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KOD Cover

“Kingdom of dreams is one of the most fancied destinations in Gurugram, you should definitely visit there.”, well, the exact line, I heard on not finding anything else to explore in the city, but malls. So, it was about a month ago, when we (me and my better-half) finally decided to make a visit to one of the most popular places in Gurugram; actually, it was the second visit, the first one was in January 2019. Okay, so, to-be-frank, its beauty is certainly not a myth.

Kingdom of Dreams

The Kingdom of Dreams, or KOD, as they call it, is generally famous for its live entertainment theatre, featuring different musicals and theatrical shows. But we were more of the “Cultural Gully” people, reason being, the overpriced ticket (well-deserved, though) and having no interest in sticking to the seats for hours; no kidding.

Anyway, getting back to our cultural gully,

which is also known as India’s very first sky-dome; well, IT-IS-ADORABLE. I mean, I don’t know any better way to put this in words, but it felt completely magical to be there. Frankly, I was AWESTRUCKED!

Cultural gully has its name for a reason. The place is literally a mixture of different cultures from 14 states of India, namely Punjab, Chennai, Kerala, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Assam, Kashmir, Karnataka, Goa, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal. This air-conditioned, indoor gully offers you everything ranging from the state’s specialties in cuisine to its handicrafts and traditions, that you can enjoy with the money spent on its entrance ticket.

Let’s Talk the elegance!

Now, let me elaborate on the beauty of that place from the very beginning, or at least try, to express it in words. So, as we entered, well, my first word was, “Woaahh!!”; I literally had stars in my eyes. Being so caught up in the moment, I just failed to notice anything besides me, at first, but then my husband asked me to not miss out on the truck and the rickshaw on the right-hand side. Oh yeah, it was a Village-themed, Punjab’s stall, with all the specialties of that place, in food.

Now, as we took our step forward, I was back on track of being extremely thrilled. It was like I wanted all of the beauty, all of the magic and everything at that place to get buried inside my eyes, like, “aankhon me sama lena chahti thi”. But my husband made sure not to let me miss anything noticing.


Moving Forward

We saw a coach of the local train, with a shop inside it; yeah, definitely Mumbai. The coach looked cute, though. Oh, we saw a bus too, a pretty cute local bus from Mumbai having all the Mumbai’s specials in cuisine, at its left. We had a vadapav and a plate of sev puri, over there. They were delicious. In fact, everything that we ate there, was yummm, apart from a glass of chocolate shake and one “Gondkatira”, I guess. I mean, I didn’t like them.

Also, to be very frank, every food item is bit expensive for its quantity, but being the state’s specialties, they pretty much deserve it. Some of the food stalls were too luxurious to even get your eyes off them, such as Lucknow and maybe Madhya Pradesh. I didn’t get to see much of Madhya Pradesh. But Lucknow was definitely “something”. No, we didn’t eat anything there; the rates were too high to save some bucks for shopping and stuff.

Well, obviously, I had to shop, the goods were too pretty to ignore and not take them home. Moreover, it’s kinda mandatory to get something from the place you visit for the first or second time 😉 , it’s like a souvenir.

Oh, also did I mention the overbridge in culture gully? It is too adorable. Standing there on that bridge would give you a complete overview of the gully with sitting arrangements in midway, and the stalls. Getting a picture clicked over there is definitely a mandate. To be frank, the whole culture gully is designed to be a photogenic studio. You can have as many pictures as you want with different backgrounds altogether.  It is certainly a paradise for foodies and photo-maniacs. Well, I am the one and I know it.


Plus, the place also has one astrology section on the first floor. 7 or 8 different astrologers are sitting over there, in individual stalls. You can ask or discuss whatever and whenever you want to. I don’t think they have any time slots fixed for that. Rest, you can find out, or maybe I’ll update it myself, while I visit there, again.

The first floor also includes a gaming section, café, bar, and a shopping stall. So, yeah, this is one full-fledged entertainment package for a weekend.

About the entrance fees!

It costed us Rs. 600, per person, on weekends. For more information, you can check the official website at or find this screenshot below.

Pricing and Timings for Kingdom of Dreams

The best part about this place is that you don’t find your money being misused over here. I mean, come on, you can enjoy the food and shopping with the same money you spent on its entrance ticket. Moreover, you also get to refund the money you manage to save out of it (I am not sure about it, though). But where else can you see this happening? Well, I haven’t. So, it is a pretty big thing for me.

EEEPP!! I just missed the important part. We also had an opportunity to enjoy the traditional dance, from Punjab, yes, the bhangra. It was so much fun. All of the activities performed by the artists, the loud thunderous music coming out of the dhol and everything manages to create a whole different atmosphere inside. The artists perform them every day, I guess, for I got to see the performance both times I visited there. So, most probably, you can enjoy that too, around 4:30 or 5:00.

This is it! I tried to share everything, best of my knowledge. I hope it turns out to be helpful and convincing for you to visit there at least once. It’s a must visit for both the winter and the summer season. Do share your own experience at KoD in the comment section below. I am all ears 😀

Oh, by the way, the pictures shared above are personally clicked by me! Let me know, how did you like them? 😀

Lots of love! <3


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