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Camp google

2020 has been the worst, rather unique year ever. From spending every weekend partying or exploring places, we have come down to sitting and staying inside our homes. Outing, this year, include nothing but some grocery shopping or essentials. Not just us adults though, kids too have experienced a drastic change in lifestyle. They can’t stay on loose or attend any of those summer camps, even while being free from schools. But guess what? Google has got something for them and you!

Today, while roaming around on Google, I found myself ending up on one of the links that took me to summer camp, online summer camp. In brief words, this summer camp is nothing less than a paradise to every school-going kid, for it includes a truck-load of activities and assignments to engage. Longing to know a little bit more about the Camp google? Let’s get started with the questionnaire.

1. What is Camp google?

Camp google is an online initiative towards making Corona Pandemic a fun and creative period for children, as well as their parents.

2. How would they do that?

By providing a set of assignments and activities featuring real-world projects with virtual learning. Isn’t that awesome? This time, kids will learn and enjoy it the way they always wanted to.

3. What are these activities?

Camp Google activities includes everything from painting, writing, storytelling, cooking, coding to arts & crafts. Basically, you can consider this camp a full-fledged package to perfection.

4. What age kids can join the camp?

The kids falling between 8-16 years of age group, with Indian nationality and enrolment in any Indian school are permitted to join the camp. Assignments would be divided into two age groups including (8-11 and 12-16 years) of students.

5. How long is this camp going to last?

Camp google is going to be functioning for two long weeks, starting from July 1, 2020(i.e. today) to July 20, 2020. A kid can basically submit his/her assignments anytime between July 1 to 20th. Any submission after 20th would be considered ineligible.

6. Is this Paid?

No. Enrolment in Camp google doesn’t require you making any kind of purchases, neither during entering nor for winning. All you need is the curious mind, to learn and engage into something really interesting.

7. Does this include any prizes?

Well, yes it does. But to validate your winning, it is necessary for a student to participate and submit all the five assignments. Google will select the finalists on the basis of every student’s assignment score and functionality throughout the competition.

There’ll be 15 finalists from each age group, which individually would be awarded with the exciting prizes by Google. You can check out the finalist prizes list, in here.

Not just that, though, every student participating and competing the assignments would be honoured with the participation e-certificate, while top 100s will get the finalist certificates.

8. How to Enrol?

Easy-peasy. All you’ve got to do is, visit the link and get yourself enrolled by entering your email ID. Please note that your email ID is going to be your unique identifier, basically your ID card. So, consider using a same email address for all the assignments and submissions.

Also, before taking a step forward consider reading the Camp Google’s terms and conditions section, for it will help you understand the programme better. Thankyou!

Wrapping Up!

Remember yourself complaining about finding a tactic to keep your kids engaged while being at home? I guess, Google heard you! Not only would this camp, keep kids involved with fun activities but also make them learn a quite huge number of useful skills. So, what are you waiting for? Get your kid enrolled and enjoy!

Also, just so you know, Blog Tera Mera isn’t some kind of news portal. I thought of sharing this update, because I found it quite exciting and didn’t want any mom to miss such good opportunity. Now, go on and have fun with your kids.

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