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“Inhale and exhale, take deep breaths. This would help you reduce stress and nervousness” I remember these words from the time I had my 10th board exams. Every day, while waiting for the examination hall gates to open, I would hear my teacher repeating same tips to us. Following my anxiousness towards question papers, I would always follow the process and it worked, every time.

So, basically, stress is for everyone, no matter a student, a service-man, a homemaker or a business-man. But does everyone reduce stress the same way, a 10th grade student will? Maybe, or maybe not! Most of people have got their own capable ways, irrespective of the stress-level, to deal with it. Some would cry, some would drink, some would think and some would lie, I mean sleep.

Temporary solutions aren’t a “solution”!

There are times when nothing stands. Person feels lost at its core finding absolutely nothing to look forward to. That’s when stress takes a tragic turn! From this point on, not only would it affect your peace but every other person’s, around you. You won’t like that, would you? Maybe, do something about it, no? But you’ve got nothing! Actually, you do.

I am no expert to be discussing this topic, but being a human, I do understand “stress”. I realize how deadly it is and also the importance of having an effective healthy solution in-hand towards this unseen problem.

Stress is deadly, but so are you!

Considering which, here is a series of tips to reduce stress, focusing solely upon shutting it and the causes down. Don’t worry, for I am not going to lecture you on being positive, because positivity isn’t that easy to follow as it may seem.

Positivity comes with practice, not lectures!

Know your Stress-boosters

The first and the foremost tips to reduce stress is to know its source. Either it be a habit, a person, or maybe something else, identify it well.

Seems easy, right? It isn’t! Half of us, don’t even know the reason behind our depression, because we’ve caught a habit to overlook it. That’s right. We’d ignore the stress and the reason behind it for as long as it doesn’t make us incapable of doing anything, but think about it. And that my friend isn’t good!

You cannot run off the problem without knowing its cause. So, make sure to figure out the reason before it’s too late. Also, don’t look out for someone else to be a reason every time, because it could be yourself as well.

Tips to Reduce stress - Slow Down

Beat your Stress-sources

Not literally, though. After knowing your stress-boosters, next step would be to fight them off, which can only be done by following either of the methods discussed below:

1. Discuss your problems:

You must have heard the phrase “Sharing is Caring”. Well, that doesn’t limit itself to the food, but everything good and bad. You can discuss your problems with someone who understands you better than anyone else. No matter if it a friend, a relative, your parents or a sibling.

Although, sometimes a person finds it difficult to discuss their problems in-person, hence they can consider venting it out in a diary or journal. It won’t judge you!

2. Practice Yoga:

Apart of the whole list of benefits from Yoga and exercise, mindfulness turns out to be the most convenient and miraculous reimbursement. Basically, you would never regret on beginning to exercise and Yoga while dealing with stressful situations.

Some people consider following the routine for a day or two, while long-term benefits only lasts for the person practicing it in a constant manner. So, following these tips to reduce stress, do make sure to be engaged in fitness programs to not to worsen your mental state any further.

3. Explore your Artistic-Self:

Remember how you always enjoyed creating an artwork in childhood? No matter how clumsy it got, you’d always be smiling at the end. Why not now? Hectic schedules, nowadays, might have got us pretty badly, but stressful conditions ask for anything to make ourselves happier.

So, get ready and grab on a chance to try something new or maybe old from the list of your hobbies. It’s okay if you don’t know an art too well, for there is no fun being a perfection. Also, what could be a better phase than Corona Lockdown to adapt something artistic.

Perfection is a myth!

4. Meditation:

Okay, now this sounds unrealistic, I know. I probably skip this point, for I am sure I’ll never be able to meditate. But what if we find an easiest way to get it done, because I somehow have. I am not so much sure about whether this can be counted as a meditation or not, but the process makes me feel better.

What I generally do is put on my headphones to hear something soothing, whether it be a religious bhajan, song or something else. It lifts me off to an entirely new world of peacefulness, which, according to myself, is refreshing. You can also consider watching Sandeep Maheshwari’s video on meditation. He made meditation quite a lot better and easy process than anyone else.

5. Let it be:

Uhuh! Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about your stress. It isn’t something to ignore but your stress-boosters are. For most of the time, there are things that can’t be controlled or understood. Instead of wasting your time and energy finding the “how’s or why’s”, consider accepting it.

This acceptance will do nothing but bring you an un-imaginary peace.

Tips to Reduce stress

Ignore your Stress-boosters with acceptance!  

6. Practice Positive Self-talk:

Now, I am willing to consider this one as a tip in here, for it doesn’t suggest you to act but talk positive. It is important for a person to understand that there cannot be a better therapist or guide than yourself for as long as you care about yourself.

So, make sure to comfort yourself while you find yourself running into the depression-like state.

Wrapping Up!

Well, mentioned above are the tips to reduce stress, and can help anyone and everyone willing, to cope with it. Apart of which you can also consider trying pampering yourself by listening to your favourite music or getting a full-body massage.

Remember loving yourself!

Stress is temporary, try not to make it permanent!

Also, drinking and smoking doesn’t bring you anything good. Try not to use it as a method for reducing stress. Have an amazing day ahead 😊

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