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Losing a gem like Irrfan khan feels personal, and I didn’t really know the reason behind it, until now.

Irrfan khan, an amazingly veracious actor, starred in numerous movies including Lunchbox, Piku, BlackMail, Jurassic World, Hindi Medium, Angrezi Medium and many others, is dead. It was a fine quarantine morning, until I read the news of him passing away. I didn’t believe what I read, for a while, as it isn’t a new thing to have such faux news spread. But as I explored other resources, every news update took me by surprise. He was 54.

Death of Irrfan khan
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Death is inevitable, I agree! No matter if you belong to the richest family or the poorest, if you are a service person or a business, if you are a doctor, teacher, actor or even a priest, you cannot run from the path leading death. But you can definitely make yourself capable of being remembered even after you’re gone, and that’s what Irrfan khan did.

What did Irrfan Khan do, so good?

I don’t know if he was involved with any kind of welfare services or not, but he certainly has been a well and a fair entertainer towards his fans. There’s a quote I’d like to share with you guys. I found it via scrolling my Instagram feed.


“Parda girne par bhi taaliyon ka shor tham nahi raha, lagta hai koi zindagi ka kirdar both khoob nibha kar chala gya.”

I don’t really know who wrote this, but these words hit me pretty hard. I am not lying while I am saying this, but I definitely haven’t seen so many condolence posts for anyone else but him. Posts about appreciative skills and acting started showering upon my feed, for as soon as the news about death of Irrfan Khan aired.

But, seriously, what was so virtuous about him or his skills to be missed and appreciated even after the death of Irrfan Khan? Well, it’s hard to pen someone’s qualities down, especially the good ones, but I will try my best to make these words do justice with ‘The Irrfan Khan’!

1. Simplicity at its best:

I have never seen an actor as simple as him. I mean, in this era of almost every actor showing off his muscles and stuff, he kept it all straight. He decided to entertain and impress people with the talent he had, the acting skills. Basically, we could expect some real stuff from his movies, instead of all the action and drama, we are served with.

2. Originality:

You might have noticed this point in his movies, because I certainly did. Whether we talk about Saajan Fernandes in Lunchbox, or Raj Batra in Hindi Medium; Dev in Blackmail or Rana in Piku, each one of them was played as originally as possible. He never seemed to be making some extra efforts to keep the character alive and working, it was inbuilt. Damn, he was original!

3. Connectivity:

The best part about Irrfan khan and his roles was that he always managed to connect with his audience, each and every single time. Whether it be him as a kidnapper or a husband or maybe a lover boy, he did it all with the perfection. I always found people considering shahrukh khan and others as some of the favourite romantic icons, who knew Irrfan khan would turn out to be the best.

His outstanding role in “Qarib Qarib Single” made me fall for him, because that’s what we actually want. Being humorous as well as romantic!

4. Magical eyes and smile:

I don’t know if it serves the purpose to this post or not, but I personally, really liked his smile and the magic of his eyes. Hooded eyes, as if half-drunken with his gorgeous smile made a tremendous blend to one perfect man. And the irony is that his facial features did an awful lot of justice towards his roles.

5. Made on his own:

Unlike many other successful actors in the market, Irrfan khan was one of his own kind. He didn’t have any connections or associates to help him grow, Irrfan actually struggled to reach where the whole world knows him today.

Wrapping Up!

That is, it! I did my best to enlist all of the factors that made Irrfan Khan a better person and actor to be remembered. You won’t believe, but while starting to write this post, I wasn’t actually sure about my capability of completing it. It’s hard, genuinely hard to write about an artist, so good. I so much wish for him to rest in peace!

Death of Irrfan Khan, is still unacceptable; looks like he’d be living in our hearts, forever! You will always be missed Irrfan Khan Sir! It’s hard to accept that we are never going to watch any new movie starring you in future!


Irrfan Khan
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As a tribute, can we please take a pledge to never ever give up while working towards our dreams, as same the way as he didn’t. 🙂

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