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lessons from quarantine

Alike any other year, we had some expectations and hopes accompanying 2020. We were working towards our goals, looking forward to grasping some lessons, trying to make our resolutions last, planning for a trip, and what not! But this year, being as different as it can be, drove all our desires away. Every one of us is now locked inside our own houses, waking up everyday to find something interesting to do or watch, while this quarantine lasts.

Lessons from Quarantine

Although, no matter how discouraging this lock down seems, it definitely made each one of us do things we’d be ignoring or craving, otherwise. Not only that, the quarantine also did bring some amazing experiences to ourselves which we never would have learnt following normal daily-life schedules. Isn’t it? Oh, let me share these simple yet effective lessons from quarantine first. I am sure you’d agree once you read them.

Lessons learnt from Quarantine include:

1. Practicing Patience:

None of us really knows how to be patient nowadays, neither me, nor you. I mean, maybe some of you do, but the majority of us want everything to be done for as soon as possible.

We can’t stand an annoying person for long; we can’t wait for the cabs to reach any later than the time allotted and we can’t obviously say nothing while being poked by the parents or any of the family members for something. But it looks like quarantine made us do it all.

Now, we are all staying inside our homes, spending days with our parents, appreciating them, while ignoring some of the taunts they keep sending our way from time to time.

Well, patience is the key to survival, I guess.

2. Exploring our Quarantined Creative-Selves:

Right through childhood, we have been asked some common questions including “What are your hobbies?”. Back then, I always used to answer it with two words, Dancing and Listening Songs, because that’s what I really liked to do.

Although, as I grew up, I realized that it is important to have some more hobbies added in the list, for these two words aren’t enough. Following this, people, like me, add some more hobbies to our resumes while we know nothing about them. In my defense, everybody lies in their resume!

The quarantine made us realize the very same thing, for this is a chance to spend time doing what one loves to do. But what if you’ve got no hobbies? Well, make one, because you definitely cannot spend your days and months dancing, listening to music or sleeping, certainly! Actually, I can, but it’s good to have something more in our skill set.

The lock down provides us a possibility of exploring our creative-selves, no matter if it is in a kitchen or a laptop or a drawing sheet or whatever. It might not be considered a life lesson from quarantine, but people will certainly be having a genuine hobbies section after Corona-virus pandemic gets over.

3. Minimalism – The most important lesson, ever:

Junk food, hanging out in the bars or cafes, online shopping and outings are quite a commodity, or more of a class, nowadays. Imagining our life without these things was like being in exile, till the time Corona didn’t hit, obviously.

Now, we are at the stage of fearing running out of the things with basic needs which is quite enough to realize our survival without fancy things. That’s big! This might help us learn to control our expenses in the future.

Although, being a big fan of pizza and outing myself, I am not sure of the after-effects of these lessons from quarantine. But I personally believe that following the lock down, we did learn the un-importance of spending money shopping unnecessary clothes and stuff.

4. Session on valuing our freedom:

We loved cancelling plans as much as we liked to hang out with our friends, till now. Corona-virus pandemic has given a whole new meaning and importance to socializing.

It would be a major lie to consider saying that we don’t miss hanging out with our friends or exploring some new places, because we genuinely do. But now, all we can do is to wait. It’s been a long period of our being unapologetically ungrateful towards our freedom.

Self-quarantine taught us to not only value our freedom of being anywhere, but our workplaces too, because to be really frank, we are done being at home.

And the irony is, that I don’t really have any other workplace than home. But I can totally figure out the frustration levels of my husband and brothers-in-law who are currently working the hell out from home.

5. Being our own boss:

This term is generally used for freelancers because ‘being your own boss’ is a second name to ‘working from home’. You have to keep track of whatever you do, however you do and the time you take to get the task done, because no one is looking after you, but yourselves.

I have always found service-people craving to work from the comfort of their bed. Well, it looks like self-isolation has given each individual a chance to understand the perks of working from home.

Grass is always greener on the other side, my friend!

Although, I am sure some of you would be enjoying working from home, so enjoy while it lasts. If not, well, you certainly would have practiced the art of self-disciplining towards your work; consider this as one of the lessons from quarantine.

Lessons from Quarantine

Wrapping Up!

Say that you agree with these stated above lessons from quarantine! Say it!

Just kidding 😉

These were the life lessons, which I thought self-isolation has made us realize. Although, for myself, the quarantine has brought one more lesson to life named as “Days without Netflix”, which is pretty creative by the way, and boring too (I miss Money Heist and F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Dark and everything else)! ☹

Anyway, I am sure this will be over soon and we’ll get back to our normal daily life schedules. Is there something you would like to add to this list of lessons? If yes, then please share in the comment section below. See you soon!

Stay Home, Stay Healthy! 😊

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