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Before Summer Ends - Cover

It’s September already! Feels too disheartening to realize that summer is going to end now, mostly, because we didn’t get to enjoy it the way we wanted. No outings, no picnics, all we did is to sit inside packed within our homes. Hey, thanks COVID-19! Anyway, winter is going to take over on us pretty soon, now. Yeah, just try blinking your eyes some time, I am sure you’ll be redirected to the November beginnings. But before that follows, let’s get our summer desires fulfilled!

I know it isn’t recommended to still get out of our homes, but we can sure do anything inside our comfort space. Yeah? Considering which I came up with this, sort-of bucket list, determining the fun summer. So, are you ready to check out the list, that might just present you the idea of enjoying your days before summer ends? Let’s get going.

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Activities For Before Summer Ends!

1. Outdoor Movie night:

I always found drive-in movie theatres interesting but didn’t get to see any in real life. Also, with COVID-19 breakdown I do not expect to discover one anytime soon! But the good thing is that we can still consider enjoying our movie outdoors, for as long as we’ve got a backyard or a terrace, maybe? You know you’ve got one! So, what are you waiting for? Sign in to your Netflix, setup the movie projector, spread the projector screen and let the movie marathon begin. You can also consider using a plain bed-sheet as screen. Thank me later!

2. Backyard camping:

When did you last visit the top-hill mountains spending your nights grooving around the bonfire? I can’t recall, although we (me and husband) did plan to visit this year, then COVID-19 happened! Anyway, here’s a plan. You can now enjoy camping while being at your home abode!

How? By setting it up at your backyard, terrace, or maybe, your living room. I know it won’t be able to give you the mesmerizing mountain view but come-on you have at-least got your Wi-Fi in hand, the thing you probably miss the most hanging around in the mountains!

3. Stargazing:

While most of you recall this from camping, I remember stargazing following my childhood days when we used to occasionally sleep at our terraces. Me and my cousins would spend night talking about the stars and universe. Also, we used to search for our grand-dad and end up finding him among one of the most shining stars. I am sure you’d have done the same or you were insane? Just kidding!

All I want is to let you know that you can still enjoy stargazing from your terrace or backyard! It’s awesome how penning this list down makes me learn the importance of terrace and backyard at home. So, before summer ends consider grasping all the advantages these two would be holding.

4. Pyjama Party:

Oh, how we craved hanging out in pyjamas all day! Looks like COVID-19 just heard that and made it possible for us to live inside our pyjamas for more than 6 months now! Don’t know how long would that be going! Anyhow, it’s time we celebrate what we’ve got, and pyjama is one of them! Don’t you agree? I know they have started seeming a little dull now but look at the brighter side of the picture!

Now, quit wasting your time lazing around, and throw one small yet blue-chip pyjama party! Make your family members wear one of the best pieces and dance your way around the house whole day. This sounds so interesting. I would have definitely planned this had I been at my home right now! Anyway, you guys, make it possible and celebrate your small pleasures!

5. Truth or Dare:

Here comes one of the most well-known games people play out of boredom! I’ve done that a lot during my college days! But all we did is to play it with our friends and not family members. Right? Although, this time following the pandemic, let’s consider playing this game with our mom and dad, yeah? Isn’t that an amazing idea? Not only would we get to have them doing some weird dares in list but listen an amazing set of stories and truths our parents would have been hiding just yet!

6. Learn sign language:

There is so much to know and learn in this world, but only few are meant for the groups especially families. Sign language is just one of those, an interesting activity that you can enjoy and learn as a family! Now, this might seem useless at first, but know how it’d help you as a person! Being not just a deaf language, it beholds a long list of benefits, literally!

So, go on, sign up for the language learning program or you can simply find a free one online! Look excited, I just gave you an activity that you and your family can enjoy and benefit from!

7. Start a garden:

How many of you thought of starting a garden and then just nudged the idea off following the shortage of timings? Me too! That’s okay though, for gardening needs proper care and nourishment as a starter, which is impossible to deliver while working our asses off every day and night! But now is the time.

We are at our homes 24*7 with complete freedom of doing whatever the hell we declined earlier. I know that majority of us are caught up on “Work from Home” jobs, but it’s manageable to make some time out of your schedule to look upon your small space of happiness and relief. I guess!?

Before Summer Ends - Small garden

So, what’s up with the delay? Get yourself going and setting up the garden before summer ends, for you aren’t going to be able to do that in winters! Also, this might turn out to be your escape from all the workload and stress! Order some of the best indoor plants online to get started already!

8. Wear bright nailpaint:

The one thing I like about summer is colours! Whether it’s a dress, an accessory, footwear or a nail-paint, each and everything determines a cheerful character of yours. It couldn’t happen this year, though! Year 2020 summers has rather been dull, in comparison to any other, but are we going to let it pass the same? Uh, no!

We might be sitting at our homes, but at home with Wi-Fi, that gives us an access to the outer world, allowing us sharing whatever we want via pictures! So, couple up with your mom, put on the nailpaint, share it with your friends or followers and feel good about not letting your summers go dull. Yeah? Also, don’t bother about likes, folks are too busy trying to cope up with the pandemic themselves. Try being happy on your own!

9. Inhouse fashion show:

Following my previous point about putting on the brightest of nail-paint, one can also consider organizing a fashion show in home! Whether it be ladies, gents or kids, everyone in the family needs to participate in the event. That’s the rule! Well obviously, everyone is sick of being in their pyjamas all day! So, get your dresses ready! This is the time you might look forward to experimenting your designing skills, just in case. If not, use the dresses you are craving wearing!

Not only would this make you feel good, but also give your summer wears a quick refreshment! I wish I could do that too, my dresses are stuck sitting inside my Gurgaon wardrobe. I will see you soon and probably wear you next summer, my dear colourful dresses! You guys, enjoy the benefit of being with your favourite dresses at home and let that fashion show be rolling soon before summer ends.

10. Reading Marathon:

Reading is fun! If you aren’t a reader and looking forward to starting with the hobby, this might be the best way to get it on with. Gather your family members, let them come up with their preferences in books, pick a day and get it started. Here’s a list of tips on reading! It isn’t necessary to complete it in a week or so. Take your time, no matter if it takes a month or more! Know that understanding and connecting with the book is more important than completing it.

You can also consider sharing your thoughts about every page and chapter you read at the end of the day or week! This thought-sharing activity makes your reading journey more thoughtful and enjoyable. For starters, you can also consider reading one of the most popular
Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life.

11. Summer Sports:

From basketball to badminton to football to cricket and many others, summer sports bring your body a good range of workout in whole.  I know, how it feels to not being able to play outdoor games with your friends right now, although I just miss getting out of my home, but yeah still. Well, this is how it is going to work right now, for as long as the pandemic lasts! So, best would be to make summer sports a family activity.

If not, you can consider starting riding a bicycle together before summer ends, for I have seen quite a lot of people cycling these days! Is this the same in all parts of India or just Delhi and Chandigarh?

12. Learn driving:

What would be a better time than right now to learn something new? I have been repeating this line from last 6 months, and that I hate, despite of the fact of being able to learn new things following the lockdown. Driving, being one of them! So, you can consider doing that too.

There couldn’t be a better teacher than parents, but it’d be great if you opt on learning driving from your well-trained sibling. Why? Just so you have an authority to hit them while they are bossing around upon you! Now, this might lead you guys fighting, but that’s what siblings do! So, chill out.

13. DIY Home Décor:

If you are anywhere near to being interested in art and crafts, then this might be your chance to create something awesome out of it! I am not asking you to be a pro, just know how to use scissors or glue and you’re good to go.

YouTube brings out a whole lot of channels featuring different DIY programs, all you need is to find one and get started. The best thing about the activity is you can opt involving anyone and everyone in the family. Moreover, kids love mess, in case you’ve got one!

14. Home clean-up:

With winter comes festive season and I hope you know what I am about to say regarding the same! Yeah, Diwali clean-up. This is the time your mom would be handing you a “ganda-kapda(dirty cloth)” to dust the dirt off! So, better start doing the task early, this year, before summer ends.

It’d benefit you for, one, your mom would be happy seeing you helping her in the chores and two, you’ll not be overwhelmed about the tasks-in-hand. You can also help your mom cooking, though.

15. Relax outside:

“Once upon a time, a pandemic happened bringing weekend getaways at halt.” That’s how future stories are going to sound like! It’s sad though. Weekend getaway is (was) the only thing helping us keeping going through the life with lemons and lemonades! But now, with that gone, I am just bored waiting to get out of my home, exploring new places or rather having golgappe standing at my sector’s famous cart!

Anyway, this shall pass! I am sure we’ll soon be getting out of our homes. Till then, let’s enjoy our weekends chilling out in the backyard with our small garden and swing chair at best. Let’s just take a nap there, meditate, enjoy the nature, and wait for everything to fall into place.

Before Summer Ends - Relax Outdoors

Wrapping Up!

Okay, so, that is it, for the list of things you might be doing before summer ends! These activities although can’t be considered as “Summer activities” at whole for, we can perform most of them in winters too! I know and yes, we can, only if we aren’t too lazy to get out of our beds in chilled weather! Come on, I know how people are going to spend this winter with quarantine going on.

So, go on, enjoy your remaining summers doing everything fun with the folks at home! I am sure you had your own plans, everyone had! But this time, we gotta do it differently. Also, who knows, you and your family might end up connecting your best at the end of pandemic! All the best. Happy Quarantine!

Let me know if you’ve got something else to add in here! Also, please share and subscribe to the blog for more interesting reads. At no additional cost to you, your subscription and share might help us serve you better! So, go on, hit the button! Thanks 😊

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