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Happy Valentines Day!

So, here we are! Being done with January and the resolutions, now its time to head towards the most romantic yet the shortest month of the year, February. It’s 5th of February, already and I guess everyone must be having their Valentines’ plans on board, or not?

Valentines Preparations

Well, I don’t! I am just looking forward to grabbing some ideas online for making the V-day special, resulting to which, is this post. I am sure, there might still be some people (like me), who don’t have any idea about how they are going to celebrate Valentines’ 2020. OR, maybe they are overwhelmed with the variety of options to do the same, considering which I am presenting five filtered ideas of all. So, are you ready?

Let’s begin with Valentine’s Calendar featuring all seven of the days and respective dates they fall on.

  • Rose Day – 7th February (Friday)
  • Propose Day – 8th February (Saturday)
  • Chocolate Day – 9th February (Sunday)
  • Teddy Day – 10th February (Monday)
  • Promise Day – 11th February (Tuesday)
  • Hug Day – 12th February (Wednesday)
  • Kiss Day – 13th February (Thursday)

It’s merely a day till the “week of love”, begins!

Now, let’s lead towards the ways to make this Valentines’ special for both of you.

1. Plan a short trip:

Vacation is a necessity. Not only does it bring you a chance to get away from the daily life hustle, but it also lets you connect, as a couple. So, what can be a better time to connect than valentines’? Moreover, to coordinate with your plans, the valentines, this year is falling on Friday! Can this day ‘be’ any more favorable? I don’t think so!

Well, what are you waiting for? Plan your weekend away, this year, else you’d be waiting for another 5 years to have Valentines, this convenient!

2. Day out:

If not the weekend getaway, then you might want to have a nice day-out planned on this special day. So, take your day off, start with the places nearby, and let the exploration follow for as long as you don’t feel exhausted. Then, end your day into the warmth of each other’s arms for there isn’t a more comforting sleep than the shared sleep of exhaustion. I know, right!

3. Romantic Dinner:

Taking a day off is not that easy for everyone, considering which you can also look forward to having a romantic dinner planned for the evening. Not only would it allow you to have a fancy meal at your favorite restaurant with your favorite person, but also brings you an opportunity to dress your level best. So, I don’t really find a need to mention this, but you can have some best pictures clicked at the same time.

4. Couple Spa:

Spa for couples is quite a thing, nowadays! So, if you do not intend to spend this special day outdoors wandering from one place to another, feel free to get one of these spa sessions fixed. What could be a better way to spend your valentines, but relaxing? Moreover, the idea would do wonders, if your partner is somehow a skincare fanatic.

5. Valentines’ at home:

Not everyone out there is a big fan of heading out to a hill station or a fancy restaurant for Valentine, speaking of which comes “Valentines at home”. Let alone everything, this idea of celebrating the special day is satisfying at its peak. You don’t have to struggle through those dresses to find the best one, you don’t have to look for the list of restaurants to choose one, you just don’t have to get out of your frickin’ comfort zone!! Isn’t that the best thing ever? So, if you are looking forward to celebrating your day, this way, well, get ready to put your pajamas on for the marathon of movies you got to run.

Valentines at home

Wrapping Up!

Okay, so this was fun! But don’t you end up planning on celebrating this day at home itself, no matter how convenient it sounds. Know that, sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and do crazy stuff together. You wouldn’t want to have all your memories reserved indoors!

Have one crazy valentine with the person you love! May your love and affection for each other grow every year! 😊

Oh by the way! Off-the-topic, I did read my first book of the year, following the resolution of 1 book/month! I will soon be making a post featuring the title, the author and everything I liked or disliked about the book. So, stay tuned! 😀

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