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COVID19 Cover

Well, first of all, hello again! Its been a month, since I’ve posted anything on this blog, but that’s not what you need to hear, perhaps read, right now, for, it’s corona time! COVID19 (Corona), which came out as a grenade to the whole world, is one of the most life-threatening viruses initialized via China. Not only does it leave 4 lakhs and more numbers of people infected till date, but also convince people figure out the pastimes to survive lockdown. And that, you already know! If not, you can checkout live updates related to coronavirus cases on WorldOmeters.

Anyhow, seriously, none of us could have imagined an illness this worse to leave no escape but lock down. The more you distance yourself from the outer world, the safer you get. Following which, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has announced 21 days of lock down for people all over India, to prevent COVID19 from spreading, which in my opinion is a smart move, undoubtedly.

Pastimes to Survive Lockdown

But sitting at home all day is nothing but a challenge for us. We are as keen a kid to do nothing as told. No matter how much we appreciated the fact of staying and working from home before COVID19, now, this is all a bit of task. Isn’t it? Well, as you agree to the above-mentioned statement, do you realize that these 21 days might be one of those ‘chances’, you ask for, that can certainly be considered as pastimes to survive the lockdown?

Chances to:

1. Do something creative –

You know you always wanted to do it. Well, why not, now? You might end up creating a whole bunch of arts and crafts for your interiors, while this COVID19 approaches the halt.

2. Try out a new activity –

New activities are fun. Not only does they serve you a good pastime but also adds an extra bit of excitement to your work. So, go on, make this COVID19 lock down more fun while trying your favourite or, some new activities and pastimes.

3. Start with Yoga or exercise –

Keeping up with Yoga and exercises is not at all easy with daily life working routines, but now. (I am in love with the numbers of exceptions, these 21 days have brought to life 😉) Anyway, now is a good time to get the thing done. Schedule your life, in your own way. Exercise the hell out of these days and let it become a part of your daily life routine, for many more years to come.

4. Embrace a healthy lifestyle –

There “COULD NOT BE” any better time to do this, but now. You know, you can’t visit the eateries, you know you can’t get fast food delivered at your home (it’s not safe during COVID19), you know you can’t go outside. All you’ve got is fruits and vegetables. So, why not use this opportunity for the better? Who knows, you might end up seizing a good healthy habit towards life.

5. Spend time with your family members –

I know how much you love to drag your timeline up and down, but seriously, the whole day? You can’t have new updates for every other second, so get out of your screens and spend some time with your family. I am sure they would be having much interesting stories and updates than any page on Instagram and Facebook.

6. Help your Mom –

Remember, how you always did your best towards making her feel special on Mother’s Day? Well, do it now! Let her know, that you don’t exactly need some specific day to share her load.

7. Start writing or reading during this COVID19 Lock down–

Stacking up the books and not reading them is what every book lover does, including myself. Well, this could be the best time to do the undone. Read a whole bunch of books for as long as you are at home. This will give you a good reason to buy some more new books after the lock down gets over. You can also think about starting a blog of your own. What could be a better pastimes to survive lockdown than starting your own little column on internet?

8. Enjoy a peaceful sleep –

Well, I cannot say it any better but this could be your best chance to sleep as much as you want, as long as you are not stacked up with the office or the household tasks. Let yourself nourish, this lockdown.

Pastimes to Survive Lockdown

Wrapping Up!

So, eat, sleep, read, exercise, or do whatever the hell you want to survive the lockdown while staying indoors, but don’t, just do not even think of taking a step outside of your house. Birthday coming up? Celebrate indoors! Feeling suffocated? Take a stroll inside your house or on the balcony or the terrace.

Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands! Oh and don’t just abandon your pets, for there is no confirmation of animals being infected from this deadly virus. Hold yourself tight, we will get over this hard time together. Acche din zaroor aayenge! 😊


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