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Perks of being a bride Cover

The D-Day! Nothing on this earth can feel as special as the day of the wedding. Isn’t it? I mean, it’s like you, being a BRIDE, are the princess of your own small world. People are running around you for different reasons, nobody wants you to miss upon the meal or anything else, you are going to look at your best with an incredible wedding dress on, you would be the center of attraction for anyone and everyone in the function. Seriously, isn’t that amaaaazinggg!!!?? No Perks, attached!

Perks of being a bride

That’s what every unmarried girl would imagine the D-day to be! In reality, the wedding Day has some perks too, especially for the bride, or maybe both, the bride and the groom. Caution: The post is not recommended for weak hearts. 😉

Okay, first things first, Hello, to the readers! If you happen to be an unmarried being, then please don’t get disheartened as I am not here to spoil your dream of having a fantasy wedding. The post is all about the considerations that I have got to discover while being a bride, which might turn out to be helpful for you as you prepare for your own wedding. So, let’s get going!

1. Don’t touch your face:

This point would be appropriate for the person having no interest in applying any kind of makeup before marriage, e.g. Me! Makeup used to include nothing more than a Kajal and a lipstick for me. Basically, all I used to be concerned about at functions was not to scratch my eyes as that would make me look nothing more OR less than a witch to people.

But considering the perks, being a Bride, I had to apply this huge set of cosmetics over myself. I was not even allowed to scratch my face while feeling itchy!!! That’s not fair!!!!! Huh. Girls, please learn the art of controlling yourselves to not to scratch the face after getting makeup applied. 😐

Anyway, the good thing was that I actually looked different, beautifully different; all thanks to “Rajni Verma“. My mother couldn’t recognize me by the time she saw my smile in the marriage 😀 So, basically this 3-4 hour of long makeover does hold a capability to transform the girl into a beautiful bride.

2. Too heavy to handle:

I would be lying if I say that I didn’t like my wedding dress, my wedding Lehenga! <3 But I surely didn’t like its weight. Walking with tonnes of weight tied to the waist felt like nothing less than an athlete practicing for the game.

Not just walking, I was not even able to get that dress easily fitted in the car while travelling to my wedding place. It was a complete struggle but worth it. Actually, it was not the weight, but the beauty of art, that lehenga was holding. Whatever! It was extremely heavy and thankfully a one-time thing. With every step forward, I was getting reminded of the Newton’s law of gravity. Just kidding! I was excited to walk down the aisle and reach my man.

Sometimes, I envy foreigners for not having to wear those huge weighing lehengas in the wedding. It’s so easy for them.  Anyway, do not forget to choose one light-weight lehenga girls and it’s okay if you didn’t get one because no matter how heavy it gets; this is going to be special for that one day!!

3. Forget Water:

Consider this as one of the biggest perks of being a bride. As I already said, the wedding dress tends to be a lot heavier than it seems, which basically reduces your chance to be able to pee during the whole wedding function. Oh yes!! You’ve got to walk a million miles away from any kind of drink, otherwise, you know the results.

Although, it’s good if you can find yourself a solution here but in my case, there was not even a slightest chance to be able to use a washroom. So, ladies get yourself prepared for the whole “Stay-Away-From-Liquid” pledge on your big day. However, you might need to enhance your water intake after marriage, but try and keep it to a halt for your D-day!

If it is impossible for you to stay away from liquids and everything, then please do not forget to have a good plan prepared to handle the problem.

4. Keep Smiling:

As we all know, the wedding is all about, the bride and the groom, not just to the people invited to the wedding, but to photographers too. Basically, this is one of those fantasy (for some people) days when you will be “every time” followed by a person with a camera.

You are going to be hearing a “shutter” sound following every action of yours, lots of people would be waiting in line to get clicked with the couple, and you, being a bride or a groom, no matter how tired you are, got to smile.

Being photogenic won’t help you either, trust me! I am one of the greatest photo-freaks, who consider DSLR’s as nothing less than a God (Ye Zyada Hogaya, but anyway). Well, my wedding day made me hate these cameras (I don’t, now).

I mean, there literally comes a time when you couldn’t stand these cameras nor a cameraman. Oh yes, you do get tired of their supervision on making different poses and everything. Abey yar, nahi karna hai merkoooo!!!!

Anyway, Girls/boys, please get ready to feel a little pain in your cheekbones, while you smile, a looooooooooooot!!!

Perks of being a bride

So, these are some, four of the perks of being an “Indian” bride or groom. There might be some more that I am not able to recall right now but will surely share them later on.

Are you married? Have you experienced any of the facts mentioned above? Maybe you can share your experience with us or suggest some more to include here! Do comment, I am keeping an eye upon the comment section. Lots of love. 🙂

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