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Indian Pop songs Cover

This is about yesterday or a day before that, when while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I found a post stating “People born in 1990-2000, raise your hands”. You know, how meme pages are, right!? So, I was like okay, consider me in, but what’s special with that! And, all of a sudden, I knew the answer, “everything”.

Isn’t that correct? Being 90s kid, we belong to the period, where everything made sense. No matter a cartoon, a song, serials or games, each and every single thing was too perfect to be enjoyed. You already recall playing those “Snake” and “Bounce” games in Nokia. Don’t you? Well, I do. Unlike current generation kids, we never really were allowed to touch our parent’s mobile phones without their consent. Those were the days (although we hated that)!

Anyway, I guess, we might still not get enough of the precious 90s gems, had we got a chance to RE – (live, watch and enjoy) them. Ain’t that true? Indeed, it is. Well, why not to grab this golden chance rebooting 90s? We aren’t doing anything interesting, anyway. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the best of Indian pop songs.

Also, please note that there isn’t any particular order to these Indian pop songs, for they all are a complete, pure gem.

1. Yaaron – KK

I heard this song for the first-time during college days, and I am glad that I did. With music and lyrics on place, KK brought “Yaaron” as one of the most amazing treats to ourselves. This iconic song recalls whole stack of memories with friends from college and school times. You already know that, don’t you!?

2. Made in India – Alisha Chinai

While most of us girls (excluding myself) are waiting for our Mr. Right to reach in the mid of all this Corona chaos, this 90s song just serves the curiosity. Alisha Chinai has got and described our requirements at best, because no matter how much we appreciate the foreigners, at the end, “Dil chahiye bas Made in Indiaaa!!” 😉

3. Tanha Dil, Tanha Safar – Shaan

I discovered this song at the end of my college and found it speaking my heart out. Well, I guess it goes the same way for all! As no matter how much we think of slaying and staying together, we always end up walking different paths towards our career lines. That’s heart-breaking, isn’t it?

4. Chupke Chupke – Pankaj Udhas

This soulful lovey-dovey has been a major hit, till date. Not only does it let you feel the love but everything including the emotion and purity of same. Songs like these, basically soothes you to the core. You can’t help fall in love with love, after listening to the music like this. By the way, I just plugged the song on and Oh.My.God! <3

5. Ab Mujhe Raat Din – Sonu Nigam

You should be knowing this song already, for almost all of us have imagined ourselves grooving with our crush on same. Isn’t it? Well, obviously Sonu Nigam’s soulful voice would do this to anyone.

6. Tunak Tunka Tun – Daler Mehandi

Being a North-Indian, here I gather my Punjabi-self to remind you guys one of the most energetic songs till date. Daler Mehandi caught a well-deserved success after the release of this song in 1998. This Ta-Ra-Ra-Ra song has got one unique energy of leaving no one left behind, but dance. Isn’t it? Yeah, don’t play it while driving.

7. Dil ka Aalam – Kumar Sanu

The one who sang various lovey-dovey songs in 90s, also brought this amazingly romantic love track to us. Being one perfect escape to the parallel universe of your imagination, this will bring any one-sided lover an intense satisfaction and fulfilment. So, go on, play the track and let yourself dive into the world where your crush never rejects you. Uh, sorry!

8. Deewane to Deewana Hain – Shweta Shetty

Please tell me you know this song already! It might not be real but each and every girl at some point did imagine herself to be as popular and loved as Shweta Shetty speaks in here. If you haven’t heard the song already, do it now. You would be laughing your asses off, if not imagining yourself encircled by young lads.

9. Sanu tedi tedi takdi tu – Surjit Bindrakhia

I cannot imagine completing this list without mentioning a song by one of the most loved Punjabi Singers, Surjit Bindrakhia. The one who died pretty young for his age, but gave us some pure gems to hear. “Sanu Tedi Tedi Takdi tu” is one of those, a duet that beholds the love-hate relationship among the boy and a girl.

10. Lift Karadey – Adnan Sami

Here comes the last but definitely, certainly and undoubtedly not the least one of all “Thodi si to lift karadey”. We know this song for a looooong time, now and would have noticed ourselves humming it for the job and the position we desire. Ain’t it? Well, I did. Haha, I cannot help imagining the cute chubby Adnan Sami redoing the signature “Lift Karadey” step.

Wrapping Up!

The list doesn’t end though, for there are many more Indian pop songs to entertain us in the long run including Bijuriya (Sonu Nigam), Pal Pal teri yaad sataye (Falguni Pathak), Bolo Tararara (Daler Mehandi), Ishq (Sukhbir) and obviously Rail Gaddi (Shital Thakor), the one that concludes the ladies sangeet. Now, go on, put on some music and get yourself grooving over the best tracks from 90s. I know you want to. Well, what’s stopping you!?

Indian Pop songs

Also, do not forget to share some of your own favourite Indian pop songs from 90s. Hurrryyyy!!!!

Enjoy your life and take care!

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