the cabinet, at your house, specifically in your mom’s room. Talking about the moms, well, they are quite highly-influenced with the benefits and uses of this miracle cream. However, I won’t neglect the obsession because I myself would every time run and grab a jar, to heal my chapped lips in winters, apart of licking them.

Use of Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline


Turns out, Vaseline has got some more benefits apart of coating the dry lips. Wanna know some? Hop on!

But before we take a step further, I would like to take a moment to let you know that Vaseline is as safe as any other cream. There have been some rumors or rather claims in the past, of it being one of the causes of cancer, which is completely untrue. Just so you know, the Vaseline production company purifies this jelly for three times before ensuring a final product. Gotcha?

Now, let’s get going with discussing the wide range of uses of petroleum jelly or Vaseline.

1. Eye Makeup Remover:

Tired of exploring the different makeup removal products and not reaching the ideal one yet? Well, search no more, for you’ve got one of the finest and tested makeup removers, Vaseline! There might be many other effective removers available out there, but what can be more appreciable than the one used by your mother and grandmother!? It is certainly a safe thing to do, but do make sure to not let the jelly get inside your eyes.

2. Long-lasts your Perfume:

Everyone likes to smell good, and perfume promises on doing the same, for us. But do they last long? Sadly, no! Don’t worry, though, for Vaseline has got your back. All you have to do is apply some amount on your pulse points and see it working. This sticky, viscous substance would do wonders for you, by holding the fragrance on place, for quite longer than ever.

So, next time while you are asked with “kya chal raha hai” (What’s going on)?, do have your witty comeback ready with “Vaseline chal rahi hai! (Vaseline going)”. You do remember the “Fog” advertisement, don’t you? Poor joke, ya!

3. Exfoliate your lips:

While you are using some home-made tactics to scrub your face, do make sure to try exfoliating your lips too. You must have already used petroleum jelly to coat your chapped lips (because I did), now is the time to use it as an exfoliator for the same. Add a little bit of sugar to the jelly and rub the mixture on your lips. The process would thus remove any dry skin, and make your lips soften up. Also, do not forget to apply a bit of Vaseline on your lips after exfoliation, for it would allow them to moisturize.

4. Heals your cracked heels:

That was quite creative! Anyway, cracked heel is one of the common problems faced by people, nowadays. Not only does it cause an intense pain, but also makes your feet seem ugly. There might be although, a quite number of fixes to this problem, but Vaseline is handy. Considering a present situation of being quarantined, there cannot be a better way to heal your heels than applying Vaseline. Rub some amount on dry heels before sleeping, and you’re done. Get ready to show off some heel moves, but don’t you dare get out of your house till everything gets normal! Show it off at your home!

5. No-Scars Vaseline solution:

This is one of the major uses of petroleum jelly or Vaseline, where you can heal your small wounds and cuts easily. Clean the infected area, apply some jelly and cover it with a band-aid. Not only would this process heal the cut or the burn quickly, but also protect it from making a scar. It is certainly one of the quarantine-friendly solutions where you don’t have to run to the medical shop to buy an anti-infective.

Use of Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

Apart of these above-mentioned genuine uses of petroleum jelly or Vaseline, it is also believed to be used for purposes like:

6. Removing Eyelash glue with Petroleum Jelly:

I don’t know, if it can actually help out with removing the eyelashes or not, but I do want to believe the word. While applying the false eyelashes for the first time (at my marriage, by the way), I myself was worried about how-to’s of getting them off. I was lucky, although, for my aunt-in-law helped out in getting the whole make-up off. But for the future references, Vaseline would be my go-to saviour.

7. Removing Gum from Hair:

No idea about this thing, but maybe it can. So, the next time your children put gum in their hair, you know the solution. Just put the slightest amount of Vaseline on the gum and the hair it is stuck to. Now, work your way out until you succeed in getting it off.

8. Creating lush lashes:

According to this point, you don’t really need your mascara to lush your eyelashes. Just rub some jello and you’re done.

9. Home manicuring:

We all know the struggle of being able to apply an even nail-paint, as perfect as the parlours. Well, vaseline can walk you a way out of this problem. All you’ve got to do is line your nails with the jelly, before painting them. This will prevent the spread, resulting into a gorgeous nail-art.

10. Getting rid of dandruff and Split-ends:

I won’t recommend you to try this without an expert supervision, but sharing this, because I found it pretty interesting. Applying a Vaseline jelly on your roots, a while before shampooing, can help you out with treating dandruff and split-ends. To this date, I only heard of oils or curd or egg to work out such problems, finding a Vaseline to work such way definitely took me by surprise.

Use of Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

Wrapping Up!

So, these are some of the remarkable uses of a Petroleum jelly or Vaseline. I never could have imagined this jelly to work out all these ways, especially the last five ones. I am definitely gonna give them a try, leaving the last one though. 😛

Did you know about all of these facts and uses of Vaseline? Or maybe, do you know some other uses of petroleum jelly? Please share, if you do! Eagerly waiting for you to comment! Have a nice day!

Stay safe! 😊

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