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I hate winters! I hate winters! I hate winters! I can continue writing the same statement for more than 500 words and mark this post done, because that’s how much I seriously, extremely, totally hate winters. But that would bring me under the terrain of getting penalized by Google and moreover I wouldn’t want to lose any of my best readers for only because of the thing I don’t like, at all.

I hate Winters

Winter is here! Yeah, no, this is not some “Game of Thrones” fan, repeating a motto like crazy, in fact this person hasn’t even thought of watching the series yet. Is she still acceptable in the society? Why am I talking in the third person? Whatever! Alright, firstly, I know the motto is “Winter is coming” and not “Winter is here”. Nonetheless, I didn’t watch the series, I do keep myself updated with the memes going around over the social networks. So, dear, Game of Thrones fanatic, calm down boy!

I have usually noticed people discussing, how they love winters and how they couldn’t wait for the season to come already. Just one question, what is there to love about winters? Apart from the fact that it negates the possibility of lizards entering your homes, and Christmas, and Diwali, I couldn’t find a single reason to adore the season. Okay, that rhymed! But seriously, what is it?

Anyway, I have got a whole list ready to convey my grudge towards winter, to help you know why I hate winters. Wanna know some? Get along!

1. Too hard to leave the bed:

Getting out of your bed, leaving that warm blanket behind in the morning is nothing less than a nightmare. Can there not be an uninterrupted night till spring? I don’t want to get out of my bed every day to feel nothing but cold. No? Fine, I’ll stick to my “five more minutes” plan! *sobbing*

2. Sun becomes “Eid ka Chand”:

The only thing that can keep me going in winter is the sun. Well, guess what? Most of the days, it won’t show up either. Seriously, just imagine how disappointing it is to have your single source of happiness AND survival taken away. Why god why?

3. No more colourful wearables:

The most heart-breaking fact about winters is to not being able to wear those colourful dresses and tops from now on. The winter woolens are all you’ve got for the survival. So, brace yourself to get the summer closet replaced with woolens, in case you haven’t done that already.  Only if I could pack myself in the bag for winters.

4. Layers and layers and layers:

Idea of finally being able to wear those cute fur jackets and tops seems too appealing; too appealing to even come true. Winter is, was and always will be, about layers, so many damned layers to even being able to scratch your itch. Yeah, let the war begin.

5. Scratchy skin, all over:

Dry and scratchy skin is one of the weirdest and obviously an irritating fact about winters. No matter how much moisturizer you apply, it just won’t go away. So, all you’d be doing is scratching your different body parts, every now and then.

6. Cold Feet season alert:

You can never, ever manage to keep your feet warm as long as you are outside the blanket. Don’t believe me? Try it. No matter how many pairs of fluffy socks you wear, you can never fool your toes to feel the comfort and the warmth as same as they feel in the blanket. They’ll be cold, like a freaking piece of ice. Sometimes I can’t even feel my toes *crying*

7. Wedding season:

Let alone everything, people actually, I mean seriously, get married around winters. What are you planning to do? Getting your “female” guests killed or something? I don’t know about other places, but in North India, we certainly get cold around November “the major wedding season”, cold enough to not being able to wear those stylish western dresses and all. I am sure, bride and groom don’t feel anything, out of the excitement, but keep some generosity for girls and ladies, no! I can still hear my chattering teeth from the weddings I’ve managed to attend around Winters.

8. No ice cream, no dahi (yogurt):

Ice cream and yogurt are a big no-no in winters because apparently, both of them brings you cold. Okay, I can manage without ice cream, but dahi. It is next to impossible to even imagine my meal without yogurt. So, no matter what everybody says, I have it, I have it every day *devil smile*

9. Every time is pee time:

Agree to me or not, but it is definitely-a-fact. No matter how less is the water consumption, you’ll always have to pee every hour. It makes the travelling difficult, for god’s sake.

10. Nights are loooooooooooong:

Isn’t it? Isn’t it? As soon as the clock ticks 5, all I can see is the darkness. This isn’t normal. I love my summer evenings, it’s refreshing, it’s nice and obviously illuminated.

I hate Winters

Wrapping Up!

Okay, I think I must stop now. I don’t want to come out as one of the most pessimistic people to stuff my page with all the negative things about winter (which I already did), because no matter what, it’s after-all a season. A season that comes as a challenge to people to get up every morning and face the day while the situations get worse, for, at the end, spring is waiting for you.

But that doesn’t mean I like winters, alright. I hate winters like anything.

Pro tip: Ditch the moisturizers, mustard oil is your only knight, during winters. Use Ponds or Vaseline moisturizing cream for the face. They are the best.

See ya! Have a nice shivering winter! 😉

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