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Spending time Alone

Being home alone is one of the experiences that almost everyone gets to deal with. But does everyone enjoy it? Um, apparently, no! I mean, with all of the internet and stuff, it actually has become easier for people to spend their alone time at home, but what if the internet goes down? (Shubh-Shubh bolo 😛 )

Okay, let me start from the beginning. I am a married woman, and being a wife to one hell of the software developer, I have got so much time to spend alone at home. Well, obviously I did have an option to join a company as a content writer, but my preference is to work from the comfort of home; hence, a freelance content writer. Uh, yes, the internet thing, again.

Nonetheless, as they say, every human being has got their breakpoint, and so, I am a human.  You didn’t know that, right? 😛

Home Alone Time

Anyway, as a result of reaching my breakpoint, I got to discover some interesting activities to keep myself busy, while having no assignment to hold. So, buzz on, and find yourself a relevant fun activity(ies), apart from the internet, in the list discussed below.

1. Read

Spending time reading has been one of the most difficult tasks for me, till the time I did finally pick a book and decide to get it done. So, ‘I’ ‘feel’ ‘you’! I know how disappointed you (non-reader) are to read this first point but trust me once you dedicate yourselves to the book, the book will be all yours. It’s a two-way thing! Thrillers are highly recommended to start with.

2. Join A Class

This point would be recommended for someone like me, the one who has got way too much time alone at home. Joining a class, no matter whether it is about dance or music or art or anything, would not only help you with the skills but also the outer world. You can make friends and feel good while being away from home. Agree to it, it’s necessary to get out of your house! Don’t let it become some other office cubical for you.

3. Write

Well, I know not everyone is a writer and I need to stop throwing these writing and reading suggestions out here. But, believe me, this is not what you think it is! You don’t need to be a writer or anything, just yourself. Take a pen, paper and start writing about how you feel at the moment, or maybe how you want your life to be, or or how you can make your life better. Anything, just write your heart out! This will make you feel good.

4. Cook Something, Maybe?

Are you looking forward to adding one more dish in your “I Can Make” list? Well, this is the time. You can try and make a new dish, on your own, and maybe surprise yourself; um, as long as you know the recipe to it. 😛 Anyhow, you can do it now, search the recipe, note it down in the diary and wait for the internet to stop working. 😀

I myself, am not a big fan of cooking, but I anyway try to add some new dishes to my menu which kinda makes me feel proud of myself.

5. Talk To Yourself

Talking to thyself is considered as one of the best remedies to every other problem on this earth, uh, as long as you are talking positive. So, go on, give yourself some attention and figure out the best solutions, because, obviously, you cannot find any other expert but yourself. 😉 This is a must-try, people; trust me, it works.

6. Try Something New

It is never too late to explore a new talent within. No matter if you are a housewife or what, do not stop exploring yourself. Being home alone brings you an opportunity to try some new activities that might turn out to be a lot more fun than you imagined. Considering myself, I haven’t tried any art or DIY in my bachelorhood but now. I find myself engaged in different activities like calligraphy and makeup and stuff. Well, obviously, I learned it from YouTube and Google, but it’s kinda astonishing to see yourself doing something different. So, come on, find yourself something fun to do.

7. Take a Good Nap

Hectic schedule is a part of almost every one of our lives, no matter whether a person is working at home or in the office. We have got no time to stop and experience satisfactory sleep in our daily lives. But this one moment of being alone and free at home can provide anything a person wants. So, the best option is to put on the pajamas, play some soothing music and enjoy the good night’s sleep. 😊

Home Alone Time

Wrapping Up!

So, that is it. I hope the write-up turned out to be a fun and helpful read for you people or maybe it was so convincing that you would now turn off your laptops and mobile phones to enjoy the solitude it holds within.

Just kidding! 😉 But do share your favorite pastime activity while the internet goes down, in the comments. I’ve got my eyes on the comment section 😛 Cya! Take care.

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