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Be Positive and Happy - Breathe

“Hi, Be Positive and Happy” Are you tired of listening everyone repeating the same mantra, for each and every time you discuss your problems with them? Yeah, me too. Not just listening, I am sick of repeating the same word to myself or whoever ends up sharing their problems with me.

I mean, what does this even mean? What should I do with that? Should I be carrying a signboard stating “I am positive” for whenever a situation run following me? Trust me, I know the frustration and the questions!

We, as a person dealing with stressful situation, wants another one to either prosper some solution or say nothing, because we already have tried to “be positive and happy”. And please note that being positive doesn’t work out for as long as a person is unaware of the answers to “why to’s” and “how to’s”! So, if you think, you helped; well, you didn’t.

Anyway, despite of having some other person telling us about what should and should not be done, let’s find the solution ourselves. Afterall, it’s our personal calm & happiness, we are talking about! Listed below are some of the effective and considerable techniques on how to be positive and happy following daily routine. Fasten your seat belts, now.

Tips to Practice Positivity Every Day!

1. Pick your Personal Mantra:

Do you remember watching “3 idiots” and how Aamir Khan’s character would repeat the same mantra stating “All is well”, for every time a situation beholds? Yeah? Now imagine yourself doing the same thing, with only difference of the dialog being your own line and mantra. The one that you believe in, the one that brings you peace at the time of anxiety, the one that calms you for better, the one that “actually” makes you feel positive.

It can be anything including “Life is tough, but so are you.”, “Everything happens for a good reason”, “Life is too short to stress over little things” and so on. Not only would your personal mantra help you move on, but also bring better things in perspective. Believe it or not, but the mantra actually helps you to be positive and happy. I myself have got one.

2. Start your Day, in a good way:

Stress is common, nowadays. Each and everyone of us is concerned about not having enough money or marks or attention towards our family & relationship. But starting your morning stressing would do no good, instead it will ruin the whole day. So, make sure to consider changing your schedules towards concerns.

Start your day feeling better about yourself and life. You can get this done by listening to the motivational, life-changing podcasts or videos, that can fill you up with whole lot of positive energy and perspective towards the day. Read positive quotes and books, and get yourself ready for a good day.

3. Exercise and Meditate, regularly:

Apart of listening and reading inspirational stuff early morning, you can also consider adding yoga and meditation in your schedule. Exercising your body and mind in morning can bring you a peace like never before. You might have always heard about Yoga being beneficial for the physical self, turns out it also serves an equal purpose to one’s mental health.

Well, I cannot really pen down the technical reasoning or briefing behind the same, but according to Google, “Yoga work towards reducing the impact of exaggerated stress responses”. Also, to speak on personal grounds; I would definitely suggest yoga to help coping with anxiety and stressful situations. It is nothing different than a soulful song you find your escape listening.

The energy and focus Yoga demands turns out to deliver a positive effect on one’s body as well as mind. Moreover, it helps you grasp a healthy me-time, which is apparently as crucial as a meal to be positive and happy.

Be Positive and Happy - Mindfullness


4. Change your Perspective:

Negative people and situations are neither predictable nor avoidable. The best day of your life might end up being worst, serving you the whole lot of disappointment and stress. Hence, it becomes important to apply a little bit of alteration within, because obviously you can’t change a person or situation approaching.

Try looking at problem differently and consider finding a positive outlook on same. Okay, this isn’t difficult, it’s unrealistic! Indeed, you aren’t that inhuman to analyse the situation instead of crying over it, no one is. But, can you consider doing it moving past the moment? Maybe? It’s for your own good, for it would help you prevent revisiting & rethinking the thing, every now and then, that apparently leads to negativity. So, I guess, it isn’t that difficult now, right?

5. Surround yourself with Positive People:

You might have heard of the proverb “Jaisi Sangat, waisi Rangat (As the accompaniment, so the behaviour)”. Well, that applies to almost every possible stage of your life, especially the way you behave and react to the situations approaching. Considering which, it becomes crucial to have a positive group around. The one that not only supports you while you feel down, but also encourages you to move over the thing and look at the brighter side.

Make your choices wisely, though, for the world is filled with the whole lot of negative people. You surely would not want a demoralizing person around, who considers making a mountain out of a molehill. Well, I wouldn’t be lying when I say that it sure does feel good to have someone talk our own language, you know hatred for the hated. But the one who doesn’t walk you towards positivity is disastrous!

6. Be thankful:

No matter how bad the life gets, there is always something a person can be thankful for. Well, this is the time you might name them. Practicing thankfulness allows you to stay positive in the worst of situations. Write it in a journal or share it with your friends, for voicing them out would make you feel happy and blessed.

Also, writing a journal doesn’t need you to buy a new diary or something. You can consider penning it down in the notes section of phone, for at the very last, its all about looking forward to something you could feel happy, reading. So, go on, do yourself a favour and practice gratefulness.

7. Step Outdoors:

Being outdoors, especially the soothing ones, turns out to be an effective technique towards coping with stress and anxiety like situations. It can include anything from strolling into a park to spending time watching ocean at the beach. According to google, it is been said that nature doesn’t only work towards reducing the stress hormones but also boosts up a level of endorphins that creates happiness. Isn’t that great, and too easy to follow?

Too scared to step outside following the corona pandemic? Well, consider adding indoor plants or designing a small balcony garden for yourself. This would help you feel better, almost all the time. They say, watching a series of plantation videos on YouTube can also work towards delivering a calming effect on oneself.

8. Let it Go OR Speak Up:

Some things poke you rather concern you for quite a little longer, either because you didn’t expect it to be happening or you didn’t experience it earlier. Following such situations, it becomes important for a person to either accept the situation or just speak & discuss. Doing neither would leave you hanging amid with quite a lot of disappointment and unhappiness.

So, next time while you find yourself stuck in a situation like above-mentioned, do make sure to move over and let it be. In the case of betrayal, know that, if the person had been wise enough to know the pain, he/she never would have done it in the first place. Now, you know who’s the wiser one!

Be positive and Happy - You got this

Wrapping Up!

It’s okay to not being able to have a positive thinking, all the time, which is unrealistic, in real terms. But do try, and engage yourself in the practice that leads you towards positivity and better way of living. Having a negative outlook on each and everything would destroy your inner-self and patience. So, follow these tips and tricks to be positive and happy at the times of testing.

Stay happy, safe and healthy! 🙂

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