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Benefits of reading books Cover

“It’s hard to imagine a world without books!” A non-reader would probably be rolling his/her eyes in exasperation, reading this line. I know, I would’ve done the same thing, had I been reading a blog like this in 2011 or any-time before 2016! Yeah, I am not a born-reader, infact, I did start my journey as a reader for after, quite a lot of struggle with books. Although, when I did, I knew it isn’t going to stop anytime soon! Well, why’s that girl!? Read your way through this write-up featuring benefits of reading books and you’d know the reason.

Read on, you don’t have to have an ever-existing love for books to be able to read this post. Although you might try falling, after knowing the benefits and everything book/novel does to a person. Okay, let’s go!

Benefits of Reading Books

1. Books are knowledgeable:

Remember how, during your childhood, every story in textbooks ended with a moral? Well, same goes for the stories in novels! No matter if you pick a fiction or a non-fiction, you’d always end up learning something new and unique out of the story.

People tend to hold onto this weird belief of finding no-good in reading fictions. But just so you know, the fiction makes you learn an advanced and better way of living. It widens your perspective towards different things happening around the world.

Yeah, it sure might not give you a real-life example and idol to hold on, but would nurture your mind in a way that brings everything to life. No offence to non-fictions though, it’s just that I am a fiction reader and thus find myself responsible to share the benefits of reading one.

Also, I am looking forward to adding non-fictions into my TBR (to be read) list, pretty soon! If you happen to be a non-fiction reader, consider suggesting some good books. Thanks! 😊

2. Enhances vocabulary:

Now, that one’s pretty common to be one of the benefits of reading books, according to non-readers, especially. But, is it? Well, considering most of the writers, or, okay, some of them, reading doesn’t do that. It does introduce you to quite a lot of new words, but won’t bring you a chance to use them in real life. Although, I believe it does.

Following my personal experiences, while writing, I’d always end up reaching the state of mind where I start considering using an entirely out-of-the-box word. I kinda surprise myself, it’s like, okay where did that come from! I won’t always be using them, though, for the blog is all about reader’s ease and that’s what I try to deliver in here.

But isn’t it great to have a stack of unusual words in your mind? I guess, it’s awesome.

3. Great mode of Entertainment:

I don’t know how, seriously how to make you understand this very statement, but books are a great source of entertainment. Yes, it is. No matter if you are in a mood to cry, smile, laugh or having your adrenaline rushing, you’d be experiencing it all with a book in hand. All you are required to do is just pick the book and start reading.

Quoting yourself “Alrighty girl, we get that! But why on earth we’d waste our time reading when we’ve got TV, mobiles and laptops to entertain ourselves!!?” Um, I agree. Before being a reader, I myself wasted my entire time scrolling my social media feed or binging upon a lot of series, movies and everything.

I still do that, binge upon series or movies but I sure try not to watch the one based on books, because I’d now prefer reading before/then watching them. Why? Because, there is no way better than books to elaborate a story. Series/movies sure give you a digital picture to view the story, but books let you live one.

4. Lets you travel:

Now, here comes the best thing about books, travelling. Whether an introvert or extrovert, everyone wants to visit new countries and places! But is it that simple to just pick up the passport and board the plane? No, certainly not, because first of all and in-fact all of all, it takes money. Also, I don’t know about you but I cannot afford myself travelling the whole wide world. Hence, I prefer visiting them via books.

There’s quite a lot of places I visited ever since I started reading and it has been a hell of a ride. I sure can’t consider showing you the pictures, but I myself know the things I’ve experienced being there. Every new story made me feel like I belonged to the place and the people living there. I attended the parties and the funeral; I loved some and hated others, I found myself a dream and saw it being broken, I failed, I succeeded, I had ice-cream, I felt snow for the first time ever and a lot more things.

It’s awesome to feel the world a book beholds and I cannot be happier for being able to experience the same.

5. Gives you a Hobby:

Your hobbies define your personality and yet I never really considered it as a necessity. All I cared about was to have something to fill into my “hobbies” column. Infact, I was sick of filling it up with dancing, listening music and other random things I enjoyed doing. It makes you seem dumb! Listening music? Okay, well, everybody does that.

Now, being a reader, it feels terrifically awesome to finally have one genuine hobby on-board, reading (and writing too). I, although had this habit of reading quotes earlier, but books are a whole lot different than quotes and articles. Isn’t it? You’d know once you start reading novels, and please don’t underestimate your hobbies column in resumes.

Have some genuine hobby and just so you know, it doesn’t necessarily have to be reading or writing. Your interests make you stand out to the world as a whole new person.

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6. Changes/Challenges your Perspective:

While entertaining you with something new and unique every time you turn the page, books also hold a capability to challenge your perspective. How? By letting you inside the character’s shoes! Once you start reading a book, you’ll find yourself experiencing the story more personally, than ever.

This in turn results into making you understand and learn the circumstances better. You’d basically be more acceptable towards changes that a life or a person throws upon you. I hope you are getting my point on how this whole thing would help you grow as a person, and that my friend is the beauty of books!

7. You can write:

Okay, isn’t this the most obvious thing to be true? Considering how reading can enhance one’s vocabulary, improved writing skills are to be expected in this list of benefits of reading books! Right? Right. Reading and writing go hand-in-hand! As same as any other artwork including painting, music etc., writing too requires an inspiration from masters. You seek your senior’s work, learn from them and apply it over to your writings.

What this whole thing does is to not let you repeat the mistakes and instead learn from them! Well, what if you are an experienced writer? Um, why would you even be doubting the need of reading then? You obviously would be aware of its capability to boost your imagination against writer’s block. Dumb, me!

Learning never stops and so does reading.

8. Keeps your Brain Active:

Apart of being a positive add-on via various above-mentioned ways, books can also bring out the best in terms of your mental health and stimulation. How? By improving the memory and keeping it engaged! Brain, alike any other muscle inside your body requires constant exercise to keep strong and working. If not, it might end up catching a dreadful disease like Alzheimer’s.

No matter a fiction or non-fiction, books gives you something to think, something to remember and also to learn about. They basically rewire your mind in a way that allows it to maintain a connection within, hence improving the focus and concentration towards anything you’d be doing. Isn’t that awesome? You’d probably get your mental problems recovered with no extra efforts but reading.

9. Accents your personality:

Reading makes you smarter! Yeah, everyone says that, but is that really true? Let’s find out, because I myself aren’t aware of my smartness, although now I know things I didn’t know earlier. Anyway, will discuss that later. First of all, let’s consider the definition of being smart, which basically relates to being aware of things going around. Well, reading sure does that to you.

Books with its content and stories makes you aware of different lifestyles, cultures, laws and a lot more going around in the world. Considering the benefits of reading books, not only does this make you a knowledgeable being, but also makes you capable of coming up with a topic of discussion, because obviously, now you know things.

I actually experienced this! I remember someone asking me “How do you even know that?” and me coming up with an answer so simple “I read that!”.

10. Brings you Peace:

Once in a while, there comes a time when all you want is to escape the reality and find some peace. Isn’t it? I am sure everyone experiences that, but how do we make that happen!? No, not social media. I know these platforms seems a lot more interesting to get away with, but that doesn’t work. All it does is to stuff your mind with a whole load of crap! It’s okay, you’d agree to me, soon enough.

“Books” are an answer! With an entirely new world and characters within, a book brings you everything you’d be needing to reach a level of entire peacefulness and happiness. I am not kidding! As soon as you start reading a good book, you’d learn things that might make you feel happy and grateful about people around you. If not, you’ll surely figure out a way to cope with the negativity and stress-boosters around you.

I know you were looking for something to fight that.

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Wrapping Up!

Well, this is it! Oh no no, reading also helps you sleep peacefully, it actually does.  Now, I believe I shared everything in my knowledge about the benefits of reading books, something I’ve experienced personally. If you, as a reader, think, I missed out a point somehow, please let me know in the comments section below. Yeah?

Also, please do share your current reads, for I am looking forward to adding more in my TBR list, the more the merrier! 😉

And, my dear non-reader friends, I hope my article ended convincing you on picking that book finally! Here are some tips regarding choosing an interesting read, thought you might use it for better. 😀

Let’s read, grow and hence build the better future for generations. You might just start the initiative by gifting a book to your loved one.

Start with one of the most popular and in-demand motivational book i.e. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life!


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