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Online Sarojini Market - Cover

Being born and brought-up in Chandigarh, alright Panchkula, I never really had access to cheap clothing from Sarojini Market. I did hear a lot about the hub but having no close relative anywhere around the capital made me deprived of visiting it. Nice excuse but I might have not visited even if I had anyone in Delhi! I wish it was online, then.

Anyway, after marriage as I relocated to Gurgaon, the first thing I wanted to visit was the market. That’s not true, I wanted to see everything, Sarojini was just a part of my itinerary! Yeah, okay, but I did enjoy my first visit. It was like a paradise to me, for I could have a bunch of clothes in quite a small amount. Also, being a bargaining noob, I tried it there for the first time and what came out as a result was ama-zing! I don’t know, it was just fun.

Then, Corona Happened

Although, as year 2020 hit, the COVID-19 pandemic brought everything at halt! We had to get back to our roots, the hometown, for the corona situation seemed to be going worse in Delhi. It’s like the life took a quick break off all the normal schedules and outings, we used to have earlier. You feel that too, right?

Well, no matter how much we loathe it, we know we’ve got to live with it, which basically means living with the precautions against COVID. That includes:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Keeping safe distance from people
  • And obviously, avoid visiting crowded places

So, No Sarojini?

Does that mean we are not to visit or shop from Sarojini ever or maybe for a year and whatever? No, that’s not happening and Online Sarojini market is making sure of that, because it is for real. I didn’t believe it myself first, but then how can I not, with a live Instagram account dedicated to it!? Yeah, check it out at @sarojinimarketonline.

Push the PLAY button, to not miss out an instant live experience of your favourite Sarojini!

What is online Sarojini like?

Out of all the markets I could imagine having an easy access to, online Sarojini market made me the happiest. With myriad of clothes and varieties, online Sarojini market fulfils all our desires to being able to shop online for cheapest prices possible.

The only cons though, about this online store is “you can’t bargain” and that’s okay for we need to appreciate the deeds of a team behind the same. Not only do they risk visiting the market during these times, but also keep us from catching the virus by not being there.

Moving over, the price range on this page is quite a bit higher than what you’d get at the market, but worth in comparison to every top-notch site you’d be spending your money on. So, I guess, you’ve got to check the store out. In consideration to the quality of clothes though, all I can say is I’ve been following the page for almost a week and the customer reviews so long are genuinely convincing.

I myself would have placed the order if they had service open for all over India, but people from Delhi and (now, Rohtak too) can grab the advantage. Don’t be disheartened, for they’d reach every state and region pretty soon! Till then, follow the page, regard the collection and wait for your chance to be able to place an order.

Quick Update: @Sarojinimarketonline is delivering Pan India, now!!!

In the meantime, consider making arrangements for online payment, as online Sarojini market doesn’t support COD (cash on delivery) option. And, following the pandemic, I guess that’s wise. Yeah?

How to place an order?

Placing an order is quite easy on this page. All you’ve to do is take a screenshot of all the things or clothes you wish to purchase and send it over via DM to @sarojinimarketonline with all your details including the name, address and contact number.  Make a payment and the next thing you know is your order gets confirmed, now sit tight to grab your package in no more than 3-4 working days! Isn’t that amazing?

Also, the shipping charges of Rs.60 would be applied on every order! That you can do, for the one thing you are craving right now, correct?

Wrapping Up

Get yourself going now! Follow the page and see your favourite market making deals online! Also, congratulations, for there is one good thing happening in 2020, finally! I know you are happy, me too. Put on some music and dance after you follow the page 😀

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