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It’s 14th of January, 2020. Oh, Happy New Year, by the way, I just realized I haven’t been here for long, not around the new year, at least. So, it’s pretty much late to be talking about the resolutions for 2020, or not? I guess, no, it’s January and there is no better time to be talking about starting something new, irrespective of the dates and the months. Isn’t it?

Okay, so, although, resolutions have lost all their meaning with the senseless excuses we have been making every year; it still turns out to be an exciting task to do. Why? Because it gives us hope! A hope of focusing on achieving something and working towards it. This doesn’t last long, nonetheless, but I guess, someday, it will.

Adventure of Resolutions Begins!

So, let’s get started with “my” list of resolutions, which, I hope, will work out this year.

1. Learning something new:

To learn is to grow! Can this saying “be” any truer? Well, yeah, I have made this pact of trying to learn something new, every week, if not every day. It can be as small as a new word or as big as a new skill. At least, I’ll be growing.

2. Go easy on thyself:

I have noticed myself feeling pressurized with all the tasks and the “resolutions” I have stacked upon these past years. It hasn’t done anything good but kept me from fulfilling my desired commitments. So, this year, I have decided to go easy on me and focus towards growing.

3. Practicing my art:

Writing is my art, has always been. But I never committed myself enough to it. Since the day I stepped into this world of blogging, I would, every once in a while, find myself promising to stay consistent with my posts and forgetting ASAP. You know why? Because the only reason I have had was to make the blog grow, I never realized the fact that this commitment would also help me and my art grow. So, now, I guess, I know my drive.

4. Reading books:

Well, this is an obvious one. Reading makes you a better, knowledgeable, interesting, innovative, wise, creative and ‘what-not’, person. I’ve read quite a lot of books in 2019, ‘8’, to be, very precise, which is more than my count in previous years at least. And you know what? I didn’t just read it, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed every book, and aspire to do the same in 2020. In fact, to add a little twist or fun, I am challenging myself to read one book every month, which makes it 12 books a year. At first, I thought of making it 2-per-month, but going easy on myself is more important than showing off, I guess. So, to keep track of every book I read, I would be making a post every month, talking about the book and its “howabouts”. EEE!! Nothing, I am just excited. 😀

5. Become a better person:

Now, this point, as we know, is too wide to discuss. Becoming a better person doesn’t just involve a particular field, but everything that makes us human. I aspire to do every possible thing towards becoming a better, no, actually, happy and healthy person. No matter whether it be a waking routine or cooking or staying positive or not giving a f*ck about what some person would be thinking or doing or whatever, I just wish to do all those things. Maybe, I will.

Good Vibes Only - Resolutions 2020

Wrapping Up!

So, this is it. I know, these resolutions sound really unusual, but I guess I am very much married to be wishing for not crushing over bad guys, this year. 😉

Also, I am thinking of pinning this post on top, named by “Resolution Reminder”, so that I can read it whenever I open the website. Good idea, right? It’ll keep me conscious of the resolutions I am supposed to follow. Anyway, what is your take for resolutions, this year? Go on, let me know, in the comment section. 😊

Have a terrific day and year ahead!

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