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Following a long hectic day at work/home, all we crave is a good night’s sleep. Although, getting into the bed brings a whole lot of thoughts in mind causing trouble sleeping. We’d toss and turn and kick and punch and do everything to get comfortable in bed, but nothing works. Sounds mutual? Certainly, for almost everyone nowadays is looking forward to working their way out of the same problem. Me too!

No matter how early I get in bed, I’d often find myself struggling and fighting to fall asleep, even after a long tiring day. Turns out, sleep isn’t just a by-product of timing and tiredness but everything that we’ve been doing leading our sleeping time. Basically, one’s late evening activities decides on their sleeping schedule and consistency. Interesting, right? I never thought of finding sleeping anyway related to the daily life activities. But, anyway!

Well, before you decide on walking off this article, let’s discuss the activities to be avoided, to not experience any trouble sleeping in future. You ready? Let’s go!

Things you should not be doing!

1. Late night snacking:

Midnight cravings are real, considering which we always end up stuffing ourselves with anything that’s available in refrigerator. But, is it healthy? Not really! Snacking junk food at night not only impacts our sleeping cycle but also the fitness goals.

How? Well, junk food and spicy food is always said to be high on fats and acid, which might cause a heartburn or gaseous problems. That just explains my health problems, right now!

These problems end up resulting into you gaining some weight while losing your good night’s sleep. So, it’s all bad! But that doesn’t suggest you ignoring your midnight cravings. Choose having a healthy intake, including Yoghurt, almonds, oatmeal, popcorn and a lot more. Okay, I’ll try.

Eat something you don’t regre(a)t.”

2. Drinking lots of water:

Staying hydrated is important for your health, but not while sleeping. Chugging a whole lot of water before going to bed is a big no-no. I don’t know if it affects your health or not, but drinking quite a quantity of liquid before bed fills up your bladder. This apparently leads you using bathroom at the middle of night, disrupting your sleep.

My husband too has got this habit of intaking a whole glass or more, of water before sleeping. I, although make sure to not let him do that, anymore. So, you guys make sure restricting yourself doing that anytime in future to avoid trouble sleeping.

3. Consume anything caffeinated:

I am guessing that you are wise enough to not drink/eat anything caffeinated before sleeping, but just so you know such intakes affects one’s sleep pretty badly. Being one of the major sources of energy, the caffeinated drinks or eateries remain inside the body for not less than 12 hours.

Now, this might include anything ranging from coffee to herbal tea to normal tea to chocolate to ice-cream and others. Yeah, chocolate and ice-cream too!! I am crying.

Following the numerous studies carried out, a person must not consume anything caffeinated for 4 to 6 hours before bedtime. Caffeine is an eye-opener and you probably won’t need it until and unless you are preparing to keep yourself awake whole night. Avoid decafs too!

4. Scrolling through your Smartphone:

Yeah, you’d probably skip this, for you know you won’t be able to give up your dearest habit during bedtime. That’s okay! I would have done the same thing. Maybe I would have in-fact not mentioned this, if it wasn’t possible. But guess what? It is.

I myself have started restricting myself using smartphone before bed, for I’d rather be sleeping than twisting, tossing and thinking about some weird, un-important stuff. So, if I can, then you can too! I may sound like your mom, when I say this, but using your smartphones seriously affects your life, I mean sleep.

How? Well, to be very precise, the blue light coming from your smartphones alerts your mind preventing it from producing melatonin, a hormone that helps the body fall asleep. Hence, you experience trouble sleeping! Not just that though, your smartphones feed you some stuff to think about too! Obviously, how can it not!?

So, go on, restrict your smartphone, television, laptop and every other electronic device from messing with your sleeping time. You can consider reading a good book beside!

5. Fighting or getting into a serious convo:

Here comes, yet another big no-no before sleeping, getting into a serious conversation or argument. Doing either of these can not only disrupt your sleep but trigger your mind towards everything negative. Basically, you’d be spending an hour or two thinking and replaying the whole conversation in head. Now, this might end up making you regret or finding some more clever replies to the argument, but my dear, you’d be losing your peace too.

I know this, because I’ve experienced this. Sleepless nights can lead you towards stress! So, kindly, make sure to never ever pick up a fight before bed. No matter if its your husband, a friend or your parents, you would not want them as well as yourself to spend a stressful sleepless night! It can affect your life pretty badly, so try and resolve your issues before getting into the bed.

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6. Exercising before bed:

As same as water, exercise is considered to be one of the most crucial parts of life. It helps you stay healthy and active throughout the day, but is it recommendable to work out during late evening? Well, no! Majority of us prefer exercising in evening considering the fact that it would make us sleep better, but that’s not how it works.

Exercising as we could make out, helps one’s body to stay more alert while amplifying the heart rate. Performing it in evening although, would eventually result into affecting the sleep cycle by making you keep awake and alert all the time.

So, it would be great if you could just stretch yourself the time it is supposed to be done i.e. anytime but evening.

7. Binge-watching TV Shows:

TV Series and sitcoms have become one crucial part of our lives. We cannot imagine our day to end without watching one. Actually, that’d be me, although I am doing pretty fine without Netflix and prime right now, apart from the fact that I cannot suggest or review any series to someone or no one. But I am doing fine!

Anyway, it’s no wrong to have something entertaining in-hand. After quite a long day at work, you do deserve to be refreshed and entertained, but don’t let this refreshment take over on you. Binge-watching something can lead you having a bad quality of disrupted sleep, for it would keep your brain active and working, for quite a long time.

You can opt watching one on weekends, although, for it gives you whole complete day to enjoy your crime psychotic thrillers and other sitcoms. Also, it would prevent you from having trouble sleeping!

8. Smoking:

Along with hundreds and thousands of reasons for you to quit smoking, sleeplessness tops the list. People usually light up a cigar considering it to be the perfect way to relax, but that’s not what it actually does. Smoking, in-fact can worsen your insomnia, if lighted before or close to bed.

Nicotine withdrawal from cigar or pipes or anything else works as a stimulant, as same as caffeine. It would keep your mind and body awake for quite a long time. So, if you can, then try resist smoking long before you decide to hit the hay. If not, well you can enjoy your sleepless nights, as you already might be doing.

9. Taking a bath:

Okay, sorry. I know you consider this as one of the most relaxing activities, but it isn’t. Bathing, right before the bed, gives your mind a wrong signal to stay awake and active. Majority of us have got this habit of grabbing a hot bath before bed, because it does feel relaxing to soothe your muscles with water.

But doing it occasionally would just do the opposite. Your mind would consider it to be a signal to keep awake and working. So, let your routine remain the way, it always has been. You don’t have to grab a habit following some other person’s lifestyle, for your body definitely take a time to perform accordingly.

Wrapping Up!

Along with these 9 above-mentioned tips, you might also consider following not to check your work emails before bed, to avoid having trouble sleeping. I am sure, following these tips brings you a nice experience with better-quality sleep in near future.

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