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Everyone wants to earn some extra bucks besides their job, and working from home turns out to be a perfect opportunity for the same. Following which different apps are also being introduced in the market, e.g. the one I am talking about in this review, Meesho. Working from home has caught a huge pace for a while, with freelancing being one major resource. People offer their skills to the one in need and earn money out of it, including me, yeah, a freelance content writer.

Nonetheless, there are some people who do not hold the capability to offer as much time as freelancing might need due to the hectic schedules, e.g. housewives or employees (it could be anyone); fetching ‘Reselling’ into the frame. To be frank, I never really heard of the word before actually, sipping this “Cup of Tea”.

I mean, I noticed people sharing products and everything on Facebook, but never really able to figure out the main criteria behind the whole thing. So, one day, I finally managed my guts to talk to a stranger about the process and hence, “Meesho”. I was so amazed to hear about the app that the next thing I remember is installing and learning to use it.

For the starters (Review for Meesho)

The app is definitely a paradise, with all kinds of products in the lane featuring different categories, no matter whether it be jewellery, footwear, clothing, electronics or households. Yeah, you can sell anything and everything with your margin added up in the original price mentioned over there.

Here are some screenshots featuring this “Work from Home” app.


Moreover, the app also features some tutorial videos on how to use Meesho and make money out of it. Basically, you would face no problem with anything while being new at this “Work from home”, business.

My Experience with Meesho

Well, having this app in hand felt nothing less than paradise at first. In fact, meesho made me bring my freelancing business to a halt, for all I wanted at that time was to make it work. I can actually blame this app for my procrastination towards this blog.

Anyway, moving forward, everything was going well. We (me and my sister), worked out on a plan about how frequently the products must be shared among people on WhatsApp and Facebook. Groups were managed with target clients and all. All in all, we were happy for it to work out in a much better way than we imagined.

I mean, we didn’t make much money, but who would expect to become a billionaire in just two-three months? So, we had our hopes placed, considering it as a process with slow success.

Here comes the bummer!

Please do not skip, for this would be the most important part talking review for Meesho. After 2 months or so, we started receiving complaints about getting the wrong product delivered; not just once, but quite frequently.

The “Return & Replace” feature, however, made it possible for us to get the products back, their home. But, as they say, returns are not good, not for the business at least, hence we had our first step-back. Anyhow, we continued using the application because businesses are all about struggles and we wanted to make it work.

Complaints were constant, for sometimes it was for the quality and then for the wrong product. But not before long, we had another category of complaints about not being able to receive the product at all. I checked for the product’s live status and what I found was horrifying.

Meesho Order - Review for Meesho

Not being able to deliver the product at the scheduled date is comprehensible, but not delivering it at all, is too much. This was high time. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I complained about the issue via email to the Meesho support and all I received at the end was this.




Complaint Mail - Review for Meesho
Complaint Mail
Reply from Meesho Support
Reply from Meesho Support

It was unbelievable. Which client in this world would appreciate, firstly, not receiving the product within scheduled numbers of days and secondly, wait for it to reach after another 7 or 10 or don’t know how many days!!?

This was it! At this moment, I knew this isn’t gonna work. So, I quit! Although, my sister still keeps a track on their products update and certainly complains about finding nothing new. Well, obviously, for this kind of business to work, you need quality products with services. You would not like to ruin your name for the fault an “App” would make.

Pros and Cons of Meesho

To sum up, here are the pros and cons illustrating the Review for Meesho “The Work from Home App”, quite perfectly.


  • User-friendly, very easy to use
  • Works well for the first 1-2 months, so collect the money while you can.
  • Featured Video guides through every obstacle a person might face while being in the process of setting up.
  • You definitely get the money you earn.


  • Some products turn out to be really bad, quality-wise. Except for the jewellery, it’s pretty acceptable.
  • Original prices are too high to add margin and sell. I know, I didn’t mention it earlier, but consider this as one of the biggest cons. There is no point left to resell a product with no space to add margin into it.
  • Delivery services are not that good.
  • Wrong products can be delivered.

This is it on the “Review for Meesho”! I cannot recall any more pros and cons but would let you know in case I did. So, you can give it a try, if you still want to, but what I would recommend is to find some other reliable source for your success. Happy Reselling! 😊

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are totally personal. Thank you!


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