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The girl in room 105 Cover

Chetan Bhagat’s latest novel – The Girl in Room 105! Well, I haven’t really reviewed a book before, but now as I am falling in love with reading, I certainly see myself giving it at least a try. Consider this as a new beginning. Cheers!!

The girl in room 105

“The Girl In Room 105”

It is my first ever pick from Chetan Bhagat’s novels. Yeah, I haven’t read any of those “2 states” or “Half Girlfriend” or else. But I do know the genre of books, and obviously his love for IIT. Anyway, without further ado, let’s move on to the main concern of the article.

Carrying forward his love for IIT, Chetan Bhagat brings his readers a very well equipped, UNlove story with Keshav being the lead character. Okay, so the story starts with Keshav whining over his failed career and love life. Well, first of all, he teaches at an institute after graduating from IIT. I mean no normal person would expect that to happen with his career.

Secondly, he is in love with his ex-girlfriend Zara Lone, a Muslim girl, whom he happened to meet in college, and broke up, I guess, 4 years back. Reason being some caste and family issues; oh, did I tell you Keshav is a Hindu boy! So, he is now, basically a “Majnu” (crazy lover), who finds it tough to move on in his life, and leave the girl alone. Undoubtedly, like any other “majnu”, he stalks Zara on social media sites, calls her after getting wasted and whatnot, even when the girl doesn’t want him to, even when she has started dating someone else.

Turning Point

One day, out of nowhere, Keshav receives a text from Zara to visit her in the hostel room. Well, no Majnu, in such cases, would think twice to not to take a step forward. Excited about finally meeting the love of his life and that too on her birthday, Keshav reaches the room and finds Zara, dead. Now, this is where the story gets interesting as Keshav and one of his closest friends decide to unveil the murderer. So, yeah, this ‘is’ an unlove story with an incredible amount of thriller tadka (flavor) blended within.

Wrapping Up!

Any mystery lover would enjoy reading the book, as it surely holds the capability to keep one hooked till the end. I mean, I read it within 2-3 days, where I generally take a week or more to complete one book. Yeah, not a constant reader.

Well, that is it, I guess. It’s definitely a one time read, but worth it. So, do give it a try and share your experiences 😊  Have a happy day!


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