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It’s 17th of April, and as per the guidelines relayed by the PMO India, every citizen has been subjected to stay at home for days till 3rd May. We were supposed to be independent today, free as, to roam around anywhere and everywhere, but looks like, that’s not going to happen very soon. COVID19 – Corona is making its way through people while looking forward to infecting as many as possible. So, the extended lock down is undoubtedly a good decision.Why not use it for better, by discussing some quarantine friendly tips for skincare?

Quarantine Friendly Tips for Skincare

Post marriage, I have been quite dazzled by the different cosmetics. I really enjoy getting dolled up for the events and festivals on my own, which I never could have imagined of doing, during bachelorette days. Reason being an unapologetic ignorance towards my-outer-self. My mom would tell me to take proper care of my skin and self, but “sunta kaun hai” (who the hell cares)? But now, I guess, it’s kind of a necessity. No, not the makeup, but having a skincare routine.

Unlike any other body part, the face, being at its direct exposure to the sun and pollution, is prone to more damage. Hence, extra care and maintenance. As a result of which, I am on the task of exploring the easiest and most natural quarantine friendly tips towards skincare. Yeah, I know, it’s all good, right now. Good, as in, for your skin; no direct contact with UV rays and stuff. But could there be a better chance of having this routine follow-up, then now? Certainly not! So, here I am sharing some of the most common and easiest steps towards skin care. Letsaaa goaaaa! 😉

1. Regular Cleansing:

This is one of the most basic and important steps towards healthy skin. No matter the skin type, it is recommended to clean your face at least twice a day. First, at the beginning and then, before sleeping, even if you’ve got no makeup on.

It kills, although, to move yourself even the slightest, let alone washing your face, after attending the office or the function. But, please think about the dirt and the dust you’ll be sleeping with, resulting in several skin issues.

So, next time, while you are getting used to washing your hands every two hours, make sure to not forget to clean your face for two times at least, using a facewash or a micellar water your skin prefers. Also, now, as you are not going anywhere, considering it as your routine would be easier.

2. Applying the Moisturizer:

People usually underestimate the process of moisturizing their face, where in-fact, it is needed the most. Why? Well, because of it being more prone to the issues causing dryness.

Moisturizer can be considered as one of those saviors fulfilling any kind of oil and water deficiencies in your skin, resulting into brightening and enhancing the face for better.

Also, the rule doesn’t only apply to people carrying dry skin, but oily skin too. Moisturizers are available for every skin type. All you’ve got to do is choose your kind and take a step ahead towards glowing skin.

3. Exfoliating for Skincare:

Exfoliation or scrubbing your face is as necessary as any of the two mentioned above. But this is one of the steps from facial cleansing, isn’t it? Yes, it is!

Well, females nowadays are getting more and more attentive towards themselves, that includes their beauty too. Landing in the parlour, however, for every second or third weekend is not too much of a pocket-friendly thing to do.

So, it becomes kind of a necessity to exfoliate on your own, for once or twice at-most, a week. Not only does this process help in making your skin smoother and brighter but also work towards reducing the signs of aging.

Ask your parlour lady to help you out with scrubbing cream that suits your skin type. Or you can work your way out with pocket-friendly, natural, homemade scrubbers.

4. Toning:

I swear I did nothing more than washing and moisturizing my face, but now. Toner, according to my very own friend aka beauty specialist, Priyanka Chaudhary, is one of the best skincare weapons.

Being used after washing or cleansing the face, toner makes itself useful by removing any leftover traces of impurities or dirt from the skin. This, in turn, makes moisturizer more effective than ever.

You can also use rose water as a toner for as long as the quarantine period lasts, and then switch to whatever you find suitable for your skin. Rose water, however, works at its best for all skin types.

5. Drinking Water:

This is one of the most common and well-known remedies towards healthy skin and self. ‘Jal hi Jeevan hai’ water is life, and you know that! It might be hard, really hard to keep up with the water schedule when all it does is to make you want to pee. But trying costs nothing!

Let this quarantine period be of some help to you. Drink lots and lots of water, and pee as much as you want, for no one would poke you on using your own washroom.

Quarantine Friendly Tips for Skincare

Wrapping Up

Well, this is it! I, however, found some more tips towards healthy skincare routine including beauty supplements and more. But sharing something I myself am not comfortable with, would not help.

Anyway, I hope you find these quarantine friendly tips for skincare helpful and capable of being added into your daily life routine. Have a happy, healthy and glowing quarantine! 😊 Stay home, stay safe!


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