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Female Youtubers to Follow!

“Humari Chhoriyan, Chhoron se kam hain ke” 😉 Nothing feministic (is that even a word?), but it is quite inspiring to see women growing as successful as men. Not just in the fields of technology and sports, but creative sectors too. YouTube, while being one of the most popular video-sharing platforms, includes not just the male but now, female YouTubers too. Looking forward to discovering some female youtubers to follow? Let’s dive in.

You Know, YouTube!

Apart from Facebook, Instagram and certainly WhatsApp, YouTube is one of the favourite pastimes for almost everyone. Isn’t it? We’d not stop binging upon the videos until and unless our internet stops working. Also, with “we”, I consider people of all ages, castes, sex and religions, because no matter how much our elders loathed us using social media platforms earlier, now they are all doing the same. That’s funny, actually!!

Anyway, with YouTube in-hand, we definitely are looking for something new to entertain ourselves, every single day. But can we not consider this a chance to adapt a new art while spending our time youtubing? Sure, we can! What could be a better time than lockdown to learn something artistic? I am bored using this line though, but, yeah, okay.

Learning from YouTube

It’s pretty easy actually, for all you’ve got to do is figure out your interests and the best youtuber in field. Did I say it’s easy? Oh no; it sounds easy! The task needs you to go through numbers of videos from different youtubers to finally select one. I know you’ve got a plenty of time, but maybe some of us don’t.

Considering which, here I am sharing some of the famous and certainly talented female youtubers to follow that would make it go easy on you. With different specifics and ideas in mind, these female youtubers are marking their online presence, like a PRO! So, to have them help you out with the tasks, you got to check their content out, now! Let’s get rolling.

Female YouTubers to Follow!

Female Youtubers to Follow

PerkyMegs (Fashion & Lifestyle YouTuber)

You probably know the channel already, but in case you don’t, Perkymegs is owned and managed by Megha Bahuguna. This female youtuber is educated as a civil engineer, based in Delhi. Being done with the boredom of a corporate job, she decided to start the channel and assist ladies with makeup and different dressing styles.

She has got one more channel named as “Perkmegs Hindi”, based again on fashion and styling. With a great desire and dedication towards her work, she manages to create an amazing content every Tuesday and Saturday, I guess. Also, she recently became a mom to the cute little angel. So, do not forget to congratulate her, while you visit the channel.

What I like the most about her?

Her dedication towards the channel. She worked quite constantly during her pregnancy period, and has resumed quite soon after delivering the baby.

Interior Maata (Interior Designing YouTuber)

Here comes the another one. I never thought interior designing an easy business until I found her, Ananya, the owner of “Interior Maata”. Ananya Bhattacharjee, is originally from Kolkata holding 8 years of experience in the field. Her unique style and designing always ends up leaving people amazed with the work.

Not just that, she can also guide you through the task of decorating your interiors in the most creative and cheapest way ever. I don’t know if you understand this any better, but her YouTube channel is a “Must-visit”, especially at times like these when you can create DIYs at your best. Seriously, go! Also, she’s cute 😀

What I like the most about her?

Her skill and capability to make almost everything, as easy as possible. She’d make you fall in love with interior designing.

Kabita’s Kitchen (FoodTuber)

I am guessing that you already know Kabita’s kitchen, for it is pretty popular right now. But for a situation like vice-versa let me introduce to the very talented and experimental cook, Kabita Singh. She has got a whole lot of recipes on her channel and I am not talking about some usual dal-roti or cuisines.

She brings some out-of-box cookeries which you’d be amazed to have a recipe of. Not just that, she’d also serve you with some of the best tips on kitchen and cooking. She is a “must-follow” for all those who want to serve their kids and themselves a treat following the lockdown.

What I like the most about her?

Her cheerful smile and varieties of recipes, indeed.

Mostly Sane (Comic Youtuber)

Okay, here she is, Prajakta Kohli!! I don’t know what would be another best way to say this but “I LOOOVEEE her content and herself, obviously”. Prajakta Kohli owns one “Mostly Sane” channel with an insane number of followers and subscribers. Visit her channel and you’ll end up getting entertained or “SMILE”, if not learn something.

She breaks quite a number of stereotypes through her content. For instance, a song “Shameless”, written and performed by herself, talks on everything society loathes about a girl. Not just that, there’s a lot more to explore while being there on her channel. So, visit and thank me later.

What I like the most about her?

Her willingness to bring the best for her subscribers, oh, and smile.

Manpreet Kaur (BookTuber)

From food to fashion to designing to comic, the list comes down to the easiest way in dealing with lockdown, reading books. I know, not everyone likes to read books and the one who wants to is apparently confused about “What to read?”. Well, not anymore, for I’ve got you an expert “Indian Booktuber”.

This channel is owned and managed by Manpreet Kaur, a B.Tech(IT) graduate from Punjab. Manpreet had a zeal to read, write and make videos since college days, following which she dropped job offers from MNCs. Looks like she did it for the best. So, go on, visit her channel and have an honour to learn a lot more about herself and books.

What I like the most about her?

Her trustworthy reviews about books. She won’t recommend you the book, she doesn’t like.

Garden Up (Gardening Youtuber)

Now, not everyone adapts a hobby that easy. It takes quite a lot of time, efforts and interest towards it, and situations like “Corona Lockdown” gives us a chance to nourish them. Gardening is one such hobby; you won’t know it until you do it. But how to know, the starting points and everything? Well, here you have “Garden Up” as your savage.

I discovered this YouTube channel 7-8 months back and found it to be one of the most intriguing and innovative female youtubers channel, for no one actually talks about plants. Maybe they do, but I haven’t found one since my existence on YouTube. Garden Up is owned and managed by Ekta Choudhary, who, according to her bio, is a fulltime PhD student and spent couple of years studying natural ecosystems. Visit her channel and you’ll be glad to have found it.

What I like the most about her?

Her genuine love for plants, which is quite visible in her videos.

Yoga with Shaheeda (Fitness Youtuber)

While we are stuffing our bellies with new recipes and food, this lockdown; it became quite a necessity to look after our health. Well, of course we don’t want to look like a baby elephant after all this pandemic is over. Considering which, here I bring you a fitness YouTube channel, “Yoga with Shaheeda”.

This channel is managed and owned by a girl named Shaheeda Bano, who talks about a number of correct techniques towards meditation and pranayama. Her videos can also help you cope with problems like constipation, indigestion, headache, blood pressure and much more. So, go on, visit her channel and start walking onto the path towards fitness.

What I like the most about her?

Her effective techniques towards fitness.

Shreya Jain (Beauty YouTuber)

Okay, I am starting to feel quite tired, but it won’t be a complete justice to the list, if I don’t mention the last, but certainly not the least Youtube Channel “Shreya Jain”. You know her, don’t you? Well, most of us, do! Managed and owned by Shreya Jain herself, this channel talks and walks makeup.

Looking forward to having some online tutorials on getting dolled up on your own? See, no more! Shreya will assist you with anything and everything makeup related. Whether it be a cosmetic or a makeup removal product, you can rely on her on whole.

What I like the most about her?

Her hardwork and dedication towards her channel. Also, her top 10s list!

Wrapping Up!

With this, I leave it upon you to choose the best among all of the above-mentioned female youtubers. Know that there isn’t any age bar reserved to be starting a new hobby. You can opt learning anything anytime, so go on, explore these lady youtuber’s channels and start working on something you find interesting. Not only would these activities help you cope lockdown, but stress and anxiety too.

Are you aware of any other YouTube channels capable of being added in this list? If so, please share it with us in the comment section below. See ya! 😊

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