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Falling in love with reading is not as easy as it might seem, and I know that. I am the person who never agreed on committing herself to books. I mean, I did like stories but reading a book, whole way down to the last page seemed like a challenge to me. On the contrary, although, I always had an urge to be able to read a novel someday.

So, I started, rather tried practicing it with my brother’s Class 11th or 12th or maybe 10th novel titled “The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank”. I miserably failed and realized I’d never be able to read one, ever. I tried reading love stories in college library too, but all in vain. Although, despite of that, I would find myself standing gazing at novels to pick and take one home; so, I did.

My First Novel Purchase

It was in 2016, I guess, when I finally brought my first novel home titled “The girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins”. I kept it in my cabinet for almost a month and then made myself finally read the novel. It must have taken 2-3 months to complete it, but it was worth it. It felt good, for being able to read complete novel and by now, in 2020, I have read around 15-20 novels till date. Isn’t that awesome? For a former non-reader like me, it is.

Now, why am I discussing my life story in here? We don’t do that here, right? Right, but I wanted you to know that if I can, then you can too, unless you don’t want to. Being able to read a novel isn’t a rocket science, for as long as you know the secret/tips for reading a book. Well, what’s that? Let’s find out.

Secrets Revealed

1. Keep it slow:

First and the foremost tips for reading a book is keeping it slow. The biggest mistake I ever made while reading is trying to complete it ASAP, following other book readers and lovers. What I failed to understand earlier is that everyone has got their own speed! As a new reader, completing major part at once would do nothing but make it dull, and un-enjoyable.

Moreover, you won’t ever be able to consider a book as your friend, but a responsibility that demands to be done with. Well, that’s not how this is supposed to happen. Take it slow and enjoy the book while you read it.

2. Look for Book Reviews:

Despite of having no knowledge about genres, picking up a new read became easier with huge number of book reviewers around. Isn’t it? Book reviewers prevent us from being a complete oblivion while being at the library or a book shop. We at-least know what we could expect from an author or a specific book written by the one.

No matter what situation you are stuck with, book reviewers can help you out with almost every novel-related problem. Also, did I mention it or is it already clear that they also help a newcomer out with the books to start with and everything.

3. Explore your interests:

As same as the career, we are expected to pick a read that benefits us, in one way or another. Well, that’s not how it works! It is mandatory to only pick the novel we enjoy reading, no matter if it’s a fiction or not.

For example: I prefer thrillers, motivational and fantasies upon lovey-dovey, classic novels, so I would only be picking Stephen king, Robin Sharma or Amish upon Jane Austen or Durjoy Datta. I am although exploring my interests and looking forward to adding some more genres in my reading list, but for the starters it would be great to fixate upon the one that keeps you gripped.

Also, you would not know that right away and might need to give 2-3 books a read before finalizing one. So, maybe you can start by purchasing a second hand book or grabbing one from library.

4. Make time:

One of the biggest excuses about not being able to read a novel is lack of time period. Well, whatcha’ doin’ now? I have been saying this for last 8-12 posts (I guess) and yet repeating again that there couldn’t be a better time than lockdown period to grab a new hobby! Rather than spending or wasting our time scrolling Instagram feeds, we might just use it for better by following the tips for reading a book.

Afraid of buying one following Corona Pandemic? Well, dear techie lover, use your mobile phones for online platforms like Kindle, bookbub etc. You can opt downloading a pdf too, for if you don’t want to spend your money just yet. I read my very first novel, the same way, titled “How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company by Varun Agarwal”.

5. Carry a Book:

Apart of lockdown period, it is important to look down towards the days that might include your office and college hours in between. When you’d be more involved with your normal activities surrounded by a normal group of people, with parties and stuff in lane. That time, you can opt of carrying a book with yourself, so as to be able to read it, for whenever you find a moment.

If not, you can also consider reading it before going to the bed, to switch off from digital world, an hour before sleeping. Not only would this help you fulfilling the resolution of completing reading a book, but enjoy a sound sleep.

6. Negate Distractions:

Now, I know it isn’t easy to conclude focused reading with all the things going around. But it can definitely be made possible by negating and avoiding all the distractions. While you decide to read a novel, make sure of choosing a comforting quite place to hang out. With no TV and laptop around, it would be easier for you to dedicate yourself towards one and only thing available, your book.

If you can, then do try switching your mobile phone off, for there isn’t a bigger distraction then social media nowadays. Trust me, you won’t regret following these tips for reading a book, else you’ll be amazed to have found a gorgeous new world inside books, which would not cheat you, by the way.

Wrapping Up!

Besides the above-mentioned tips for reading a book, you can also consider joining the book club and more. Having like-minded people around helps you stay motivated and interested in the activity.

That’s all. I tried my best to list some of the most effective secrets and tips towards reading. Had someone told me these earlier, I would have been a better reader than I am today. Anyway, I am improving and will continue doing the same for lot more years to come.

And you, my friend, I hope you understand the magic of books and how reading one can help you nurturing the best out of yourself. I hope you do. Happy reading! 😊

tips for reading a book

Stay indoors and take care! Also, my current read is “Dreamcatcher by Stephen King”. Don’t forget to share yours as soon as you start one. 🙂

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