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Funny how the most natural and miraculous thing (Menstruation) about women is considered nothing but taboo. Despite of the well-known facts about having no life and future left without a menstruating woman, she is considered impure! Ruining pickles to wilting tulsi plants to distancing yourself from religious places, there are a whole lot of myths around the world linked with menstruation to embarrass girls.

Basically, neither an infertile nor a PMS-ing lady is encouraged in this world! Oh, and when I say world, I seriously mean “the world”. Till now, I only thought superstitions to be an “Indian” thing, but it isn’t like that!

Superstitions aren’t always Indian!

Whether it be a Nepal or US or UK, Columbia or Poland or Philippines, Israel or Italy or Japan, every single country has got their own share of menstruation myths and facts. This is both astonishing and heart-breaking. I always considered foreign countries to be well-educated and modular, but looks like, I don’t know, this isn’t good!

So, are you ready to follow my words while we take a step ahead towards the myths and superstitions behind “that time of the month”? Okay, let’s get going!

Menstruation Myths and Facts Around the World!

1. Don’t wash your hair:


You must have heard the word already, at your home abode! Washing your hair while PMS-ing is considered as one serious myth in India. According to this, hair-wash in periods can lead woman end up catching cancer-like disease while she ages. Not just that, it is also believed to affect the blood-flow resulting into a problem with woman’s fertility later.

On the contrary, in some parts of India, washing your hair, the very first day, is crucial for it will help you having a thorough clean-up. What!


Whether it be hair or a body wash, neither of them links with your PMS cycle, not scientifically, at-least! So, with no scientific proof in hand, it would be preferable to keep your hygiene maintained while PMS-ing as same as you do otherwise.

menstruation myths and facts - Hair Wash

2. Tampons break Hymen:


This one comes from US and UK! Alike sanitary pads and cups, tampons are also used by majority of women around the world. Being pointed at front-end, the tampon is basically required to be inserted in vagina to collect the discharged blood. Following which, tampon is believed to break the hymen, a thin tissue covering in vaginal opening, that is believed to be the sign of “virginity” among people.


Hymen is a thin, real thin tissue. It could break while dancing or riding a bike, tampon has got nothing to do with that. Although tampon can maybe tear the tissue down, a little, but “breaking” isn’t a correct word.

Also, for everyone’s knowledge, it isn’t necessary for each and every girl to be born with a hymen. So, stop it already! Stop spreading these unethical menstruation myths and facts around the world.

3. Prohibited entry in Temples:


Being considered impure while menstruating, girls in most parts of India, aren’t allowed to enter the religious places. They are believed to spoil and contaminate the place with their presence.


Menstrual blood is as pure as any other with the only difference of it being discharged from the inner lining of uterus. While pregnant, this blood helps embryos grab nutrients and oxygen for the growth. In simple words, the blood you consider impure during menstruation, serves life, when pregnant.

4. Menstrual sex is unhealthy:


This myth took flight from Poland! According to the superstition, having sex with menstruating woman can kill a man. You’ve got to be kidding me!


Well, it isn’t like that! Not everyone likes to have an intercourse while menstruating, but in case someone did, then, for god’s sake, it won’t lead you to death. Although, practicing a protected sex is mandatory while on periods, for there might be a possibility of catching an infection during these days. But you aren’t going to die.

5. Hot water:


While most of us consider hot water soothing during menstruation, this myth in Israel considers it unhealthy for the time. Reason being its ability to cause heavy blood flow.


That is completely untrue, by the way. Placing a hot water bottle on abdomen can deliver you a soothing effect by preventing from any kind of discomfort and pain during menstruation. What else do you really want?

6. Cold water:


While Israel is talking about hot water being unhealthy, Columbia considers cold beverages to be a major reason behind period cramps and discomfort.


Now, this isn’t completely a myth, for I myself have been suggested to avoid cold foods for the time my period lasts. Having a cold water or dessert intake, while menstruating, can lead to period cramps and aches, much worse than ever before.

7. Are you PMS-ing?


Count it as a myth or not, but almost every woman has been asked this question since forever. According to this, menstruation can be a solo reason behind woman’s anxiousness and annoyance.


It isn’t true, alright. Being as normal a human-being as you are, we can be furious about many other reasons in life, whether it be a personal or financial. So, please, just stop assuming, and stop poking us on whether we are on “that time of month” or not, because if we did, we might have killed, instead of answering you.

8. Pain can’t be that worse, you know!


I don’t know how but some people literally compare menstrual pain with headaches and other.


It isn’t that normal. The pain is worse, worse than I or any girl can ever express! I don’t see you discharging blood from your body every month, so just, shhhh!

menstruation myths and facts - Cramps and Discomfort

Apart of the above-mentioned, there are also some of the funny yet rubbish Menstruation myths and facts regarding this period, like:

  • Getting slapped on your first period brings you gorgeous “red cheeks”, for almost all your life – Israel
  • You shouldn’t be camping while menstruating, for bears might smell the blood – US/UK
  • Washing pads after use is a necessity or you’ll be haunted by the ghosts – Malaysia
  • Don’t bath while on periods, for it might stop the bleeding which isn’t good for your heath – Argentina

And many more!

Wrapping Up!

These menstruation myths and facts are no good, instead they led women to not being able to talk about her periods. Not even if they are having problems during menstruating, which isn’t healthy. As a human being it is crucial for you to create an environment where everyone feels free and comfortable to be talking about anything and everything. It isn’t a shame anymore! No matter you are a father, brother, husband or a friend, let her know, you are there for her.

Take care and stay safe! 😊

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