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Happy New Year, guys! It although feels nothing new to be in 2021, apart of the fact that I now have to remind myself of not mistaking it with 2020, but I want it to be better. Better than what 2020 had been! Yeah, sure in a way to get rid of the corona pandemic, but some other things too. We entered last year a lot differently than what we left it with. Holding all the lessons and learnings in place, here we are, on our way to expect some best things outta 2021.

Although, while that happens, what we can do, is work from home and enhance our way towards life! Now, this begins with the very first step on learning the importance of saying NO. How many times did you end up saying “Yes” to something you wanted to say no to? A lot, I suppose, because that’s what we do while trying on being nice and helpful to people. But does that help? Yeah, sometimes! However, in a long run, it’d only make you seem like a fool, who’d be easy to play with. You sure wouldn’t want that to happen, right!?

So, it becomes important for you as a people pleaser (that’s okay, we all want to be accepted) to stop being available for them almost all-the-time! I know it ain’t easy and a lot selfish at your part. But this is the time you must start pouring yourself a little bit of attention while nudging someone else’s priorities away. How easy for me to say that!? In real world, no one would feel worse than myself before saying NO to someone. But I guess, we gotta make it a real deal in our life for the miracles and importance of saying no.

Benefits of Saying “NO”

1. Saves your Time:

Saying “No” to something you don’t want to do, not only saves you an unwanted set of efforts, but brings you a whole lot of extra time. Now you might not know about what should be done with your time at first, but let at-least not allow someone else set the agenda. Consider this time to be an opportunity for exploring yourself, where you’d know a whole wide world of interests and options available. You’d be amazed to find yourself doing something impeccable and impossible at the end.

Wait for a while and you’d be able to figure out doing a task “you love” during free hours. Not knowing right now, doesn’t give you a lead to hand it over to someone else. People love taking advantages, but let’s not just gift them a wrapped opportunity to do the same. There are times, when people like keeping busy to avoid something big of an issue or argument, but you know running was never an option at first place.

So, maybe, just avoid avoiding the issues for a while and let this importance of saying no give yourself a time to think things through.

2. Energy Booster:

Taking off the energy from things you never wanted to do at first place will bring you an extra load for another. You’d basically be feeling a lot more energetic after saying no to the things that doesn’t serve your purpose. Isn’t that correct? You might have experienced that yourself, too! The thing that interests you would keep yourself going, no matter how tired you feel, while the one that doesn’t, wouldn’t go beyond procrastination. If not, you would just do the task because it was supposed to be done!

Well, considering that, isn’t it a best choice to throw your energy off on the things you like? Sure, it is. So, walk over the things and people that aren’t doing no good to you, because you my friend are worth of so much better than being someone’s puppet all the time. Let your energy be boosted and used over the things you like.

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3. More Focused than ever:

It’s pretty common for a person to feel overwhelmed about the task that doesn’t interest him/her, which apparently leads them to dealing with distractions every now and then. Whereas, the things we love convinces us to bring out the best within. So, it’s time you give yourself a chance to find one such thing that interest you by not letting someone else grab your spare hour. Let yourself experience the importance of saying no with focused productivity hour including no excuses or procrastination!

You are absolutely right to think of no such thing, as of now, but a free time might give you an endless option to choose from. Keeping working over the things you don’t enjoy doesn’t bring anything good, but might take a chance off of your productive and goal-oriented self. So, let the world know that you’ve got some better things to do towards growing and reaching the desired goal in life.

4. Brings on better opportunities:

As rude as it might sound, saying no to some things doesn’t certainly make you a jerk. Infact, this might turn out to be a golden opportunity for welcoming some new and better breakthroughs. Okay, now don’t expect it to work in a way of ending up having a better alternative for every-single-time you said no! But consider it a way of letting you feel comfortable with the word as simple as “NO”.

Practicing it every-time negates the awkwardness of using it for something that doesn’t serve your goal a purpose. Also, who knows you might end up grabbing a project that drives you straight towards the best of all worlds! So, try and be honest with your choices, for it may lead you to better and happier tomorrows.

5. Making your stand:

Grabbing your stand is not something that can be done by anyone and everyone. It needs a lot of guts and courage to be able to hold on to the point, person believes in. Have you got some? You might think, you don’t, but you certainly do! Considering how standing your ground helps one with building confidence and self-respect, it gets easy to appreciate the importance of saying no. That basically includes yourself making a point for every once in a while.

Not just that, it can also bring a person some greater opportunities in life, because every time you say ‘no’ to the things you don’t like, you are in-fact saying ‘yes’ to something far better and creative in field. You are saying “yes” to yourself! Isn’t that something worth experiencing? So, what’s stopping you? Give in to your preferences and start saying ‘no’ to whatever you feel isn’t productive enough.

Okay, you sure never would have wondered with “NO” having as many as benefits discussed above, but turns out it does! I am sure, it doesn’t look that bad of an option to “say no” finally, but is it that easy? Not really, it never was! Well, in that case, why not start small and take it all a bit slower!?

How do we Say NO!?

Start with saying “NO” to smaller things: In order to start benefitting from the importance of saying no it is important for a person to begin declining smaller things. These things might include anything from turning down an invitation for social gathering to tele-marketers and others. Doing this would make it easy for you to decline other bigger propositions.

Take a moment before answering: Majority of us have got a habit of reacting right away to the proposals, one might offer, but is it necessary? Probably, not! So, this is the time when you might consider taking some time before coming up with a yes or no to the approach. Yeah? It can’t be that difficult, all you have to say is “let me think about it”.

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Don’t come up with excuses: Again, it’s pretty common for all of us to come up with an excuse while declining an offer or invitation to something, which again, isn’t a necessity. People need not to know the reason behind you not being able to help or accept the proposal, all they want is a simple Yes/No.

Check in with yourself: As soon as a person approaches you for a help or an invitation, make sure to check upon your own priorities. People do love to have a helping hand, but doing it with half an interest would do no good to yourself or others.

Wrapping Up!

So, that was my part on the importance of saying no! I am sure the write-up gave you an appreciative list towards declining something you don’t like. Still finding it hard to start with the practice? It definitely is, for we all want is to be accepted and do good to people. But it’s necessary for you to remember that being truthful is far better than accepting proposal with half-a-heart. Now, go on and practice the art to gain some amazing benefits out of the importance of saying no.

Let me know your views regarding the same in comment section below! Have an amazing 2021 ahead and let’s hope for the pandemic to take a quick halt, real soon!

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