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Lessons from 2020 Cover

2020 began like any other year with a plethora of expectations and adventures to look forward to. This was in-fact the first time I came up with the list of resolutions that pretty much included the books, writing and trying on becoming a better person! Just a second, actually, this is what I spent 2020 doing. Aha, looks like I pretty much lived my resolutions this year. That’s, something!

Anyway, let me begin it from the very beginning. Everything was fine, until March took in, the month that brought us all together and made us sit inside our homes. While hoping for the lockdown, rather Corona, to end, in a matter of weeks or months, I started reading books, writing articles and learning quite a number of lessons about life, people and myself.

Let’s discuss the books later, and move on with discussing the lessons, 2020 taught me. Yeah? It’s okay if you aren’t interested, I don’t expect you to, but, well, you know it might make you learn something too, apart of just washing your hands. Just saying!

Lessons from 2020!

So, you decided on continuing reading! Thanks. This isn’t going to be a lengthy one! 😉

1. Growing through Changes:

It’s pretty common to get comfortable with your life and routine in a way that you won’t want it to end or change. But turns out, change is constant and life is all about adapting to them. I am a person who had way different, rather careless, lifestyle than the one I am living through right now. Corona happened and every careless thing came to halt!

It sure became hard to cope through the changes, it still is, sometimes, but that’s life. You’ve got to let yourself adapt through the changes, life bring in, either within people or the atmosphere. Also, it doesn’t look that much of a terrible task anymore, for it makes me feel responsible and a little bit of grownup. Although, I’d still kill to get back to my life before lockdown, but whatever.

2. Keep yourself working:

You must have heard of the phrase so common “khali dimag, shaitan ka ghar” gracefully translated as “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Well, that’s in-fact, a fact! Lockdown brought quite a lot of idle hours to myself which would lead me to either feel saddened or worse. Life before Corona was no different in that prospect, although back then I had no stuff to torture myself thinking. So, I’d waste my time watching series or else.

Anyway, being through 2020, all I learnt is that sitting idly brings no good! You’d scroll through your feed, get into conversations, nudge onto each other’s life and end up being a bitch. You’d watch yourself becoming a person you don’t like! I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen, so what I figured out was to keep myself engaged with something I’d been ignoring for long, my blog, books and freelancing. Trust me, it starts getting better with you being busy, working not thinking.

3. Hold-on to the mantra:

Everybody has their own mantra towards life, the one that makes life go, somewhat, easy on them. I had it too! Actually, I have quite a collection of them, to name few, “Everything happens for a reason”, “There’s always something good behind everything”, “kuch to log kahenge (people would talk)” and some more. So, every time I find myself stuck, I’d console repeating my mantras. That’s what they are meant to do, right!?

Although, during this year, living inside my house, I found myself learning one more mantra towards life, stating “World isn’t black and white!”. There aren’t no good or bad people in this world, it’s in-fact a matter of time and situation one falls in! I am one of those who’d always think good as good ones and bad as worse, but that’s not how it works! We all are a mixture of both the white and the black, me too.

So, it’s better not to judge anyone else, because you are no different and seriously lead your life happily. It’s way too short to think over something certainly not as important as yourself.

4. Practice Meditation:

I’ve always been hearing the thing about meditation, about how it is one of the greatest things to let you get through the zig-zag paths of life. Following the lockdown and recent changes in life, I decided to give it a quick try, because why not!? Turns out, they aren’t wrong about the concept! I obviously didn’t experience an unspeakable wonder, but meditation sure made me feel satisfied and calm for those few amazing moments.

The only problem with people not trying to meditate is that they consider it something more of the master’s task. But, it’s not like that! All it takes for you is to sit, close your eyes and try focusing onto your inhaling-exhaling activity. It’d ease out everything lot faster than any medication or whatsoever. I am no pro, but trying this art is one real fun!

Lessons from 2020

5. Focus on things that are important:

I don’t know why, but we sure focus on something absolutely not important than ourselves. Although, is that appreciable? Obviously, not, we know that, and yet we’ll find ourselves focusing over something affecting our lives in a minimum way possible. Yours truly, being just the one, feel certainly embarrassed and bad about herself. Well, that won’t help! What actually would, is to know that there’s no person, none of them, as important as yourself. Sounds selfish, right? Well, that’s the rule!

You can’t be living your best moments while feeling like a shit inside. Accept yourself, give yourself a priority, give your closer one’s a priority. Let them know about something that makes you happy. It’s amazing to make or see someone else feel good, but the same applies for your case. Gift yourself some moments of love and happiness! Don’t let yourself fall behind while making someone else feel like a priority. That’s not how it should be done.

6. Overthinking is a key to disruption:

Say something and there’s a probability of me overthinking it for long. I can worsen things up in my mind and I am not proud of that. Not only does it make me feel disturbed all the time, I cannot find myself concentrate or be thankful and happy about certain things. Basically, it helps me ruin my day(s)! You might have experienced it too, if not, I am happy for you.

Although, if you do overthink, over different stuff, it’s time you should stop, me too. I am working on it! I do not intend to wake up and feel like a shit every day, and that too on something as unimportant as “Not me”! So, the only best trick is to keep it coming and hence leaving unaffected. There are moments when you’d break, but try getting up, for your own good!

7. Also, read:

Reading is not just an activity, but a therapy. It’d take you at-least a million miles away from the stuff going around in your head or surroundings. It has been no longer than few years when I started reading, but I am glad I did. I have an activity that can help me travel numerous places while sitting inside my house on bed. People are usually conscious about the kinds of books they read; I am too!

In-fact I was recently looking forward to adding more of the non-fiction books in my TBR, but for now, I guess, I am going to continue with the creative ones. Because, no matter what, they are helping me staying happy, calm and sane in my life. It’s time you should pick one too and then we can have a quick discussion on the kinds of books everyone like to read. I like thrillers, by the way!

Wrapping Up!

So, this is it for the lessons, 2020 made me learn! Looks like I’ve been a good student this year, for the blog turned out to be the lengthy one. I didn’t know, I had so much to talk and take from 2020. Well, anyway, 2021 is about to begin and I cannot be more excited considering how 2020 has been the worst and the best following different scenarios. Looking forward to grabbing some best moments in 2021! Fingers Crossed.

Enough of me! What did you learn from 2020? You might think that you have nothing, but trust me, you do. No matter if you are reading this in 2021, consider giving yourself a moment and think about the things that changed you for better in 2020. Now, see you next year! Have an amazing one! Do not forget to share your lessons in the comment section below 😊

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