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Rose has always been known as a medium towards revealing one person’s love for another. Now, its by-product, Rose water, does the same; instead, it reveals our love for our skin and body! Not just today, but from times back to the ancient days, rose water with its benefits, has been a constant beauty regimen.

In fact, it’s been said that Cleopatra, the last active ruler of kingdom of Egypt (I just googled that) used to apply this product in routine. Following which, I guess it is considerable to discuss the benefits of rose water for the skin, hair and your body.

Benefits of Rose Water

Due to numerous varieties in cosmetics and beauty products nowadays, people have lessened the use of rose water. I myself never used it in my bachelorhood! But does that make it any less of the miracle potion? Well, no! With its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, this liquid can help a person with whole lot of skin and health problems.

Care to check out some benefits of rose water? Let’s go! Who knows you might want to reconsider your beauty regime further, because I did!

1. Reduces Signs of Aging:

I know you wanted to read this, didn’t you? It is amazing to have a flawless skin, but enduring the signs of aging is pretty common among women, soon after 30. Following which, cosmetics nowadays are targeting towards anti-aging properties. Well, rose water can work it out for you by tightening the pores and reducing the wrinkles. You can consider start using it as a face toner after wash!

2. Heal the wounds:

We already talked about rose water being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial up above. As a result of which, among numerous benefits of rose water, it can also be used to heal the wounds, as same as Vaseline. Either it be a burn, a scar or a cut, each one of them can be healed rubbing cotton rinsed with rose water, for it calms and comforts the irritated skin.

3. Hydrating the skin:

Hydration level of your skin is as important as your body. Not only does it help the face glowing, but also keeps it healthy! Rose water, being a pro with skincare, work towards not only hydrating but reducing the excess of oil from the skin. So, maybe you can consider sprinkling some rose water instead of splashing a cold water on your face, first thing in the morning. Maybe?

4. Perfect Mood booster:

Both the healthy physical and mental state plays an equally crucial role in life. You can’t really have a perfect day without either one of them. Feeling mentally tired? Well, rose water could be your saviour, for rose petals are believed to secrete mood-enhancing extracts. All you’ve to do is add a little bit of rose water in your tea or coffee. I am not sure about the usage and technique behind this, so make sure to look into it rather than experimenting yourself.

Benefits of Rose water

5. Treats Acne:

I never heard my mom complaining about how she used to have pimples and acne in her childhood. According to her, it’s a new thing, and maybe it is, for everything used to be natural and healthy, back then. People didn’t used to consume junk food, lived happily in a pollution-free environment. Anyway, every problem has got a solution and so is this.

Rose water combined with lemon juice can result into making your pimples go away. All you’ve to do is apply the mixture to the affected area and leave it there for 15 minutes. Slowly and steadily, the acne would vanish.

6. Against Frizzy hair:

Having frizzy hair is pretty common with people wandering out against the heat and the sun. This carelessness results into the lack of moisture, that can finally lead onto major hair loss. So, what is the solution? Rose water! With the properties and benefits of rose water, it can help transforming hair soft and silky. No matter if you use it as a conditioner or a serum, either way it is going to help them grow and gather strength.

Wrapping Up!

Besides these above-mentioned benefits of rose water, it is also considered ideal to be used as a cleanser, moisturizer and face mask. So, you can try it using either way, while sitting at your homes in this lockdown 3.0. The use of rose water might have reduced with time, but we, being an Indian, keep it handy anyway. Isn’t it? Well, go on! Keep your skin and yourselves healthy!

Once the lockdown ends, you can also consider using lotions and creams including rose water extract, for they are believed to be quite good for your skin.

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