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It’s been 3-4 months since we locked ourselves in homes, away from people and Corona infection. But virus doesn’t seem to give up! In fact, every day we seem to have an increased number of infected people! Well, we aren’t gonna give up either. We might need to get out of our homes eventually, working, shopping, strolling and walking but we cannot give up, else make ourselves stronger, mentally as well as physically. How? By grabbing some immunity boosting foods!

Immunity Boost Up!

Boosting your immunity seems quite a task. I mean, I used to think that it was just something you are born with, something that you can’t change. But, apparently, I was wrong. Immunity depends upon the food intake. The smallest of food items in your diet can make or break the system.

Basically, the diet that you consider following right now, decides your future with Corona and many other diseases, maybe. Now, just so you know, I am not sure whether these immunity boosting foods can prevent you from catching corona. But they will surely help you cope with the symptoms, the infection induces. Okay, that’s what boosted Immunity system, actually does!

So, yeah, you’ve got to read this, because no matter how religiously you follow the preventive measures, sometimes it’s just meant to happen. If not, you at-least must be carrying a good knowledge about the things that might help coping diseases. Now, shall we be walking towards discussing some immunity boosting food items? Let’s go!

1. Yoghurt (Dahi):

Starting with one of my favourites, I mean in a way that I cannot help eating my meal without Yoghurt. Uh, yeah, that’s me! Anyway, Yoghurt as we all know, is one of the dairy products that makes it beneficial in providing a number of rich nutrients and vitamins.

Although, apart of that, Yoghurt is also believed to include “Probiotics”, which is in-fact a friendly bacterium found naturally in the digestive system. This bacterium serves its purpose on smoothening the digestive tract, hence resulting into boosting the immune system.

Not just that though, Yoghurt also works at its best towards helping one manage their heart health and weight control. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Broccoli:

I still remember how my father, out of nowhere, brought these small green trees in house one day. Boiled it in water and ate it, obviously after being disappointed on us for not eating anything healthy.

Now the irony is that here I am, recommending this same vegetable to, don’t know how many people, when I myself never ate it. But I’d still suggest you to include it in your meal. Because parents always know better, and reading the benefits of this lush green veggie, you’d know that too.

Broccoli is considered as a power house of nutrients with benefits of prevention from almost every disease out there. With “Almost every disease”, I actually mean almost every big disease. No matter if it is about digestion or the cardiovascular system, cancer prevention or the immune system, broccoli prevents it all. Well, why not? With a nutritional profile like this, anything would!

While carrying a quality of being high in fibre and vitamin C, Broccoli also has a rich amount of potassium, phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamin A and B6. Pretty awesome, right? This is maybe the first time that I have named so many nutrients in one go. I am seriously considering adding broccoli in diet. Let’s see!

3. Turmeric (Haldi):

If you are an Indian, you probably know the usage and importance of this one spice in our houses. Not just with curries and veggies, but also in milk and water. Also, I found it being used as an antiseptic to treat scratches and cuts, for its properties of being an infection resistant. Yes, this bright yellow spice is that effective.

Apart of being an antiseptic though, turmeric is also believed to behold an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which results into helping your body fight numerous diseases. Basically, turmeric is one of the most easily available immunity boosting foods! You can consider taking turmeric tea, which I didn’t know about, yet.

Also, it’d be great if you can consult your doctor before including it in routine, for the tea doesn’t tend to suit anyone and everyone.

4. Kiwi:

I have always heard kiwifruit to be the most beneficial and effective ones, especially for people with illness. I myself end up eating one, for whenever I feel sick or dizzy, and that’s all because of kiwi being enriched with essential Vitamins C & E.

Basically, while being a wound-healer, this fruit also plays quite a role in maintaining cholesterol level and immune system. Not just that though, kiwi’s skin also serves its purpose on flushing the nasty toxins out, resulting into the upgradation of heart’s health.

Along with everything mentioned above, Kiwi is also believed to be rich with magnesium that brings on a whole lot of energy level while improving the nerve and muscle functions. So, whether you like the fruit or not, just grab it and take it in.

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5. Garlic (Lehsun):

Garlic is another, one common ingredient used in almost every Indian household. Although while being an enthusiastic flavour to food, this is also well-known for its properties and benefits related to health.

With antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties in favour, this tiny ingredient can help people fight various diseases like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Also, based on the research, garlic doesn’t let one’s body catch any kind of cold and flu, resulting into its enhanced consumption presently, following Corona.

So, if you might not already be using this in food, start doing it now, for the number of benefits this ingredient beholds is outstanding. Crushed or sliced garlic is more effective than anything else as it enhances the allicin content present within, which results into boosting your immune system.

6. Ginger (Adrak):

I always noticed our normal tea altered to the Adrak wali chai (Ginger tea), for whenever winter arrived, with the only reason of it being good for health. I never cared to know, how, although, now I do.

Ginger, alike anything mentioned above is filled with the essential amount of nutrients and minerals i.e. Vitamin B6, magnesium and manganese. These nutrients work at its best towards promoting a good health and immunity, by reducing numerous problems including nausea, chronic pain and cholesterol. Also, it protects your body against diseases like cancer, arthritis and hypersensitivity, regarding itself one of the best, immunity boosting foods.

So, what are you waiting for? Add it in your diet and enjoy the benefits. You can consider using it in a tea or veggies or soups or hot/warm water combined with honey, which apparently treats you against cough and viral.

7. Green tea:

Here comes the national and world-famous solution to slim-fit belly, green tea. I never would have known this tea, had my mom didn’t brought it home. Although, she never made us drink it, for the only benefit we all have known regarding the tea was weight loss. Turns out, it has got few more in lane.

Being an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory property carrier, green tea brings out all the benefits ranging from protection against chronic illness to alzheimer’s, parkinson’s and cancer. In addition to that, you can also enjoy having an enhanced memory and mood, following the optimization of brain functions.

Oh, and here comes the masterstroke. Intaking green tea prevents your skin from ultraviolet rays, which eventually results into reducing the skin aging. Isn’t that amazing? A full fledge package to health and beauty enhancement. So, go one sip your green tea with a good book in hand.

8. Water:

Surprised? Me too. But following the fact that water is a solution to almost everything ranging from tiredness, dizziness, bloating and anything else, I somehow consider it to be acceptable. Water is life, has always been and so will it remain. But how does it help in boosting the immune system?

Well, the only answer to all the “how’s” is its capability to flush out the nasty toxins out of one’s body, while carrying oxygen to every other cell present inside, hence inducing the functioning. So, try including at-least 2 litres of water as a routine, for a healthy and a happy body.

If not, you can also consider drinking it as a lemon or mint water, which are as equally or maybe doubly beneficial as plain water.

9. Citrus Fruit:

This list cannot be considered done, without the mention of citrus fruits, which while being the colourful range turns out to be a natural source of Vitamin C. This variety includes everything from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit to many more. Intake of these fruits strengthens the immune system and hence helps the body fighting numerous illnesses, whether it be a virus or any intense disease.

Apart of that, citrus fruits are also believed to have some other nutrients including potassium, folate, calcium, thiamine, niacin, Vitamin B6, phosphorus, copper, magnesium and some more.

These fruits also bring you a whole lot of fibre which eventually results into aiding the digestion problems, keeping the body and heart healthier. So, get ready to juice up your diet with one of the most preferred range of fruits. I myself don’t like them much, but looks like I gotta!

Wrapping Up!

So, this is it! Although, in addition to the above-mentioned, chicken soup is also considered as one of the best immunity boosters. But, following my preference for vegetarian food, I’d rather be saying no to this soup. Well, there you go. Pick any or all of these immunity boosting foods and do yourself a favour with protection against the disease(s). Not only would these food items make you healthier, but also enhance your productivity while working from home.

Immunity Boosting Foods 2

I never thought myself talking about these topics, but looks like I am, and to be frank, it feels quite good and proud. Corona made me look for good in the things and food items, I never thought I’d ever touch or experience. That’s cool! Anyway, you take care and stay safe!

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