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Corona pandemic took a huge toll, not just upon our lifestyle but health too. While we thought on staying as active and healthy working from home as offices, being inside our homes, made us grab a series of bad habits. Binging upon our favourite Netflix sitcoms, crunching on a set of alluring snacks from kitchen, working long hours sitting in an unsound position and everything else contributes towards the same.

We are going to miss that as soon as we get back to our normal schedules, which by the way, isn’t too far in future, hopefully. It was all perfect. I know, having not a thing to entertain ourselves with, binging and munching and sitting their tapping onto those keys making a sound amount, seemed like a perfect plan!

But, now would you be okay carrying that unapologetically good weight gain and comfort to office premises as well? I sure hope, you don’t! So, maybe it’s time to get yourself office-ready already by following these tips to stay healthy working from home. Let alone offices, you can’t just ruin your health for the comfort you might lose sooner or later! Yeah? Well, why not bring your working-from-home body on track? No excuses.

1. Dedicated Workspace:

As useless as this point might sound, finalizing a workspace can in-fact prove out to be a productive add-on. How? Well, considering how this particular space is supposed to include no distractions or interruptions, it can help you stay focused towards the task.

Now, it might be possible for you to have no such room to finalize from, but a little creativity can take you long way. All you have to do is take a quick scan of your house, find a small space and claim it to be your workstation for as long as the offices doesn’t open. Hence, you are good to go!

Also, the space should not include the bed or couch, for they must only be fulfilling the purpose to chill and doze-off!

2. Schedule your Tasks:

Now, I don’t know about you, but this “schedule” word, manage on giving me chills! From the very beginning of whenever I heard, rather understood the word, I tried to make myself a routine during school days, but all in vain. No matter what, I’d never keep up with whatever I decide working on.

However, choosing freelancing made me learn the importance of having and following one. Okay, I might not be as good with my schedule but sure understand on how it’d help you keep up with your tasks and free time. Who said, it’d be easy? But did I just say, it’d be worth it? Sure, as hell!

Working from home is nowhere near to the fixed office hours, but you sure can have it all managed with a proper in-hand schedule! Also, you’d save yourself a trouble of overworking, letting you stay healthy working from home.

3. Take a break, grab a kitkat:

Okay, grabbing a kitkat might do no good, but taking a break would! It’s pretty common for a person to burden themselves with office tasks, because how else would anyone understand your sincerity towards work! Right? Wrong! It’s never wise to let your office tasks take over your peace.

Grabbing a small break once in a while is very much important for not only your physical but mental health as well. Nurture your mental capability so well to be able to end up productive and not exhaustive towards work. Please realize, that being a “work-from-home” person, you now have to be your own boss. So, be the good one!

Assign yourself some real-time tasks, don’t overburden and give yourself a break. You are a human being, not a robot!

4. Stay Hydrated:

I am assuming on not needing to lecture you over the importance of water in life! You already know a lot, don’t you? Sure, but you are probably too old to grab a bottle, once in a while. No? Just lazy, then!? Well, this might be the best time to not let your laziness take over, for being hydrated is as important as food to get going with your desire to stay healthy working from home.

It sure isn’t easy to keep track of your water intake while being all occupied with work, hence you might opt on letting a mobile application help out. Numerous apps like Hydro Coach or Aqualert can help you keep hydrated for free, by poking and reminding you to drink a required amount all day long.

Stay healthy working from home - Drink Water

Now, fill that bottle up and keep it close!

5. Exercise and Stretches:

Exercise is once and for always considered a first step towards healthy lifestyle or routine. Everyone knows that, but we are either too occupied or too lazy to find those 15-20 minutes of stretching and meditating. Yeah? But guess what? This procrastination isn’t gonna help you long way.

If you aren’t anywhere near to wanting yourself end up on hospital bed, well, pick that yoga mat and give your fitness a chance! You sure don’t have to be all athletic about your yoga positions, keep it simple and meditate your way towards the day. Also, do not forget carrying out some stretching exercises while being on your working desk, for it might keep you from feeling any kind of pain and strain.

6. On-time meals:

One of the major work-from-home advantages is being able to snack upon anything anytime, which most probably includes the junk food and candies. Right? That’s okay, we are all guilty of such pleasures. But these small treats can lead on to some drastic unhealthy results, because, if you remember, junk food in excess doesn’t bring no good!

It most certainly, tastes good, but might leave no space for other healthy snacks to fit in. Let alone some fruits, you won’t even be grabbing a well-prepared meal on time. So, maybe do yourself a favour already and try keeping your cravings at bay by replacing the munches and candies with healthy alternatives.

It is only the good intake that might help you stay healthy working from home and hence deliver the stamina and energy for work.

7. Well-managed Sleeping schedules:

It’s pretty common for a person to doze-off anytime they want while being at home. In-fact, this might be the reason many of us loved to have our office shifted at home, for it presented us a privilege to binge upon Netflix for as long as we wanted at night. Well, we kinda deserved that!

Although, now maybe it’s time to try getting back on track with a proper sleeping schedule maintained. Having one brings you a whole lot of benefits including a fresh morning and sorted mind that automatically leads to boosted productivity. A satisfied 8-hour sleep can help you with not wanting to take a quick nap during free hours, making you available for a nice walk instead.

Wrapping Up!

So, this is it for the tips to help you, my friend, stay healthy while continuing working from home. I know you don’t feel like doing anything mentioned above, because we’ve become that lazy, but you’ll feel a lot different once you start, trust me.

Also, I’d not want to miss this opportunity to mention a point for reading! It’s soothing, refreshing and might turn out to be a best option to fill those gaps between meetings.

Stay healthy working from home - Reading a Book

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