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Sibling love is the purest and yet the strangest. No matter how lucky do we consider ourselves to have each other, we’d never be able to let them know. Instead of appreciating, we’d prefer arguing and fighting with them! Not just that though, we too have got a whole lot of silliest nicknames to poke them with.

We’d fight and fight and fight for as long as our mom won’t threaten us smacking, and then we fight again. Isn’t it? Ofcourse, it is, although we also mean to stand fighting for each other, if needed. Yeah, that defines us, the siblings!

Anyway, thankfully we are blessed with a day that celebrates the relationship amongst us, Raksha Bandhan! During childhood days, although, we still wouldn’t have spent it appreciating each other, if it hasn’t been for our moms.

But today, we know we’ve got to, for no matter how irritating they may get, at the end, our siblings are the very best thing happened to us. You remember writing those cheesy “best gift from parents” line for him/her on their birthday, don’t you? Well, turns out, they actually are a best gift! Okay, whatever, but we still can’t stand telling them the love we carry for each other. It’s too awkward. I know, I know, I know!!!!!!!

Considering which, below are listed some of the items from Amazon that you might consider gifting your brother/sister, this Raksha Bandhan! You know you want to.

Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Brother and Sisters

I don’t know how and why the brothers have been gifted on Raksha Bandhan, for the day is all about sisters being pampered with presents and gifts, but whatever.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I might end up making a teeny-weeny money out of your purchase, with no extra cost to you! Thanks for understanding. 🙂

1. World’s Best Bro Mug (For Brother):

Oh my god! That’s so cheesy. You know your brother is going to have a same comeback, for as soon as you hand him over this mug. But maybe you can just afford this bit of embarrassment for all the love and care he shower upon you. Maybe? If not, you can just snatch it back and sip a coffee outta it! There’s certainly nothing wrong with using your sibling’s things, you already do that, and they have got to pay for their ungratefulness of having Raksha Bandhan gifts!

2. Rakhi-Mug Combo (For Brother):

Well, what do you think about this exquisite combo? I know COVID-19 has made it difficult for most of us to reunite with our brothers and families, but that isn’t gonna stop us from celebrating the most auspicious festival of all. Yeah? This lovely combo would not only deliver his most-awaited rakhi, but also the whole lot of blessings, compliments and love from your side.

Well, we sure don’t need Google, while having our brother besides. Ain’t that true?

3. Great Indian sibling Mug (For Brother/Sister):

Okay, in case you aren’t looking to purchase something dramatic and emotional, for Raksha bandhan gifts, the Great Indian Sibling mug might be your best escape! Remember how you both as kids always used to fight for remote? Well, looks like its too normal. I don’t know why my mom used to consider just us as worst kids. Mummy, everyone is! See.

Anyway, I don’t think you can find a gift, funnier and quirkier as this one!

4. Car heater mug (For Brother/Sister):

Enough of the sentimental gifts, why not consider gifting something useful. A mug that would remind your brother/sister of your kindness for whenever they find their beverage “still hot”. Yes, that is what this heater mug actually does! No matter where you are, it will keep your coffee/milk/tea as hot as a fresh one. Trust me, they’ll be thanking you every time they grab a sip out of it.

The mug comes with the USB cable that charges it up pretty easy!

5. Wallet-Belt combo (For Brother):

Wallet is undoubtedly, one of the universally well-known gifts for boys. While running out of the gift ideas for boys, we usually end up buying them a wallet and that’s what we are going to do, for one more time. The only difference being the belt, this combo offers. Also, in case you don’t know yet, this Raksha bandhan gifts combo is branded and if your brother seems like anything close to be a brand-fanatic, then this gift is just-the-best. So, go on and do your brother a favour!

6. Happiness Mug (For Brother):

Here comes, one more! Looks like I should have named this post as “different variety of mug-gifts your brother would love”, but anyway! This happiness mug is nothing real, for it isn’t a happiness but a life-long tease to have a brother taller than you. Or not? You still remember your brother teasing you with “Oh didi, tu to chhoti si reh gayi(Sister, you’re too small)” pokes, right?

Although, no matter how insulting it gets, we do love the fact that our brother is now a grown-up. Considering which, you can choose gifting a mug so cool!

7. Pen Stand Cube (For Brother/Sister):

Finally, something different from mugs and wallets, a pen stand cube. This cute pen stand would make its way through your brother/sister’s desk to his/her heart for it’d remind them of your love for whenever they look forward to grabbing a stationery. You already reside in their heart though!

Not only does it let them hold the pens and other stationery items, but also the mobile phone. Basically, with an extra space available for the mobile phones, they would not end up making it a coaster or a paper-weight anytime in future.

8. Funny Quote Mug (For Brother/Sister):

I am so sorry, but looks like they have got an endless variety of mugs for the niche and this one shall be my favourite. It’s funny and maybe the best thing you could consider gifting for the laugh of the moment. I remember fighting my brother for gifts, he would never hand it over to me for as long as mom wouldn’t catch him by ear.

Well, the mug signifies the same situation in the funniest quote ever. I love it and you’ll love it too. Check it out for yourself!

9. Activity Tracker Band (For Brother/Sister):

Tracking bands are trending like crazy. Almost every person nowadays, has got one, and it’s kinda cool for it helps a person track their physical activity throughout the day. So, why not let your sister/brother have one? It’s not just about these bands being helpful but they look way too classy when wore.

This Fastrack activity tracker does the same and might be the perfect fit for your brother/sister’s daily needs, especially if they are a fitness freak. Who isn’t nowadays?

10. Sling Bag (For Sister):

Now shall we be walking towards the variety of gifts your sister could be offered? Okay, let’s begin with our (girl’s) dearest sling bags. Unlike any of those typical sling bags, this variety offers a unique style, a modern art loved by almost every stylish woman, nowadays. A girl can carry it for not only the casual but fashionable purposes too, with enough space to hold almost every needful item.

Seriously, buy it now, your sister is going to love you and thank you for like every time she gets complimented for the bag. Go, go, go!

11. Classy Clutch (For Sister):

Clutches are every girl’s second favourite thing to be having in wardrobe, for not only does it look classy but speaks fancy of the person holding one. And this clutch, is my personal favourite. I actually fell in love with this piece for as soon as I found it on Amazon. Black is almost every girl’s colour and the way this clutch is designed sure makes it look an exquisite piece of all.

So, what are you waiting for? Get directed to one of the best purchases. You’re going to thank me later!

12. Tiny Jewellery Box (For Sister):

If not anything else, you might consider doing your sister a tiniest favour by buying her this cute little jewellery box. Now, you must be having a doubt about throwing your money on this product, but trust me, being a girl, I’d suggest you buying this, for we love jewellery boxes and that too with cute tiny pandas printed on it.

Your sister might look like a lady hunter to you, but she definitely has got one soft corner inside. Grab this golden chance to find that corner by gifting her this cutie!

13. Best Sister Mug (For Sister):

Now, being a brother, I know it is too difficult for you to showcase your emotions. Considering which you can let this mug speak for you! This “best sister mug” is everything you are looking for delivering your emotions and sentiments to your sister. I know this is toooo cheesy, but what’s wrong with showing a little bit of love in mid of all the fights and arguments and poking. You can do this, trust me, and moreover, your sister deserves it, no matter if she anyway ends up teasing you for purchasing this.

14. A good book (For Brother/Sister):

Here comes the last, but definitely not the least of all options. If you end up liking nothing up above, you can consider gifting your brother/sister, a good book. Doesn’t matter if s(he) is a reader or not, give them something to begin with. Consider choosing a book from the genre they like the most, whether it be a thriller, romance, classics or anything else. You sure know their interests, right? If not, take an idea from the kinds of movies they like watching.

You will surely end up finding the best book of all! I am putting up the link to “Alchemist” because almost everyone loves it, kinda.

Wrapping Up!

So, that is it! I tried my best to come up with the best variety of Raksha Bandhan gifts for both the brothers and the sisters. I know I should have made a separate post for both categories, but anyway, I didn’t want you to be late with choosing and ordering a gift for your sibling. So, go on, choose the best of all and make your brother/sister feel happy, for a day!

Let your fights keep your love living forever!

Also, do let me know how do you like the ideas? Did you find something worthy of being gifted to your sibling or not? I am curious!

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