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Gaining Unhealthy Fat - Cover Photo

With winter already being here, its time one should get themselves prepared on gaining unhealthy fat! No matter how hard you try on not snacking over your favourite winter specials, you know that’s not possible.

You are going to be eating and getting fat, maybe regretting but eating! That’s okay, eating isn’t bad, overeating is! Along with that, there are many other things and habits you might want to avoid to stop gaining an unhealthy weight.

I am sure you would have already started giving your habits a quick rethink, but turns out they aren’t always supposed to be the bad ones. Some of those “good habits” may too bring out a toxic result of you gaining unhealthy fat.

For example: Walking or running right after taking a meal. I know you considered it healthy, but it isn’t, it rather interferes with your digestion process and makes everything worse. Interesting, eh? Read along, it gets better!

Habits Leading you Towards Gaining Unhealthy Fat!

1. Skipping Meals:

Okay, to start with, this is certainly not one of those good habits, but some of us consider it essential towards shedding extra pounds off our body. Although, does it work that way!? Not really, this infact brings you the health complications like never before.

Skipping a meal or two makes it harder for your body to continue the digestion process normally, leading you towards gaining unhealthy fat more than ever. I sure think you wouldn’t want that!

Additionally, it results into making you feel tired and hungry as hell, so no matter how dedicated you are towards skipping that one meal, you’d end up stuffing yourself really bad at next. That’s actually true!

So, in case you aren’t following one proper diet schedule, well, skipping your meal in a long run would be a huge mistake. Basically, suddenly deciding on not eating anything for once in a day, isn’t really commendable.

2. Not Drinking Enough Water:

You must have heard the line stating “Drink as much water as you can, throughout the day”, a lot more times till today. Water is an essential component, they say, although did they tell you how!? Well, let this point serve the purpose!

Dehydration occurs for whenever a person intakes much lesser amount of water than needed, which eventually leads to the digestion problems and unhealthy fat gain. Now that’s what you already know, I guess, but what you don’t is that not drinking enough water can lead your body mistake thirst as hunger. You know what happens next, you end up intaking a whole lot of calories!

So, either way you are going to find yourself gaining unhealthy fat without water. Now, maybe, do yourself a favour and make water a necessity! Yeah? If not, maybe 6-7 glasses of water a day!?

Gaining Unhealthy Fat - Drinking Water
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3. Eating Too Quickly:

I have known people who take huge pride in eating their meal as quickly as possible, although I am glad on sticking onto my slow munching. Why? Because turns out, wolfing down your food apparently makes you fat. How?

Let us look at it this way, the faster you eat, the slower your brain realizes the fullness of stomach. In clear words, you’d be eating more while you eat fast, which eventually would result into you gaining weight. Getting my point?

Not just that though, eating food at this pace would lead you towards numerous digestive and heart-related problems. I guess it’d be great if you try and look upon your chewing speed from now on. Eating fast won’t get you anywhere near to the healthy OR even wealthy lifestyle! You should be living to make wealth.

4. Multitasking While Eating:

Here comes the other one, multitasking or rather distracted eating! In the verge of performing multiple amounts of tasks at once, people apparently show themselves being a multitasker! They read and write emails, think over the problems, watch TV, read books and perform different tasks while eating. But is that really commendable?

Well, as appreciative as it might seem professionally, the quality doesn’t work at its best towards your health, reason being a person’s incapability to know when to stop. So, maybe you’d just end up eating a lot more than required with distractions! Considering which it becomes important to be attentive and mindful towards your meal instead of ignoring or gobbling it.

5. Lack of Sleep:

I don’t know how much you believe this, but sleeping is as much important to a person as exercise and one good healthy diet. Skip your sleep for a day and you’d end up feeling being the sickest person alive. Not only would you be wandering sleepy all day, but might notice few fallbacks in your thinking and functioning capabilities, which apparently affects your eating schedules as well.

Doesn’t make sense? It would, now. Remember how you always end up grabbing a coffee as an energy booster? Yeah, that craving doubles with sleep deprivation for an obvious reason of being lot less energetic than normal days. Apart of that, sleeplessness also causes your body experience a disturbed metabolism leading it towards storing an unnecessary fat.

Basically, you’d be gaining unhealthy fat for no matter the reason as sleep-deprived person. So, make sure on taking the best-quality sleep to not let it spoil your diet or health. Binging on Netflix does look appealing, but in a long run you wouldn’t want it causing all the trouble to yourself.

6. Low Fat Food Items:

Are you the one ordering diet coke for whenever you visit an eatery? Well, that probably labels you as one of those health-conscious freaks! It is although okay to be a freak, but sometimes you’ve got to know the consequences of whatever you’ve been doing towards maintaining your healthy diet.

Turns out, your healthy “diet coke” isn’t much of a healthy choice. It in-fact leads you towards more weight-gain problems! You possibly must be whining right now, like “What the hell are you talking about, girl?”. But that’s all in the facts, baby!

I know it might break your heart, but for all the fat that is been cut loose of those low-fat foods, it is replaced with ingredients preserving the taste and flavour. These ingredients, now, can either be a chemical or an alternative turning toxic for human body leading to the weight gain and other health-related problems.

Gaining Unhealthy Fat - Low Fat Food
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7. Midnight Snacking:

Okay, now, who on this earth isn’t aware of this dearly habit? We all do, right! Especially the one who’s working or binging Netflix series for quite late at night. But guess what? This dearly habit becomes deadly pretty soon! Here’s how.

Craving at night always end up making a person grab some snack or meal, which by the way tastes divine at the time. These heavy meals at night can result into making person experience a terrible heartburn due to digestive problems, which in long run can result into weight gain. Connects, right?

So, try and make sure on not giving into your craving because it’s not healthy! You might want to consider munching on some dry fruits or healthy intakes, but that’s not possible. Although, it’s good if you can.

8. Mindless Eating:

This is where it all ends and you might not notice at first, but almost every point we discussed above connects to this extremely common: mindless eating. How? Okay, let’s see. While we talked about lacking sleep, midnight snacking, wolfing down food, dehydration or multitasking while eating, each one of them ended onto mindless gobbling. Think it through!

Now, mindless snacking doesn’t do any good but leads you towards overeating, and I don’t think you’d want to know its consequences, yet again!? So, how do we do that? How can one not think about other things while eating, that’s naturally impossible! Uh, no it’s not. Here are some of the tips on how to be more attentive towards your meal while eating.

  • Let your meal time be only about your meals! Do not watch or surf internet while eating.
  • Eat slowly and watch yourself embracing the meal and flavours.
  • Start with small bites. Satisfaction lies in slower eating!

Wrapping Up!

This is it for all the habits that are secretly leading you towards gaining unhealthy fat. I am sure you didn’t know like half of these, or did you? Anyway, that’s not important but what does matter is you taking steps to not let any of these habits affect your health. It might seem difficult but it isn’t, not if you want to see yourself healthy and happy for many more years approaching.

Hope you find the post useful! Got anything more to add? Comment below and let us know. Thanks 🙂

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