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Fun facts about myself

Every person is different in their own way and so am I. Well, I don’t really have any good reason to share the facts about myself, but I guess it would be good, if you, as a reader get to know me better. Moreover, this is kinda something I wanted to do for long.

So, grab all your guts to read along some of the “not-so-weirdest” facts about myself. Let’s go!

Facts about myself

As far as I know you are going to enjoy it, because who doesn’t like to have a little sneak-peak in someone else’s life? 😉 Well, I do!

1. I like “meetha pani” in golgappe:

Eeeee okay, I have always noticed people and ‘memes’ considering the girl as an admirer of ‘only’ teekha pani in pani puri. Although, I never liked it. At first, I thought if there is something wrong with my choices but who cares! I like meetha pani and I am proud of it! *grin*

2. Not a huge fan of sweets:

I have seen people going crazy over rasgullas, gulabjamuns or jalebis and more. They can, like, have three or more pieces at once, but me. I can’t have more than one piece at a time. It gets toooooo sweet, for god’s sake.

3. I watch Hindi movies with subtitles:

It’s not like I don’t understand Hindi, I just do it to not miss any of the dialogue.

4. Uninterrupted movie time:

I don’t like to chit-chat while watching movies. I mean, it’s okay, if you have to discuss something with me, but we can do that later, right? So, if you are watching it with me, Just Shut Up!

5. Weird obsession with even numbers:

No matter if it is about a volume game on TV or list in the post, the number has to be even. Multiplication table of 5 would work too.

6. I was a “No-makeup” girl till 2018:

And now I can get ready on my own. I mean, not a pro, but still, I enjoy it.

7. I am literally addicted to “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”:

I’ve watched the series 5-6 times since its arrival on Netflix, i.e. 5 April 2019. I remember because it was my birthday that day and this was the best gift I could ever imagine. 😀

8. Can’t drink tea alone:

And by alone, I mean, I got to have something to eat with it, in fact, dip into it. So, either it’s a biscuit or bread or a rusk or fan. If I’m drinking the tea alone, I am probably faking it.

9. Can’t stand one wallpaper for more than 2 weeks:

Wallpaper is certainly the first thing you see when you open your phone. So, it has to be interesting and different, almost every time we see it.

10. Never liked to get clicked, but now:

During my teenage years, the camera and I both repelled each other. It’s funny how I’ve grown up to become camera-friendly in such a way that I’d click almost every moment now.

11. I don’t like winters:

Yes, I don’t and I cannot say it any better than these top 10 reasons of my winter grudge. Read it, you’ll agree with me.

12. Unable to take long phone calls in public places:

Because I talk loud on phones and I seriously need to be alone for that.

13. I don’t know all the colours:

Girls are usually believed to be a Colour PhD, but me. The colours I know are red, pink, yellow, orange, blue, purple, white, black, brown and mahroon. The colours I don’t know are salmon pink, hot pink, bla bla bla bla.

14. I didn’t know what I wanted to become:

During my school days, I wanted to become a teacher, all because I didn’t know any real answer to it. Yahahahaha! That’s sad.

15. My Writer journey began after college:

I always read people telling their stories about the time they started writing and most of them just began it in childhood. Well, I didn’t. I never even thought about becoming a writer or blogger before 2015.

16. I get excited about the smallest, literally tiniest of things:

For example: I and my husband’s date of birth adds up to our anniversary date, i.e. 5+2 = 7. It might not mean anything but I think it’s pretty cool AND “meant-to-be” kinda thing 😛

17. I didn’t know I could enjoy cooking:

Until the time I finally had to, i.e. after marriage. I used to cook occasionally while being a bachelor too but never loved it. I still don’t adore it enough, but having something cooked on my own brings me an intense satisfaction. It’s like, okay, I can at least cook.

18. I cannot stand dishes in the sink:

I literally can’t. If there are dishes in the sink, I would rather wash them before doing anything else.

19. I have got this soft corner for dogs:

But when I find them anywhere near me; well, I run.

20. I can’t have meal without yogurt:

I think that’s weird because I seriously need it every time and I can’t help it.

21. I find the number ‘9’ cute:

And I don’t know why!

22. I started my first blog on in 2015:

I named it “Carry a Dream” but could never keep my consistency with posts. This is my fourth blog, *fingers crossed*

Facts about myself

Wrapping Up!

Okay, that’s enough of the facts about myself. Do you relate to any of these facts mentioned above? If yes, then do let me know. I would be happy to know the person as weird as me. Haha! Also, do not mind sharing any of your weird facts below in the comment section. Now, as you know about me a little bit more, I wish for the same. 😀

Have a happy happy day ahead! See you!


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