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Mother's day cover

Following the quarantine, it has been quite difficult to keep the days and the dates on track. Nor Monday blues, neither the Saturday nights exist as naturally as they used to before the spread of corona-virus pandemic. But, in the mid of all this chaos, we certainly have our special days to be celebrated, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day in Quarantine


Yes, Mother’s Day, the day we celebrate honoring very first love of our life, our mothers, is fast approaching on an upcoming Sunday, dated 10th May, 2020. We might not able to make it as special as always, following social distancing, but excitement is one and the same. Celebration ideas, although aren’t an issue for the ones staying with their moms, but those who are away from home.

Before the pandemic breakdown, it was certainly easy to become a part of the celebration by either sending flowers and cake or ending up at your parent’s, on your own. But now, nor the idea is possible, neither it is recommended. “No Contact delivery”, although, is considerable, but let’s keep it at halt a little longer, for the sake of our own loved one’s safety.

So, what can we actually do to celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine while being away from our mom? Let’s find out.

1. Video call:

I know you might be feeling sad being away from your mom, if not, your mom definitely is. So, make sure to let her feel close by video calling on this special day. Any of the well-known tools including, WhatsApp Video Call, Skype, Zoom, Google Duo and others can be used for the same. You can also consider adding another family members and siblings to turn it into a little virtual party. She is going to love it, because, well, everyone likes a little bit of attention.

2. Online Ludo:

Remember the times, you and your family used to chill having a little board games session? Well, time to make it online. Online gaming is fun and you know that, but your mom doesn’t. So, go on, introduce your mom, to the whole new world of online games, with the easiest in the list, Ludo. Not to mention, online Ludo has been one of the trending games following the Covid-19 pandemic and she might have already learned it. Ask her, help her setting the game up and let the fun begin.

3. Online cooking class:

Cooking a meal for your mom is one of the most common tactics towards celebrating the special day. Well, this Mother’s Day in quarantine gives you a chance to twist it a little. Being away from home, you definitely cannot cook for your mom, but you sure can have a little cooking class session with her. Ask her to teach you cook the dish, you liked the most, over video call. This will let you spend a little more of a time together and again, your mother is going to love it.

4. Customized playlist:

Moms love old songs, don’t they? Well, this might be your best chance to gift her what she really likes! You can customize a playlist using online tools or maybe consider gifting her a premium version of different musical apps including Gaana, Saavn, Hungama or others. All you have to do is purchase the premium version and create a playlist of all your mom’s favourite songs. She’ll be glad to find you doing so much for her, which in real doesn’t cost you anything, but few bucks.

5. Online greeting Card:

While exploring numerous methods on celebrating Mother’s Day in quarantine, I got introduced with this creative option. To be frank, I liked it the most. There are various online tools and websites to get this task done, among which Canva is my personal favourite. The best part about Canva is that it can also be used as an App. You don’t have to stick to the laptop to work your creative self out.

6. Watch movie together:

Synching your movies while social or long-distancing isn’t a new thing. We know this trend from virtual movie dates with our significant other. Now, is the time to reapply it with the most precious person of our life, our mother. You know, it doesn’t take much of your efforts, but a little bit of synching and knowledge of your mother’s taste in movies. Consider watching a series or movie you both wanted to watch together, just, not baghban. If you know, what I mean! 😉

7. Silly or Thankful video:

Being face to face, some of us never really could manage our guts to thank our mom for the kindness and love she showers upon her children. Well, this Mother’s Day in Quarantine could be our chance! Record a video of yours speaking everything you ever wanted to say. Let her know that no matter how much you fight and argue with her, your love for your mom is innumerable.

Mother's Day in Quarantine

There could not be any better gift than this! You can also consider recording some silly memories of yours together.

Wrapping Up!

So, this is it! I hope you liked these methods to celebrating Mother’s Day in quarantine. Although, in any way, if you didn’t get time to do anything from the above-mentioned tips, do make sure to give her a call. She would be glad to just hear your voice, let alone those fancy gifts and techniques. Aren’t moms the best? Ofcourse, they are!

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every beautiful mom out there 😊

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