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Happy Diwali 2019

Diwali is almost here and I couldn’t help but get all excited about the festival or rather the season. It must seriously be renamed as a season for the changes it leads to. No, I am not going to talk about it here, or the post would be left of no purpose. So, yeah, you’ve got to read it. OMG, I couldn’t help holding the things I love about Diwali!

Thing I love about Diwali

Being one of the biggest festivals in India, Diwali is celebrated by everyone including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and others. I mean, I am not sure about everyone but being a north Indian, I always found people get all enthusiastic around the festival. No matter if they are Hindus or Sikhs or whatever, they would enjoy the festival happily.

In fact, foreigners also tend to fall in love with the day now, for the glory and pleasure it brings within, which is very much true, by the way.

Anyway, apart from it being loved and celebrated around almost every corner of the world, there are other reasons on my behalf to consider this as one of the most remarkable festivals or seasons ever.

1. Lights and Lights Everywhere:

While being in the junior classes, I remember starting the “Essay on Diwali” with “Diwali is the festival of lights”. Well, being a grown-up doesn’t change anything, because it really is a festival of lights. Houses, during this time of the year can be seen decorated with earthen diyas, candles and fairy lights. I personally love fairy lights a lot, for the magical vibes they hold within. You can literally find me glaring at the decorated houses, while walking onto the road, for it looks nothing less than a paradise to me.

The purpose behind lightening diyas and candles is believed to “remove the darkness” and “Win over evil power”, for this is the time when Lord Ram returned from vanvas (abduction) after killing Raavan. You know that already, don’t you?

2. Colorful Lanterns and Wall Hangings (Bandarwal):

Another best thing about Diwali, which I adore the most, is ditching those fancy décor items and glistening your homes with paper lanterns and bandarwals. Markets, this time, are stuffed with the varieties in wall hangings and others. And you know the weirdest part about these colorful lanterns and hangings? It is that while in a cluster, they can even make the smallest stall seem much more alive than ever.

I seriously loooove to walk through all the décor items, the candles, the lights and obviously the hangings in the market. It’s not about purchasing, it’s just about being there and enjoying the magic, although I did buy one.

3. Ethnic Vibe:

Yeah, you got it right! This is certainly the only time when everyone, every single person, plans on dumping their denim or cocktail dresses to look at their “ethnic-best”. With different palazzo suits to anarkalis to sarees, we girls tend to pick the best one of all, while boys look forward to wearing kurtas or sherwani or maybe the casual t-shirt and denim. Yeah, well, boys are lazy! Anyhow, I love this thing about Diwali, on how this festival can keep the tradition alive, let alone for the sake of social media.

4. Reunion:

Diwali certainly leads to reunion. Exchanging gifts and sweets among your loved ones is kinda part of the festival, which eventually brings pleasure to meet a long-lost friend or family member. Moreover, it brings a great deal of excitement to find a cluster of gifts forming at the side of the table. La la la la!!

Although, it breaks my heart to find a sweet box under wrapping! I mean, what were you thinking? I don’t like sweets, give me a gift!

5. Rangoli:

Ah, another favourite part! For the facts, Holi is considered as a festival of colors but guess what, Diwali includes the colors too, although, this time they are not meant for faces but floors. Rangoli is an important part of some of the main Hindu festivals like Onam, Tihar, Pongal and certainly Diwali, for it is believed to bring good luck. To be frank, I never really made a Rangoli before 2017, although the tradition always poked me on trying to make one, so I did.

Here is my Rangoli from 2017 🙂

Diwali Rangoli 2017

And, this is from 2018, after I got married 😀

Diwali Rangoli 2018

Here comes our (my and my sister-in-law) Rangoli from 2019. 🙂

Rangoli 2019 - Thing I love about Diwali

6. Cleaning (Diwali ki safai):

I am not genuinely at my happiest when I say this, but yeah that’s the fact. Ghar ki safai (home cleaning) is indeed a significant thing about Diwali.

You got to clean everything from the biggest to the smallest at your home, for you wouldn’t want to upset Goddess Laxmi and deny her visit. It is definitely an exhausting task, but worth it, because eventually it brings you an opportunity to find your long-lost belonging and reminiscing old memories from Photo albums.

7. Fireworks:

For the last few years, a major growth in pollution has turned out to be a serious issue, resulting to the prohibition of bursting crackers. Well, I wouldn’t consider this a wrong step, but crackers do define the festival of Diwali. I, myself, don’t fire any crackers on my own but I certainly like to watch the sparkles a rocket burst into. I mean, I don’t know if I am wrong or something but fireworks in limits can fulfill the Diwali Vibe too. But, obviously, we are humans, we can’t work within limits. So, yeah, the fault is all ours. Anyway, all I meant to say is fireworks is also one of the things I love about Diwali.  Looks like I can literally add love to each and every point including Diwali.

8. Click Click Click:

Now seriously who wouldn’t want to get themselves captured on camera with all the ethnicity, the lighting, the decorations, the rangoli, and everything else? Well, I wouldn’t miss a chance like this. So, yeah, the festival turns out to be all about the photos and the selfies at the end. Come on, you’ve got to post, and you can’t afford to get this much-decorated on a daily basis.

9. Advertisements:

As the festival approaches, your YouTube and television get stuffed with more of those Diwali-oriented advertisements and videos. They might not be very effective towards the festival, but ultimately adds on to the pleasure of Diwali. Here’s a video that I came across yesterday while scrolling through my feed. I liked it, so I thought of sharing it here because Baantne se khushiyan badhti hain (Sharing is caring) 😉

This is specifically for people who cannot visit their home, this Diwali.

So, this is it. Although, there is one more point of it being a beginning to the winter season, that I am certainly not very happy about. Well, it is what it is.

Happy Diwali, people. May your Diwali be as auspicious and blessed as you wish it to be. Also, do let me know the thing(s) you love about Diwali! I have got my eyes fixed on the comment section. See you! 😊

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