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Birthday celebrations in lockdown

It’s been a week since we got locked in our own houses, following the COVID19 (Corona) spread. The only source of entertainment left is social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, TikTok and more. I guess, it is actually a relief for youngsters to have their parents using and knowing about these platforms already. Else, they’d be judged every other second, which could have made the lock down even worse. Isn’t it? Anyway, that’s not the matter of debate (or blog) today, for there is something more dreadful, this COVID19 lockdown has led to, the cancellation of birthdays and anniversary celebrations.

There are, however, postponed marriages too in the drag, but to not being able to celebrate your birthdays or anniversaries is something which hurts the most.

Birthdays during lockdown

I mean it’s something you’ve been waiting for, for months, or a year in fact, and at last, when it is finally there for you to embrace, all you’ve got is nothing. No gifts, no cakes, no outings, nothing! Only if we could reschedule the birthdays to whenever this Virus goes down, although we can definitely expect some late gifts as a benefit of doubt. Haha! Who am I kidding? We all are screwed! 😐

Anyway, for the time being, we’ve got to figure out ways to celebrate our birthdays during lockdown, in a manner that involves no outdoor engagement. So, let’s get going:

1. Feel Special:

Birthdays are supposed to make a person feel special about themselves, so, go ahead and be as special as you want to, on your own. Take a day off, of your “work from home” routine and enjoy being free. Do not forget to thank the almighty for keeping you healthy and safe while COVID19 hits most of the population. Also, pray for those who are affected.

2. Binge Watch your Favourite Series:

These are, although, the most favourable days to do whatever you’ve been looking forward to, e.g. binge watching any series you like. But birthdays bring an exception. Being a birthday girl/boy, you will neither be judged, nor distracted by any family member for doing the thing they might normally, loathe. What else do you want on your birthday during lockdown?

3. Bake yourself a treat:

Looking forward to having a cake on birthdays is absolutely normal, which COVID19 lock down wouldn’t allow this year. So, make sure to bake one thyself, for no one is too novice to carry out an experiment. Don’t have required supplies? Well, you can always have a Maggi as your savior. So, go on and enjoy your homemade treat.

4. Video Call your friends:

I know, it’s not something you haven’t already thought of doing, for video calls are just too easy and normal to carry out nowadays. But you can do a bit more on birthdays, by having an online game marathon together. Games like online Ludo and PUBG would do the honours, for these are the only names I am familiar with.

5. Dress up and get clicked:

Yeah, you are still not allowed to step out of your house, but who said dressing is only meant for people going outdoors? Dress up for yourself and enjoy this special day getting clicked and celebrating with your family.

Birthdays during lockdown


And don’t be sad, because you are not alone. I, myself have my birthday coming up in the middle of this crisis. The only difference is that my birthday would be celebrated by the whole nation at 9 PM, for 9 complete minutes or more. 😉 Didn’t get it? Please check the latest news concerning 5 April!

So, hold tight, enjoy your birthday during lockdown, scroll your timeline up and down for memes and await the gifts you’ll be receiving pretty soon after Corona is over. 😊

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