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Hey boys! I know you might skip this post reading the title, but the article might give you an idea on buying the types of footwears your girl prefers.

Hi! I am one middle-class girl who dreams on owning a wardrobe filled with the stylish shining footwears, although I won’t. It seems like a nice idea to do that, I know, but, first, I don’t have that much of an amount and second, I won’t do that. Well, that’s the thing about being a middle class; you know how to work your way out following the limit.

Why else, do you think, would I have been happy with Sarojini being online!? I know you are happy too, else you would not have been here, reading this article, but now, stick to it, because I am going to give you something useful to act upon.

If you’ve been following my blog for quite a while, then you probably know my transition from being a careless tomboy to quite-a-fashionista. As in, to the limit, that makes me conscious about my hygiene, skin, and appearance. Have you ever experienced that happening to yourself? Let me know how do you feel about that, because I am enjoying it, for it made me learn a whole lot of new things, which I am going to pass on to you, by the way.

Now, considering the importance of footwears with dresses, here I came up with the list that features different and necessary kinds. So, you basically don’t have to buy a new pair with every dress you decide putting on. Also, I’ve brought you some suggestions on each type of footwear, all you have to do is to follow the link. You’re going to enjoy this, so look excited! Will you?

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I might end up making a teeny-weeny money out of your purchase, with no extra cost to you! Thanks for understanding. 🙂

Types of Footwears for Every Girl to Purchase, Right Now!

1. Sneakers:

I am going to be starting with types of footwears I am most comfortable wearing. Sneakers have been in trend for quite a time now and there isn’t a soul happier than myself. While I only used to consider sandals, flats and jootis to be a girl thing, sneakers made my world go round.

I although used to prefer sport shoes over everything but sneakers just came out as an exception. Well, ofcourse it has to be, following all the simplicity, comfort and charm it beholds.

Also, the best part! Sneakers can be paired with not just the jeans, but everything including the skirt, suit or lehenga.

2. Pumps:

You probably know these, if you are anywhere near to fashionista, I didn’t! I seriously made a google search to learn difference between pumps and heels. Turns out, I’ve got one and that too in black! Yeah, I don’t wear them a lot considering my discomfort towards heels.

Anyway, talking about the kinds, pumps are classy as hell (have you seen it?). I might not grab the benefit, but you definitely can, following your love for heels. Having a nude or black pair in collection lifts your chance to carry out a classic look of all. So, kick on your style game wearing pumps with whatever the outfit following whatever occasion.

3. Ballet or Pointed Flats:

Flats are love and quite a trend, nowadays! We girls probably love these to walk our way through the days filled with office hours or casual outings, following its versatility. Not only are these types of footwears the cutest, but help you carry each outfit at its best, no matter a jeans, shorts or skirt.

So, buy one, if you haven’t already! There are a whole lot of designs and styles available in the market, although black ones are always a handy, whether ballet or pointed. Wanna know a secret? I’ve got black for this one too! 😀

Now, do yourself a favour and bring a comfy, pretty ballet flats, home!

4. Knee High Boots:

It took me no longer than a minute to fall in love with these beauties, for they don’t only add an elegant chic to the skirts and dresses but make basics look twist-some too! I don’t own a perfect pair in this kind, although the ones I did got damaged for one reason or another.

So, as you prepare yourself buying one, make sure to know its material and durability. You obviously wouldn’t want to throw your money on something that doesn’t last longer than a week.

I probably felt no different than FRIENDS – Monica, for when she bought an expensive pair of shoes that turned out be dreadful. You saw FRIENDS, right?

Anyway, right now, I am crazing over this exquisite pair available on Amazon, have a look! This one is nothing like what I purchased earlier and might fulfil my curiosity to have one. Moreover, the pair happens to have a stack of good reviews from customers! What do you think?

5. Ankle Boots:

There is nothing similar between knee-high and ankle footwears, apart of the fact that these both are boots and I love them. Ankle boots are just a thing, if you are looking anything to flaunt your badass and stylish self to people! No matter a skirt, dress or jean, ankle boots goes well with almost all the outfits for whatever the occasion and season.

Ankle boots and Combat boots are talk of a town right now with no restriction to be wearing in winters or summers. So, make sure to get one now without making excuses about winters to arrive. Use this lockdown to hoard your fashion necessities, by shopping online, obviously! All you need is to be a little careful about the types of footwears you might be deciding to buy and you’re good to go.

Types of Footwears - Ankle Boots

6. Strappy flat Sandals:

What is the point of having summer season around, if you don’t choose to expose your feet a little!? It’s okay, purchase a pair of strappy flats and you are done! As same as strappy heels, these flats make your feet look gracious with all the straps tied around. No kidding! Wear a skirt, a jean or any summer dress to be paired with these sandals and get ready to receive a huge pile of compliments.

Straps with pom-poms seems like a good choice too, for the cuteness they behold. So, make sure on adding one in your collection for whenever you decide to hit a beach or lake or even your college! I know that doesn’t look like an option right now, but what is wrong with making arrangements and stay excited?

If not, you can sure have a quick fashion show arranged at your home itself, to flaunt your purchases of types of footwears and everything else!

7. Floaters:

For a person in you, that doesn’t agree fitting in with the delicate sandals, heels or flats, the floaters might be an answer. That’s not weird, it is okay to prioritize your comfort! I myself am that person some days and prefer wearing floaters while I am up for a walk or something sporty. Infact, I also used to wear a pair during my college days.

They might not be a stylish add-on, but with cushion-comfort soles and grip, these thick strap footwears can help you walk through your day with as much ease as you aspire. So, go on, buy yourself a pair to run into for whenever a need arrives.

8. Kolhapuris:

The one thing I love about these types of footwears is its comfort and designs. I am going to sound a little poetic but wearing a kolhapuri feels like a home, for how it lets the feet dive in to feel the comfort. Now I know why!? Because of it being a perfect fit to Indian culture! No matter, if you be carrying it with a suit, a saree or a jean paired with short kurti, you’d be defining your ethnicity just perfect.

So, make sure on having one in collection for whenever you need to carry out a casual and traditional look. It sure has got quite a lot of designs in market, so consider making wise choice and purchase!

9. Juttis:

My Punjabi-self wouldn’t spare me for not adding this in the list, so here it goes. Juttis have been my favourite of all, for not only the designs it features, but indeed, the comfort too. There has been a time when these types of footwears only used to be available in brown shade, but with time came the wide variety. So, one doesn’t have to pair them with just a traditional but casual wear too.

So, if you haven’t, consider trying one and share your experience. Trust me when I say this, they look gorgeous!

10. Flip flops:

Heading to the last but not the least, having a comfortable pair of flip-flops is like having a best friend. You might spend your day showing-off your pair of heels or boots, but you’d always end up wearing flip-flops for its comfort. The fun part about this type of footwears though is that they are easily available in different vibrant colours and shades that might lead cheering you up at core.

I although, always look forward to buying some classic colours in flip-flops, but writing this here makes me realize that they tend not to be perfect, but comfortable. So, as you buy one, try keeping your fashionable self aside, because sometimes you’ve got to look casual and fun.

Wrapping Up!

Okay, so did I just uplift your knowledge about different footwears? I did mine! Anyway, that was it for the list of types of footwears a middle-class or maybe every girl must own. So, go on and make the best out of your lockdown phase! You won’t regret buying any of these, because literally all of them are of basic use and might up your fashion statement.

Is there a pair I missed adding in the list? If so, please let me know in the comments section below. Also, do share it with your friends to let them know whatcha reading nowadays 😉 If not (I understand you want to keep your fashion secrets), please comment and subscribe to the blog because every subscription of yours might help us serve you better. Thanks!  😊

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