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Packing your Summer Closet

Unlike Chandigarh, Gurgaon turns out to be pretty late with winters. While everyone back home has already welcomed the season with woolens, I am here, spending my days enjoying the remaining summer. But looks like, happy days are almost over, for winters are now ready to push the door open and well, I couldn’t help but panic. Not only for the unknown grudge I hold with the season, but also because I have to get my colorful summer closet replaced with the winter’s woolens.

While being a bachelor, I never really cared about getting all the stuff packed and unpacked, for mom used to take care of it all, but now.


Summer Closet

Well, being a newbie, I found it beneficial to discover some helpful tips online so as to be able to do it properly. As I’ve got some, I considered sharing it with many other newbies out there. So, shall we begin?

For The Starters

Packing your summer closet is quite a task. You cannot just pick and throw them in a container or wooden box to use whenever you need them again because let’s recall the fact that they are going in, for long. And storing your sweaty tops or stained jeans for almost six months can lead onto a damage, for it’s nothing but a treat for moles.

So, would you like to store it, in the same way, only to find it unusable next summer? I sure hope, you don’t.

Hence, here are some tips, rather steps to follow towards packing the summer closet effectively.

Sort out your Summer Closet:

You can start with vacating your complete summer wardrobe on the bed or the table. While creating some mess in the beginning, this step brings you a clear view of each and every dress you own and wear. So, get ready to do some closet editing.

It’s definitely not easy to throw your dresses out knowing the amount of money you spent on them. Following which here are the questions, or rather a single question, you might want to ask yourself.

“When did I wear it, the latest?”

If you can’t remember wearing the dress from past season, know that you will not be wearing it at all, in the next. Hence, you know the donatable(s).

Laundry time:

After getting done with the sorting, you can now take a step ahead towards the storage of summer wearables.

Check each and every cloth for the stains, hole or the dirt and be ready to wash the one that needs to. Do not ignore the importance of washing clothes and drying them before storing, unless you do not want to wear them again.

Storage Supplies:

Finding a convenient storage container for clothes is as much important as washing them. Not only does it ensure their survival through the season but also prevents them from any kind of pests or mildew.

When it comes to storage, we usually end up thinking to bring those cardboard boxes in use which might be by now kept unnecessarily. But that’s not what you would like to do, for cardboard boxes are more vulnerable to the pests and I love my clothes; well, everyone does.

So, what can we use as storage?

Fabric storage bags, unused luggage, garment bags, plastic containers and anything that does not involve glue or moisture can be used as a suitable shield for your summer wearables, this winter. All you have to remember is to clean the storage bag before stuffing.

Big “No” to plastic dry-clean bags:  

Fancy clothes need dry cleaning and dry-cleaned items need to be removed from the plastic bags before storing.

People usually consider dry cleaning bags in storage for it holds the cloth properly, but what they always forget is that these bags trap moisture that can result in leaving the clothes yellow stained. So, make sure to not fall for the trap of using it as a packing bag because it may destroy your summer closet for real.

Storage Areas:

Lack of storage area has always been a problem with rented apartments. No matter what you do, the house will always fall short of storing things, especially seasonal clothing.

Storage area for Summer Closet
Picture Credits: Unsplash

I know, I am living in one. Hence, all we are left with is either to slide the bags inside the bed or to climb them over on the topmost shelf of the house. But whatever you choose, do, make sure to get rid of all the dust or the dirt in that area before storing. It will protect the clothes from any kind of damage and keep them as fresh as new.

Wrapping Up!

So, discussed above are some of the steps towards storing your summer closet effectively. As I wrote the blog, I found myself recalling the moments from home where mom used to do it almost the same way, as it had been described above. Now, that makes the tips, quite genuine.

Anyway, here comes a pro tip from mommies:

You may have found people suggesting using pest repellent with clothes while storing, e.g. mothballs. Now, I don’t know if it works better that way, but according to my moms (maa + Sasu Maa), mothballs end up leaving this weird phenyl smell in clothes, that doesn’t go, even after the wash. You can instead use some cedar wood, but make sure to not allow it having direct contact with your garments.

Hopefully, the article helps you throughout the process of storing and packaging. Good luck 🙂 and, alright, “Happy” Winters!

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