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Me-time in Lockdown

Daily life schedules and chores, nowadays, or as I might say before lockdown! It has made it quite a little harder for all of us to have barely any time left for ourselves, or even our loved ones. COVID-19 pandemic, although, has brought us all a chance to spend an unlimited quality time with our families. But it surely took our “me-time” away! Every Indian teenager and adult would know the story behind this.

With our parents and siblings at home (all-the-time), the only thing we can think about is, well, nothing. Constant nudging and household chores, combined with work-from-home office tasks left no window to do or think something for our own good. All we can consider doing is getting done with the tasks assigned and wish for this lockdown to end ASAP, isn’t it? Tell me, if I’m wrong!

What is ME-time?

Giving yourself a time is undoubtedly the most productive thing you can do to yourself. Also, for your kind information, scrolling through your mobile phone and social media feeds doesn’t have anything to do with it.

In a perfect definition, ME-time is a time spent doing things one enjoys, so as to feel relaxed and rebooted. No, your mobile phone would certainly not help you reboot. Me-time can include anything from meditating to going on a trip to creating something artistic to having a cup of tea, or else. Basically, the thing that involves no one else’s task and happiness, is me-time activity.

I know few of you might have already considered it as one fancy word to brag about. But, me-time in lockdown has got some real benefits for life, which you my friend would be happy to have a hold onto.

Benefits of ME-time:

1. Provides Answers:

Everyone has got some unanswered questions in their life which they think they never would find answers to. But guess what? Me-time does it all for you! It gives you enough space to solve your uncertainties and feel fresh-minded at the end. It basically, clears the stack out of your head.

2. Enhances Productivity:

Expecting a lucid result from an unbalanced state of mind is certainly impossible, and you know that! Don’t you? Unsolved patterns and questions keep your mind engaged, hence affecting the productivity and creativity throughout the day. Embracing some me-time would not only help you in emotional, but physical state too.

3. Realizing your worth:

We always want someone else to complete us, to answer our questions, to motivate us for doing something and else. This dependency on others, leaves us unidentified of our own very role in life. Spending time with ourselves in the contrary make us realize our own intelligence and importance, for as long as we are speaking positive.

4. Easy-going life:

It becomes entirely easy to get yourself going through the struggles of life, with me-time at rescue. Confused about something? Too much noise in brain? Trouble focusing due to unanswered questions? Relationship issues? Talk to yourself, and have an answer as perfect as you want to. Not just that, ME-time also gives you a chance to do anything you want, no matter creating an art or writing a poem, no matter meditating or practicing a yoga.

5. Mood booster:

Being annoyed and irritated following unsolved issues in mind is common, in fact very common. Also, “sick of being at your home all day” adds to the list too. As a result of which, you might end up fighting and arguing with your family (considering the lockdown situation). Well, me-time helps you out with that too. Talking to yourself brings you a way to cope with the worst situations, hence apparently making you feel good.

Me-time in Lockdown

Isn’t that awesome? I know it is and I know you want to find a way out of your lockdown life to spend some time alone. But how? How do we manage to find some me-time in lockdown?

Let’s figure out.

1. Get up Early:

This point sounds like an Indian parent taunting his/her children and I know you don’t want to wake up early! Me either. But, to follow the vibe of having some me-time in lockdown, this might turn out to be a necessity. Try waking up an hour before everyone else to spend some moments talking with thyself. I hate to say this, but there couldn’t be a better time than this, for you’ll not be entertained by any kind of distractions.

2. Bath time:

The only time, next to the early mornings, you’ll not be judged and disturbed is while you are taking a bath. So, you might keep it slow and talk to yourself while you are taking the bath. It is definitely one of the most effective methods towards solving your issues and confusions on your own. How can I say? Well, I’ve tried it! You might too!

3. Create an art:

Doing something creative is another perfect way towards spending time with yourself. Creativity can include anything from painting to writing to reading to cooking to anything else. All you need is to pick up your hobby, and get yourself going. To the one, nudging this option away saying time deficiency; well, disconnecting with your phone for a while might help you out.

4. Close your door for better ME-time in lockdown:

You already do that! But, to spend some me-time behind your closed door, make sure to pick one relevant hour. One, when everybody takes their afternoon nap. It would bring all the silence and the solitude, you desire for. So, plan your me-time in lockdown smartly.

Wrapping Up!

Apart of these, there are others including tea time, movie time, giving yourself a treat etc, which I guess, lockdown doesn’t agree to. So, dear one, while you are living there spending days with your family, looking forward to expecting quarantine to end real soon, try on these above-mentioned tactics towards spending some me-time in lockdown.

Not only would it add another task in your to-do list, but also might help you cope the pandemic and the lockdown. Oh, and please don’t forget, spending time with yourself is not at all selfish. This is a path towards becoming a better “YOU”!

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