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Work From Home Tips

While major part of India has stepped into the “Unlockdown 1.0” phase recently, the companies and sectors related to IT are choosing to stay remote. Following the Coronavirus spread and ease of work from home, it seems quite a wise step to walk with. But do employees feel the same way? Well, some does and with these work from home tips, you’ll too!

Working From Home

Being a freelancer myself, I know the struggles of working from home. I am aware with the initial excitement phase and presently trending “Can’t take it any more” phase. Yeah, you are not alone. With all the family members, household chores and slow internet mania surrounding, it becomes entirely impossible to stay focused towards the work.

Not just that though, being left with no social life and gatherings anymore, work-from-home employees have lost their interest and curiosity towards the task in-hand. Agree to it or not, but you definitely are missing those messy metro, auto rides and working hours in office. Aren’t you?

Anyway, inspite of everything mentioned above, you know you’ve got to get the work done! Considering which, here “Blog Tera Mera” presents you a list of work from home tips, towards making it go easy on you.

1. Dedicated and Enhanced work desk:

While most of us has managed to find a particular spot for work, there are also those who haven’t cared to look for one. Why? Maybe, because we love to roam around carrying the laptop and essentials or maybe the reason is our slow-paced internet.

But with all the work-from-home extensions, it’s kind of a necessity to have one spot booked for yourself. So, to get the job done, you might consider factors including the perfect lighting, good internet speed, cleanliness, comfort and refreshment. The corner that fulfils all the former-mentioned purposes is your spot.

Go on, let that search finally begin, for as soon as you find it, you might also want to enhance it a little by adding some posters or plants beside. Why? Because, an enhanced work space leads more productive outputs.

2. Stretching:

Being at your home-abode 24*7 compels you really strong to stay in bed. Following which you’d every time be convinced to grab a nap for as soon as you find a moment. But that’s not how it should be done. Working from home doesn’t approve you ignoring your health. Napping is important but so is exercising.

Finding a little bit of time to stretch yourself would help you stay put for long. Reduced tiredness and muscle strain injuries are some of the common benefits of stretching at work. It basically reminds your muscles about body performing the job, which results into having the correct posture and coordination.

Having a proper desk setup would be the plus point, for it would maintain the body posture and not let you dozing and snoring untimely.

3. Listen to podcasts or songs:

Unlike offices, working from home gives you quite a lot of solitude to work with. Having no colleagues and others as distraction, you can function the way you want to. Well, use this time for the best. Tune on to some music or inspirational podcasts and get yourself going.

Music has always proven to be the best add-on, no matter what you are up to. Although, the type depends upon you and your liking! So, whether your type be a soothing or an energetic music, just put your headphones and go with the flow. You might also consider leaving your window open for the natural sound and music to get inside.

4. Take frequent breaks:

Working for long can lead a person towards unproductivity, which any work-from-home individual definitely isn’t looking forward to. So, to avoid the situation make sure on adding some frequent breaks in your schedule. Not only does these little pauses allow you to be more productive but also brings an immense relaxation and pleasure within.

Is that for real? No, for as long as your breaks include ending up watching YouTube or scrolling a social media platform. Call it a break, when you find yourself getting away from your work desk and technology. The time that allows you calm yourself by meditating or yawning or enjoying nature is actually a break. So, practice these work from home tips frequently and find yourself growing.

5. Avoid unhealthy snacking:

One of the major pros about working from home is having a full access to the kitchen, following which you can eat anything anytime. Well, “anything” generally includes chips, pizza, cookies or other snacks to us. Agree to it or not, but we can never manage to convince ourselves eating some fruits and vegetables in place of snacks.

Anyway, is this untimely, unhealthy snacking good for us? Not really, for it leads our stomach towards bloating, swelling and other indigestion issues. So, what would be great is to limit yourselves from groping and eating an unhealthy snack for each and every time you feel yourself craving.

You can make this happen by replacing your hunger with water. I do that all the time and find myself pretty much on a healthy track, during the lockdown.

6. Interact with your family members:

It is certainly mandatory to avoid your family members and pets while working from home, but complete isolation won’t do no good. It would be great to let your family feel your presence once in a while.

While taking some breaks, do schedule some free-time to spend with your family. Make them understand the real meaning of working-from-home, for most of them just consider it having no work at all. Following which, finding you not around whole day would make them feel left out or ignored.

Spend time, interact with them, get in the conversation and let them know the reason and circumstances of you working whole day. They are the family; they won’t question you again.

Work From Home Tips - Interact

7. Plan your meetings:

Now this one comes from my husband, who could be seen attending meetings and online conferences half-a-day. According to him, unplanned meetings can affect your productivity and I agree to him.

Each and every task in-hand requires a constant amount of focus and dedication from an individual, that can be distracted by the unplanned and untimely meetings. So, make sure to discuss it with your colleagues and head, to not let your work get affected following the conferences.

8. Fix schedule for emails:

Alike conference calls and meetings, emails are untimely too. Not only does they distract you from work, but also sometimes leads to the time-wastage, following the case of unimportant emails. So, it is quite a necessity to be limiting checking the emails while at work.

You can consider scheduling a time period for emails, for example: check while signing-in, mid-afternoon, evening and finally before signing-off. This way, neither you’ll lose track to anything important, nor your work would be affected.

9. Avoid social media hangings:

One of the biggest cons of working online is having a 24*7 access to the social media platforms. Being bored or stuck with something, you’d be in no-time directed to your social media accounts which results into eating up half-a-time off your productivity. It’s okay, we have all been through this. Now, what we need is to not let the mistake repeated!

It seems quite difficult though, but certainly not impossible with these work from home tips. You can fulfil the challenge by logging yourself out from the platforms on your work-desktop. Also, keep your mobile phone at quite a distance from your reach. You will notice the difference on your own, for according to me this thing works unconsciously and having no easy access to these platforms would limit you from messing around.

10. Make time for your friend:

Being not able to enjoy the social life, following COVID-19, doesn’t mean for you to distance yourself from your friends. You can still make time to connect and communicate with them, for it would help you refresh and enlighten your mood for good.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule video calling your friend and get together for a time or so, as same as you did earlier, before the Corona Pandemic. Just, don’t consider meeting for now!

11. Don’t forget the me-time:

Me-time is considerably the most important thing in life. You cannot find yourself being active and working everyday without spending some alone time. The time that calms you for better, that brings better perspective to you and hence reminisces the importance of life and family and especially yourself.

This can include anything from as small as having a cup of tea to as big as exercising or reading or engaging in something interesting as well as soothing. Go on, following these work from home tips find yourself an activity (if you aren’t doing it already) and let yourself lead towards something better, something good.

12. Prioritize your sleeping time:

We often end up messing our sleeping schedule following the numbers of tasks in-hand, which we actually shouldn’t. A person who takes a goodnight’s sleep undergoes all the benefits including better productivity, relaxed mind & body, enhanced ability to stay focused and many more. Whereas, having an uneven, disrupted sleep can lead one to the day with too less of energy and productivity at whole.

So, make sure to not let it happen to yourself. Prioritize your sleep and let the work be scheduled for the day following.

Wrapping Up!

I know the time is tough, but so are you. Half of you guys must be enjoying working from home, but the one who isn’t, I wish you find these work from home tips helpful. But, in whole, please do consider not stressing up with work and tasks in hand. Be easy on yourself and others, for we all are sitting at homes considering our well-being from Corona. Don’t let anything else be the reason behind your illness or anxiety.

Work From Home Tips

Have a happy work-from-home session! Stay Home and Take care!

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