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There were times when I only used to consider meditation to be a grown-up’s thing, especially the ones with religious backgrounds. Turns out, that’s not the fact! Meditation is in-fact for anyone and everyone, irrespective of their age, background or beliefs. Apart of only being a way to connect with God, this brings quite a range of benefits to us, both physically and mentally. Care to know how? Let’s go.

Note: This write-up took quite a lot of time for completion following my writer’s block and the topic’s complexity. Now, I might not be able to provide you a deep insight to meditation but I sure did my best to include everything convincing and important related to the same. So, you’ve got to read this one, for your own good!

While walking through our way towards life, we learn about how some people or situations can result into affecting our mind’s peace, leading us towards stress. Yes, the very thing that brings out the worst in health! Well, meditation helps people cure the same. You already know that, don’t you!? That’s actually one of the common benefits of meditation, known to almost every human being and yet they avoid working on it.

Anyway, stress is just a smallest word describing the benefits, while in real it includes a whole lot of factors affecting your life in one way or another. Meditation, basically, makes your life a lot less difficult, that you’d agree on reading the advantages discussed below. So, go on, read the benefits of meditation and let yourself be convinced on trying this beautiful art of living! Shall we?

Effective Benefits of Meditation!

1. Avoiding stressful situations:

It isn’t certainly new to be running in and out of the stressful situations, nowadays. Not only does, almost everyone of us, know the stress, but also have experienced it; sometimes with the grief of losing someone close, or dealing with the pressure at work. The list is endless!

Although the way of dealing it is quite different in everyone’s case, for some of us spend our days crying and whining about the situation, while some get started with the toxic habits of drinking or smoking. But are these methods really effective? I mean, you are not wrong to be behaving that way as these are some of the most natural reactions, but tell me if it leads you towards something productive? It obviously doesn’t!

Okay, meditation does! You’d be amazed to know that providing your brain a capability to separate the crucial stuff from non-crucial ones is one of the major benefits of meditation. So, apparently, you’d only be reacting to the situation that requires your attention, shooing all the un-important ones away.

2. Calms you Good:

Everyone deserves to relax after spending pretty long hours or days at work and home chores, especially the times like now-a-days. But all we seem to look forward is binging Netflix or a day at spa. Okay, these sure make one feel completely entertained and calm, but only temporarily, while meditating benefits stays forever.

How? By allowing your brain eliminating the jumbled thoughts and hence activating the relaxation response. This process ends up making you prioritizing your present moment, in-spite of wandering over the past and future. It basically lets you feel more energetic than ever for continuing the chores next day and more.

Also, with the continuous practice you might start finding yourself a lot more confident person with reduced anxiety and depression problems. Don’t know about you, but I don’t see any reason to not give meditation a try.

3. Rushes Positive Energy Within:

It’s easy to get yourself trapped in negative emotions and thoughts for every time a situation knocks over. But positivity is a must! You know you can’t get over your life feeling worse about almost everything. So, what you need is a vision, to find something good about whatever and whoever you are been dealing with. Now, that’s hard. I know, especially with the ones carrying negative vibes around. Well, not with meditation!

Now, I am not talking miracle. So, don’t you dare start visualizing some digital effects with energies flowing within, that would apparently swap your negative thoughts with positive. I am sure, it doesn’t work like that. Meditation, in fact brings you a capability and inspiration to change your perspective towards things. As in, making you aware of how important it is to feel positive about some people and situations.

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4. Helps with Alzheimer’s:

Considering the age factor, it is pretty common for old-age people to have problems with remembering things which in medical language can be called as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Having a limited medication and no cure to the problem, makes it a necessity to look forward to something as an alternative, and benefits of meditation includes the one!

Alzheimer’s as we know is basically a brain disease that triggers for various reasons, with limited brain function being a most common. Now, practising meditation gives your brain a task letting the cells connect each other which in turn brings out some improvements in well-being. It doesn’t ensure on treating the disease well, but do work a way out in reducing the symptoms or chances of catching one.

So, it’d be great if you could practice meditation soon earlier in life to allow it reducing the brain aging factors. Not just that, it might also enhance your brain’s capability for good.

5. Fights Insomnia:

Something clicked, I guess? That’s okay, Insomnia is too common a problem to feel guilty of. With no particular age factor, it can affect a person as small as teenager to as big as an oldie, making it impossible for them to experience a quality sleep. Being triggered by the factors including stress and anxiety, it is most generally caused by the mind wandering around.

Now, I know you are looking forward to grabbing an effective medication, because everyone is, but all they do is make things worse. So, instead, convince yourself trying a healthy way out, meditation! Sleeping is although believed to be the best meditation on its own, but as long as you don’t get to experience it, you’ve got to work your way inside out.

Benefits of Meditation are doubly effective before bed, for it helps your brain to not get caught in any kinds of thoughts.

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6. Losing Unhealthy Weight:

No one seems to enjoy carrying extra tonnes within, for one, they believe it doesn’t make them seem attractive (which isn’t true), and two, it isn’t healthy. Now, your beauty hasn’t got anything to do with your weight for as long as you love yourself, but your health does! Considering which, a lot of, seriously lot of people are looking forward to grabbing a solution out of it. Dieting, exercising and medication are few to be named!

But what we need is a permanent solution! Alike everywhere mentioned above, meditation is your best escape, especially for the side-effects it doesn’t bring along! One of the main reasons to weight gaining is unhealthy eating, also known as emotional eating caused by the stress and anxiety. Meditation, as discussed above brings these causes at halt, making person aware of the things, attention worthy.

7. Glowing Skin:

Our face speaks a lot about ourselves and the lifestyle we behold! Different skin problems like acne, irritation and else results with us being surrounded with the negative situations, people or thoughts. While we can’t outrun such things, we sure can look up for the solutions against them, that doesn’t let these affect us badly in any way possible!

Well, benefits of meditation, yet again, gets it done. By helping ourselves keeping calm and still, meditation builds a gap between our mental and emotional state of mind. It lets us find a way out of the misery on our own, long before we make any big of a deal outta it. And if it does make you feel any good, meditation is also known for slowing the ageing process, only if you practice it on constant basis though.

Wrapping Up!

So, that is it for the list to the benefits of meditation, however it doesn’t end here. There is a whole bunch of positive changes you might experience with meditation! Whether it be about reducing your social isolation or positive mindset, strengthening the immune system or reducing chances of catching any disease, it might present you with all the possible ways to cope up through your bad days and enjoy the good ones!

I think you’ve got to try it at-least for once! All you’ve to do is sit alone, close your eyes, hear yourself breathing and to hell with the world! If you want, you can watch numerous videos on “How to meditate?” and get it done with!

Also, before you go, please let me know how do you like the post and is there something you’d like for us to add in the article! See you soon! Have one pretty awesome day. 😊

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