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Relatable Corona Memes

While COVID19 crisis continues to suck patience out of people, locked inside their houses, lockdown memes make it all a bit easier. To be frank, memes have always been a successful escape for people to cope with difficult days like these, where you get no parties, no fast food, no drinks and no birthday celebrations.

This time, although, the outgrowth of memes is much, much greater than the previous days, keeping people engaged and entertained for as long as they want. You might have come across some of them already, didn’t you? Well, if not (which is very hard to believe nowadays, by the way), I am going to share some of them.

So, get ready to have one fun ride via Lockdown memes that would at least leave you smiling, if not laughing out loud.

1. Starting with this, because, yeah, now what!

Good morning! We are one of the Lockdown Memes!
Image Credits – Instagram (pregnantandperfect)

That’s us, each one of us, everyday!

2. Day 1 V/S Every other Day during Corona Lock down!

I hate this place!
Image Credits – Instagram (shawneymusic)

This post cannot be more accurate! The Corona lock down has made all of us start hating the place we earn money for. It’s funny, actually!

3. Do you really, not touch your face? Because, I do!

Don't touch your face. It's Corona Time.
Image Credits – Instagram (because_the_beatles)

I do this all the time! Wow, I am a lockdown meme!

4. When we’ll finally be glad, seeing another human being!

Not just people, we’ll be glad of many other things in life, after Corona Virus goes down. Isn’t it?

5. Do not underestimate the parties, ever again!

I miss being invited!
Image Credits – Twitter (stayfrea_)

6. Home is where the… what!

Home is where the heart and the office and apparently everything is!
Image Credits – Instagram (thecatwhisprer)

Oh, yeah, right! Home is not just a home now. It’s a place where you have to do anything and everything.

7. Netflix and Chill!

Skip intro?
Image Credits – Instagram (thecatwhisprer)

Because we have got almost, all the time in the world.

8. And the “Ludo King”, says.

Stay home, Stay safe!
Image Credits – Instagram (


9. Tested Positive! Oh no, not for Corona.

Not able to Survive Corona Lockdown
Image Credits – Twitter (Isyouokaymate)

Sad reactions only!

10. Before and After Pics of Quarantine.

Before and After
Image Credits – Instagram (robertportuguez)

Well, because all we are doing during this Corona lock down period is eating and eating and eating, sleeping and eating some more.

11. Laughing out loud!

Image Credits – Twitter (CaucasianJames)

So, I guess, people replying with ‘K’ and ‘Hmmm’ should start using ‘Okay’ and ‘Yeah, right’. Just Saying!

12. When Netflix runs out of stock!

Netflix to people - I am done! Lockdown Memes
Image Credits – Twitter (Baba_Chu)

We’re all going to relate to this pretty soon.

13. Quick and Easy, recipe to survive this Corona lock down!

Swipe right to learn one of the easiest recipes ever. Thank me later! 🙂

14. Before and After Corona Situations for couples, be like.

Before and After - Lockdown Memes
Image Credits – Yourquote (standuptri)

You know that better! Don’t you?

15. Coz’, Indians can do anything!

I have to go home!
Image Credits – Twitter (bestofshweta)

Yes, we are waiting for you to leave, Corona! Kyunki, mujhe bahar jana hai!!!!!!!! (I have to get out of my house, roam around and then maybe get back to my home again).

So, I hope you all are doing safe and these lockdown memes have fulfilled their purpose of making you feel good amidst all the crisis. This is, although a trailer, the internet is filled with stuff like this. All you’ve got to do is put on your search glasses and get ready to ‘Laugh Out Loud’. 😀

See you soon! Stay home, stay safe! 🙂

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